Evan Spiegel

time-100-2017-evan-spiegel Photograph by Andrew Eccles—August 

I met Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snapchat, for the first time last year. I wanted to look into the eyes of someone who has that kind of vision—who's willing to go all out to build a company and to make such incredible technology.

So much of social media is used to tear people down, which I don't respect or believe in. But Snapchat is motivating and inspiring. It shows people that there are better ways to express yourself and to entertain other people. Everyone who knows me knows I'm all about spreading love and inspiration. And with Snapchat, I'm not a secret anymore. I'm not just for the people around me. I can open up my life and connect with my fans worldwide, in real time.

I hope, now that Snapchat is a public company, it means more wins for everyone, including Evan. Because when Evan wins, we all win.

Khaled, a hip-hop artist and producer, is one of the most popular celebrities on Snapchat

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