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Best Smartwatches for 2023

best smartwatches

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Updated May 28, 2023

Whether you need a smartwatch for monitoring your heart health, tracking your activity as you climb a mountain, or keeping a library of handy apps a tap away, there are so many genuinely impressive options available in 2023 that it may be difficult to select the best model for your needs.

Prospective buyers should take note of a smartwatch’s operating system (OS) to ensure that it will effortlessly work with the devices you already own. Other factors to consider are its price, available apps and durability when comparing brands and models. This will help you narrow down the field of best smartwatches, but don’t forget to match your new high-tech timepiece to your unique style!

With ten impressive models on the market, and another two amazing-sounding options to be released later this year, here are the best smartwatches you can buy in 2023:

Our top smartwatches picks

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple continues to innovate and impress with each iteration of the Apple Watch, and the Series 8 is no exception. The Series 8’s premium ECG sensor, blood oxygen monitoring, and heart rate monitoring features are worth the baseline $399 investment for those of us who need precise records of their health stats. Sporting a swim proof and crack-resistant design as well as a rainbow of tasteful case and band combinations, Apple Watch Series 8 smartwatches are as tough as they are fashionable, making these adaptable and stylish wearables a must-have for dedicated Apple fans.


  • Blood oxygen app and ECG apps for advanced heart monitoring.
  • Huge variety of customizability options. 
  • Largest and most durable Apple Watch to date.


  • Starting at $399, it’s expensive. 
  • Short 18-hour battery life.

Garmin Instinct 2S Solar

Anyone who spends a lot of time in the great outdoors will want to get an Instinct 2S Solar, as its exceptionally rugged design, impressive 51 days of solar power-boosted battery life, and trio of satellite tracking systems is sure to impress hardcore adventurers. Although the Instinct S2 Solar is geared towards trailblazers, buyers shouldn’t overlook the wealth of fitness and activity tracking features, smart notifications, range of useful apps, and vibrant designs Garmin offers with this model. Although its $449.99 price tag is as steep as the mountains you’d likely climb while wearing it, the Instinct 2S Solar is easily the best smartwatch for nature-lovers in 2023.


  • Massive battery life. 
  • Extremely durable. 
  • Solar powered.
  • Comprehensive activity tracking.


  • You pay top dollar for this goodness.
  • Maybe not worth it if you’re not especially active

Samsung Galaxy Watch5

Samsung Galaxy Watch5

The combination of the Galaxy Watch5’s premium sleep and health tracking functionality, user-friendly Google-centered Wear OS, and inexpensive $114 base price makes this a must-have smartwatch for anyone with a Samsung smartphone. Some of the Galaxy Watch5’s most impressive stats include an excellent battery life of up to 50 hours, a water-resistant case, and huge collection of your favorite apps including Spotify, AccuWeather, and Google Pay. With so many cool color choices available, it is easy to mix and match cases and bands to customize one 2023’s best Google smartwatches to suit your style.  


  • Affordable. 
  • Long-lasting battery. 
  • Precise sleep tracking. 
  • Stylish.


  • The pricier Pro edition’s battery life is even better.

Withings Scanwatch

Withings Scanwatch

Withings released their Scanwatch in 2022, and while its wealth of slick customization options and timeless style are appealing, its advanced health-tracking functionality sets it apart from the pack. Few smartwatches include an FDA-approved ECG sensor to watch for atrial fibrillation and record blood oxygen levels. Very few do so at the meager price point of $279, making the Scanwatch a top pick for anyone actively managing a health condition. The Scanwatch also excels at automatic activity tracking for a variety of sports and exercises, it features an impressive 30-day battery life and a stainless steel case with scratch-resistant sapphire glass. It’s a design that’s built to last.


  • Premium heart health monitoring. 
  • Eye-catching design. 
  • Automatic activity tracking. 
  • Hybrid smartwatch.


  • The extra-large watch face isn’t for everyone.

Fitbit Sense 2

The Fitbit Sense 2’s innovative cEDA sensor for monitoring a wearer’s stress levels is turning heads. Stress levels, sleep, heart health, and fitness activity are the four core areas the Sense 2 tracks with pinpoint precision. Featuring easy to read graphs, the Sense 2 is an essential tool for steadily improving your day-to-day health. The $278 Sense 2’s advanced sensors, library of Google apps, and stress managing features will be a game changer in the months and years ahead.


  • Next generation fitness tracking. 
  • Affordable price point.


  • Not a lot of user feedback (so far).

Garmin Venu SQ Music Edition

Those who feel nostalgia for the days where everyone had an MP3 player in their pocket will fall in love with the Garmin Venu SQ Music Edition smartwatch. Not only does this $249.99 smartwatch sport a variety of precise health, fitness, and wellness tracking features, as well as a host of useful apps, the Music Edition lets users download their favorite tracks from Spotify, Amazon Music, and Deezer for seamless offline listening. The Garmin Venu Sq pairs well with premium earbuds for workouts and long walks, but it’s hard to take your eyes off of its bright, crisp, and colorful AMOLED display.


  • Excellent value. 
  • Store and play music. 
  • Range of health and fitness features. 
  • Large collection of apps.


  • Gorgeous AMOLED display option costs an additional $100.

Apple Watch Series 3

It may have been released in 2017, and it lacks some of the advanced features found in pricier models, but the Apple Watch Series 3 is hands-down the best smartwatch for thrifty iPhone owners. The Series 3 utilizes a number of fan-favorite apps, accurately tracks your activity and heart rate, answers calls and sends texts, and sports a mammoth collection of swappable bands to match your style. Resellers often offer it for as low as $99.


  • Inexpensive. 
  • Variety of compatible apps. 
  • Continuously monitors heart rate. 
  • Many customizability options.


  • The Series 3 has the smallest Apple Watch display sizes currently offered.

Garmin fenix 7S

With 11 days of battery life, a bright display, and reliable GPS tracking, Garmin’s fēnix 7S is the most stylish outdoor smartwatch of 2023. Active wearers will enjoy this model’s collection of specialized fitness tracking modes, which range from daily workouts and bodybuilding, to surfing and skiing. Between its collection of 42,000 golf course maps, pulse oxygen sensor, variety of music apps, and extreme durability, the Garmin fēnix 7S feels like it was made to handle anything you throw at it.


  • Optimized for exercise and outdoor activity. 
  • Rugged design. 
  • Premium health and fitness tracking. 
  • Utilizes three satellite navigation systems.


  • Notably expensive with a list price of $700.

ASUS VivoWatch 5 HC-B05

ASUS VivoWatch 5

What the ASUS VivoWatch 5 lacks in before-you-buy customization options, it makes up for with its impressive health-tracking features, sturdy stainless-steel case, and convenient smart assistant functionality. The VivoWatch 5 includes a wealth of health and fitness tech, such as blood oxygen tracking, skin temperature monitoring, GPS, and an aerobic heart-rate indicator, all wrapped up in a ruggedly designed $349 smartwatch. The VivoWatch 5 also sports a customizable watch face, compatibility with NFC-enabled tech, and a water-resistant design, making this versatile smartwatch difficult to overlook.


  • Quality health tracking. 
  • Durable. 
  • Advanced sleep monitoring. 
  • Seven fitness tracking modes.


  • Only available in black.

google pixel watch

Although many of 2023’s best smartwatches are built around Google’s Wear OS, the Pixel Watch is the very first smartwatch designed and released directly from Google itself. The Google Pixel Watch perfectly integrates with the Pixel ecosystem of Android-based devices, utilizes acclaimed Fitbit health tracking technology, and gives wearers the ability to control their smart home’s collection of devices. The Pixel’s design is similar to the Apple Watch, and unlike its competitors, the Pixel only comes in one size.


  • Good value at $350.
  • Compatible with all your Android devices.
  • Competitive performance.


  • Only one size, which may not be right for those who prefer large watches.
  • May not be durable enough for extreme sports.
  • Wear OS 3 is good but not great.

Fitbit ace 3

The Fitbit Ace 3 is hands-down the best kid-friendly smartwatch for anyone who needs to motivate a youngster to get out and move in 2023. The adorable Minions Yellow design and engaging animated watch faces will hold the attention of any kid over six years old, but parents will appreciate the Ace 3’s wealth of activity tracking stats, eight days of battery life, and the surprisingly low price point of $59 as of this writing. Between its durable and swim proof design, variety of cool swappable bands, and child-motivating family challenges mode, it’s easy to see why Fitbit’s Ace 3 is a hit with kids.


  • Inexpensive. 
  • Easy and fun for kids to use. 
  • Long battery life. 
  • Vibrant colors. 
  • Cozy fit.


  • Black and white display.

Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch

Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch

If you’re searching for a stylish smartwatch to match every outfit in your wardrobe, Fossil’s Gen 6 Smartwatches should be on your radar. It is no surprise that Fossil would develop a range of tastefully designed smartwatches, but the advanced tech specs – the ability to charge up to 80% of its battery in half an hour, swim proof durability, and a blazing-fast processor – prove that these devices are far more than a pretty face. This classy Google-powered smartwatch is available at a fairly high price point at $319, but it’s well-worth the investment for chic Android fans who need high-end heart, health, and sleep tracking wrapped up in a slick package.


  • Universal style. 
  • Speedy performance. 
  • Constant heart rate tracking. 
  • Fast-charging.


  • Short battery life of around 24 hours. 

How we chose the best smartwatches of 2023

Our exhaustive research of smartwatch manufacturers and each one’s range of models, extensive daily testing, and previous experience with wearable tech helped us to pick the best models on the market. Some of the most important factors we considered to identify the best smartwatches available include:

  • Feature list (smart apps, health and fitness tracking, etc.)
  • Comfort
  • Usability
  • Battery life
  • Price
  • Style options

Why do you need a smartwatch?

There are many reasons to invest in a smartwatch, such as monitoring your core health stats, keeping tabs on your training regimen, and instantly accessing many of your favorite mobile apps without pulling out your smartphone.

With that said, the best smartwatches of 2023 outperform their competitors by offering advanced features that make them worthwhile on their own merits. ECG sensors will keep close tabs on your heart activity and other health metrics, you get access to advanced maps and tracking, and NFC (near-field communication) technology makes contactless payments frictionless. On top of it all, the best smartwatches of 2023 are incredibly durable and beautiful personal accessories.

Someone monitoring a heart condition will appreciate a quality smartwatch with a suite of health features, but anyone interested in their personal fitness will appreciate following their day to day progress to see what is working for their exercise or training routine and what isn’t. 

Note that most smartwatches are designed to pair with a companion smartphone, and while the functionality of both devices may overlap, an iPhone or Android phone simply will never be able to deliver the beneficial health stats or near-instant smart assistant convenience that the best smartwatches on the market provide.

How do I find a good smartwatch?

While most smartwatches may seem to have similar base features such as sleep tracking, phone notifications, and some of your favorite apps, it is worth taking the time to find the best smartwatch for you and your needs.

The best place to begin comparing smartwatches is by looking at your smartwatch. Some devices are designed to pair exclusively with an iPhone or Android phone, and others will effortlessly connect to either platform. This is a quick and easy method to whittle down your list of potential purchases.

What does your average day look like? Your current (or aspirational) lifestyle is another important factor to consider when shopping for a smartwatch, as some prefer a lightweight wearable for answering calls in the office, while others need a bulkier smartwatch to easily survive their adventures in the great outdoors.

Some universal concerns to keep in mind include battery life, comfort, and customizability. No one wants a smartwatch that runs out of battery before the end of your work day, or one that doesn’t let you swap out the included band for a more stylish option. Remember, it isn’t necessarily about finding the best smartwatch of them all, but the best smartwatch to suit your daily life.

What about hybrid watches?

A hybrid smartwatch fuses traditional timepiece style with the advanced sensors and technology found in a smartwatch. Some people prefer a hybrid watch because they appreciate the classic appearance of mechanical hands moving across the watch face, an analog dial and the added perk of not needing to charge it as often as the average smartwatch.

The best hybrid watches available are the Withings Scanwatch for its comprehensive heart monitoring features and slick combination of mechanical and digital faces, and the Fossil Neutra Gen 6 Hybrid Smartwatch for its long battery life and quality wellness tracking app.

What is the best smartwatch for iPhone users?

Apple fans have two top choices to choose from: The Apple Watch Series 8 is loaded with impressive heart, activity, and fitness monitoring technology, and is Apple’s most durable, versatile, and visually impressive smartwatch to date.

However, the Apple Watch Series 3 is a far more affordable option, which despite being an older smartwatch, is just as useful for keeping a capable smart assistant, reliable sleep and heart health tracking, and your favorite apps on your wrist. 

What is the best smartwatch for Android users?

There are plenty of attractive smartwatches available for anyone who prefers an Android device in 2023, such as the inexpensive Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and stylish Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch.

Dedicated Android fans should keep an eye out for the Fitbit Sense 2 and Google pixel watch as these are the most advanced and feature-rich Google-based smartwatches to date.

What is the best smartwatch for outdoor activities?

When it comes to smartwatches that were specifically designed for camping, boating, snowboarding, and hiking, Garmin’s extremely rugged Garmin Instinct 2S Solar and versatile Garmin fnix 7S are easily 2023’s best picks.

The Instinct 2S Solar is especially attractive to cyclists, climbers, golfers, and anyone else who regularly enjoys outdoor activities, as this incredibly durable smartwatch has up to 51 days of battery life because it constantly replenishes its energy via its innovative solar charging lens. 

What is the best smartwatch for health monitoring?

There are many standout smartwatches available for gathering and closely maintaining your heart, sleep, and overall health, and some of the best include the Apple Watch Series 8, Withings Scanwatch, and ASUS VivoWatch 5 HC-B05.

Both the Series 7 and Scanwatch include an ECG sensor that takes an electrocardiogram to check your heart’s rhythm, rate, and electrical activity, followed by a series of easy-to-read stats detailing the wear’s current heart health. This incredible feature is well-worth the investment for someone managing high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease.

What is the best smartwatch for exercise and training?

If you need a smartwatch that accurately monitor your activity as you swim, lift weights, or get your daily steps in, the comprehensive fitness tracking capabilities of the Garmin fenix 7S, Garmin Instinct 2S Solar, and upcoming FFitbit Sense 2 makes them the top smartwatches for exercise in 2023.

What is the best smartwatch for kids?

Between its user-friendly design, constant activity tracking, adorable colors, and how its collected health data is wirelessly sent to its linked parent account for effortless device monitoring, the Fitbit ace 3 is easily 2023’s best smartwatch for kids.

What is the best smartwatch for budget-conscious buyers?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 sports quality sleep and activity tracking, a suite of Google apps, and plenty of attractive designs for just $114 for the base model, but the $199.99 Apple Watch Series 3 and $99 Fitbit Ace 3 are also excellent, yet affordable smartwatches.

The information presented here is created independently from the TIME editorial staff. To learn more, see our About page.