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PS5 Black Friday Deals in 2023: Save on PlayStation Consoles, Games, & Accessories

PS5 Black Friday Deals

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Updated November 22, 2023

If you’re still hunting for the best PlayStation 5 bundle, stocking up on action-packed games, or working to get a big chunk of holiday shopping done for the gamers in your life, Black Friday 2023 is easily the best time to buy PS5 consoles, accessories, and games at a discount. Read on for a comprehensive list of this year’s best PS5 Black Friday deals, as well as plenty of useful shopping tips and tricks to help you discover even more deep discounts on premium gaming gear.

Best deals by category

Best PS5 Black Friday console deals

PlayStation 5 Console – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Bundle

Although the PlayStation 5 console is regularly priced at $499.99, this brand new bundle includes a DualSense wireless controller and Sony’s smash-hit PS5 game of the year, Spider-Man 2, for the same price. The game alone normally costs $69.99, and swinging around New York City, fighting villains like Venom and the Lizard as the iconic web-slinging superhero, is the best way to get started with your new console.

Best PS5 Black Friday accessories deals

Best PS5 controller deal: Sony PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller

The official PS5 controller sports adaptive triggers that resist to match in-game actions, immersive rumbling haptic feedback, and is available in a rainbow of cool colors, all for just $49.99 through November 28th. At $20 off, this is a prime time to snag a PS5 DualSense in your favorite hue and stock up on extra controllers for gaming friends and family this Black Friday.

Best wireless PS5 headset deal: SteelSeries - Arctis 9 Wireless Gaming Headset 

With over 20 hours of battery life per charge, the ability to take Bluetooth calls while gaming, and reliably crisp sound pumped in through its ultra-plush earcups, the SteelSeries Arctis 9 is a steal at only $99.99. That’s an impressive savings of $100 for a premium wireless headset, so if your current PS5 headset lacks DTS Surround Sound and compatibility with PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices, it’s time for an upgrade.

Best PS5 Black Friday game deals

Best PS5 family game deal: Ratchet and Clank: A Rift Apart 

Hopping between dimensions with Ratchet the Lombax and his robot pal Clank is the perfect way to keep kids and the young at heart entertained for hours on end, via this gorgeously rendered and genuinely funny PS5-exclusive adventure. You’ll save over $22 (it’s normally $69.99) if you join the fight against the villainous Dr. Nefarious and pick up a copy for just $47.97 this Black Friday.

Ratchet and Clank: A Rift Apart - Playstation 5

Ratchet and Clank: A Rift Apart - Playstation 5

Best PS5 horror game deal: Resident Evil 4 

The remake of the 2005 classic is even more terrifying than you remember, thanks to the PS5’s lifelike visuals and remastered sound. In Resident Evil 4, you’ll take on the role of Leon Kenedy, as you defy the odds to save the president’s daughter from a horde of brutal mutants and monsters who all want a piece (indeed, several pieces) of you. At just $39.99, the price of entry for the PS5’s best horror game has never been lower.

Resident Evil 4 - PS5

Resident Evil 4 - PS5

Best PS5 adventure game deal: Elden Ring 

If you haven’t tested your gaming abilities to the max alongside the over 20 million people who’ve already played Elden Ring, this difficult, but extremely rewarding monster-slaying adventure is on sale for only $39.97 for Black Friday. With a multitude of amazing secrets to be found in the sprawling fantasy world of the Lands Between and countless cunning creatures to do battle with, you’ll more than get your money’s worth from Elden Ring.

Elden Ring - PlayStation 5

Elden Ring - PlayStation 5

Best new PS5 game deal: Sonic Superstars

If you’re a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog’s retro high-speed side-scrolling games, Black Friday is the perfect time to play all-new stages withalongside up to three friends. Since the game just released on October 17th, it’s a surprising sale, so join Knuckles, Tails, and Amy Rose for $34.99 (originally $59.99) while you can! (originally $59.99)

Sonic Superstars - PlayStation 5

Sonic Superstars - PlayStation 5

Best action PS5 game deal: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Take on the role of a Jedi Knight in a dark galactic adventure where you’ll use impressive fForce powers and lightsaber swordsmanship to defeat ruthless bounty hunters, battle droids, and nasty creatures in this intense adventure. Regularly $69.99, you can fight the Empire for survival yourself for only $29.99 this Black Friday.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - PlayStation 5

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - PlayStation 5

What you need to know for Black Friday

When is Black Friday?

As always, Black Friday lands on the day after Thanksgiving, meaning that this year, it falls on November 24th. While it officially starts at midnight, you can expect to find all kinds of early Black Friday tech deals in the days and weeks leading up to the 24th.

Although most Black Friday deals will end on November 25th, some may last throughout the weekend and into Cyber Monday, as supplies last. 

What PS5 deals should I expect?

PS5 Console Bundles

If you’re holding out for a deal on a PS5, Black Friday is the best time of the year to pick up a cheaper console, alongside an action-packed bonus game such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare II or Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Seriously, alongside all the Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals, or the number of gaming PC Black Friday offers, this is the best time of year to be a gamer.

PS5 Games

Keep an eye out for lots of slashed prices for every genre of PS5 game, and even titles that have released earlier this year that would normally retail for $69.99. Expect these new releases to go fast, though!

PS5 Accessories

Anyone hoping to improve their PS5 gaming experience with a new headset, controller, controller charger, or additional game storage will find an array of attractive options for sale this Black Friday. 

What kind of PS5 deals did they have last year?

Although the PlayStation 5 itself was difficult to find at stores or online, some of the best PS5 deals of 2022 included $26 off DualSense Wireless Controllers, and sizable discounts on popular PS5 games like Resident Evil Village, Elden Ring, and Stray.

How to get good PS5 deals on Black Friday

Make a list of your personal must-have PS5 games and accessories, search the internet’s biggest video game retailers for sales, and compare their sale prices to find the best PS5 Black Friday deals.

PlayStation runs an annual Black Friday sale for their digital PS5 games, and 2023 is no different. If you own a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Console, now is the perfect time to stock up on hit games.

Take the time to search social media for anything PS5-related that you’re interested in, too—PlayStation fans are quick to highlight attractive deals throughout their online communities.

Just remember to act quickly if a Black Friday PS5 deal catches your eye, especially if you’re looking for a PS5 console!

How to choose the best PS5 console for you

PlayStation 5 Console

The PS5 includes a 4K Blu-ray disc drive, and is $100 pricier than the Digital Edition; if you plan on buying game discs, Blu-ray movies, and DVDs, it’s absolutely worth seeking out this version.

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Console

If you’re fine with buying all of your games digitally, the cheaper PS5 Digital Edition is a solid option that runs just as well as the core PS5, minus the disc drive.Where to find Black Friday PS5 deals


The largest video game store on the internet will host a huge collection of PS5 games and accessories for Black Friday, and Prime members should watch out for additional deals, offers, and other ways to buy more for much less.

Best Buy

Best Buy will also have a sizable number of PS5-related sales, so create an account beforehand—that way you can speed through the checkout process with your top PS5 picks before they’re gone.


Don’t forget that Walmart has a considerable assortment of PS5 games and accessories, and they’ll have many noteworthy discounts to match.

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