Leslie Jones

time-100-2017-leslie-jones Lloyd Bishop—NBC/Getty Images 

She's a tiger.

She's a lioness.

TIME 100

She's a pussycat.

It wasn't just the comedy that drew me close to Leslie Jones. Although her brand—edgy, insightful and honest—is the kind I lean to.

It wasn't just the bonhomie, the easy friendship and the shared sense of gratitude.

It wasn't just the beauty, though it radiates from her unchecked.

It was, in fact, the kindness, the thoughtfulness and the way she owns all of who she is.

She stalks the audience from the stage and in front of the cameras. Like the comedy greats throughout history, she's there to give, and what she is prepared to give is all of who she is.

All the absurdity and pathos of being human. All the joy of having a heart that big. She's going to be the person who says out loud what you were thinking, when you didn't even realize you thought like that.

Yes, it was Leslie Jones who drew me close to Leslie Jones.

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