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See the Cities Where You Can Be Happier With Less Money

Would you be happier with more money? Only up to a point, and that threshold depends on where you live, shows new research provided by Gallup to TIME. In Atlanta, happiness peaks among people making about $42,000 a year—the lowest price tag on happiness among cities analyzed. But in Seattle, New York City, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, it takes roughly $105,000 a year to reach the same level of happiness.

Gallup and Sharecare, a personal health company, analyzed over 350,000 interviews with Americans in 2015 and 2016 to determine how income affects people's daily emotions, measured with questions like "did you experience enjoyment during a lot of the day yesterday?" and "did you smile or laugh a lot yesterday?" Researchers compared results across 12 metro areas (where sample sizes were large enough across all income groups).

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