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Arnold Carreiro

Arnold Carreiro

Arnold B. Carreiro is a professional writer, author, and product reviewer who digs through the tsunami of new high-tech consumer goods to find the top picks so you don’t have to. His insight and comprehensive product reviews have been published at BestReviews, the Baltimore Post, and Chicago Tribune to name a few, but Review Geek is the best place to read his latest tech guides.

Arnold has personally reviewed countless brand-new tech products during his time at BestReviews (2018-2021), ranging from speaker bars and laptops, to video games and electronic toys, and everything in between. He has worked for years to ensure that the most useful, innovative, and stylish consumer electronics receive the spotlight they deserve, even if they are from niche manufacturers that the average buyer may be unfamiliar with, but are well-worth checking out.

Some of his other exploits include penning social media content for a variety of brands as a member of Sociality Squared, and a self-published eBook titled “Press Play to Inspire,” which contains dozens of fascinating interviews with video game developers.

When Arnold isn’t tinkering with the latest tech, he’s enjoying lesser-known video games, watching old-school monster movies, and actively writing his next big story. Follow his latest exploits on Twitter at @MasterZenek, expect the unexpected, and don’t be afraid to reach out and say hi!

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