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Best Dog Beds for Chewers: 7 Tough Options, Reviewed by Experts

Best Dog Beds for Chewers

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Updated January 21, 2024

After hours of scrolling online, you’ve found the perfect dog bed: it’s super cute, matches your furniture, and it’s just the right size. Your pup is going to love it! But wait. You suddenly remember that your adorable sidekick is actually more piranha than canine. How can you be assured this fabulous bed will hold up to your pup’s inevitable attempt to execute a “rapid unscheduled disassembly” of it? My dog Tucker and I tested several of the best dog beds for chewers to find ones that can actually stand up to the toughest of tests. Here’s what we found.

What to look for in a dog bed for chewers? 

Here’s the challenge: ultimately, you’re looking for something soft and cozy that can stand up to teeth that are meant for tearing and chewing. There are two elements that contribute to the odds of the bed winning the battle: fabric and design. 


The following fabrics are usually at least “chew resistant” (for light chewers and scratchers) and are often “rip-stop” (i.e. once a tear happens, it won’t just unravel like a sweater.)

Ballistic fabric

This generic fabric was once a multilayered nylon initially intended to keep military personnel safe from shrapnel during explosions. However, it proved to be no match for bullets, so it was soon replaced by Kevlar.

Today, many manufacturers are creating their own version from polyester or nylon, with varying deniers (thickness of yarns). No longer a multi-layered fabric, its tight basketweave pattern helps it hold up to abrasions, such as dogs digging into it, and gives it a strong tensile strength to hold up to rips and tears.


This trademarked fabric is in the ballistic market. It comes in yarn sizes from 330D to 1000D. Higher sizes make more durable fabrics. Cordura holds up to abrasion better (think higher rub counts on couch upholstery) than other ballistic textiles, but others do better in the rip and tear department.

Duck cotton

This tightly woven cotton, often just called just “duck” was once used for sailor pants and even sails. It’s used for tarps, tents, and the like. Due to its heavy thread weave, it can be stiff at first but will soften over wear and washing. If you want natural fibers instead of synthetic, duck cotton is the only viable option for chewers.

No fabric

Those beds with no fabric (i.e. elevated beds) are usually rated as “chew proof” because they’re pretty sure your dog is going to tear into fabric, not PVC pipe or aluminum. But we all know some dogs don’t discriminate. If your dog is gnawing the legs off the dining room table, there’s no guarantee the elevated bed will remain unscathed.


What fabrics lack in imperviousness, design can often make up for in durability. The best designs include some or all of the following.

Hidden zippers or no zippers

Some beds are small enough and contain washable fill that can just be thrown straight into the washing machine. But a zip-off cover is convenient for big beds and memory foam beds that can’t be washed. If there is a zipper, it needs to be well hidden, preferably on the bed’s underside with the hope the dog never flips it over. Some companies include a cloth or velcro flap over the zipper to make it even harder for your pup to find.

No corners

Memory foam beds almost always have corners as they are slabs of foam. Beds with loose poly-fill or shredded foam often don’t fill in the corners, leaving an easy target of thin cover fabric to chew on. Most reviews of destroyed beds tell the tale of corners being chewed off. Try for a completely round bed, or at minimum, corners that are already rounded on the manufacturer end.

No loose fabric

Poly-fill and shredded foam beds are known to be soft and pliable, but that leaves the chance for a loose cover unless it is tightly packed. Any time a fabric isn’t pulled taunt over the filling, it gives a dog an opportunity to get their mouth around it. Look for taunt covers where you can’t pinch fabric.

No exposed or loose stitching

No exposed stitching is your best bet as there’s no thread to pull, but that design can be hard to come by. So if you can’t get around that, be sure the seams are reinforced and the stitching is tight enough that you can’t lift a thread.

Rubber no-skid bottom

Keeping the bed steady makes it less like a toy to throw around. A bed that stays put keeps the zippers hidden and won’t be flipped over. 

Quality guarantee

Top of the line “chew proof” and “chew resistant” beds offer guarantees against damage, but check the fine print on the return policy and warranty. Some offer full replacement, some a credit to their store, some only replace the cover and not the bed.

Our top picks for the best dog beds for chewers

Tucker and I took all these things into consideration, and after careful testing, we found your best bets. However, your mileage may vary, and it’s quite possible you can find a bed that suits your Fido Scissors Mouth even better than these.

Best dog crate bed for chewers: K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Armored™ Crate Pad 

Crate beds and crate pads all have one thing in common: with just a little digging, they’re pretty easy to flip over, making them the perfect chew toy for a bored pup alone in a crate. Here’s where the unflippable K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Armored™ Crate Pad comes in.

Essentially a low elevation elevated bed, K9 Ballistics took their elevated bed, hacked off the legs, and gave it a slim rubber foot in each corner. The size of each crate pad is about one inch smaller than its corresponding crate size, leaving about half an inch around the edges.  Rubber feet keep it from slipping and possibly trapping toes between the border and crate wire. Unlike other elevated beds with just a hammock or tarp material, this is a crate pad in durable fabric, held together along edges by an aluminum frame. 


  • Materials: Aluminum frame, rip-stop ballistic fabric, recycled polyester fill
  • Type: Crate pad
  • Design: Metal and plastic border, fabric interior
  • Sizes: Small (29”L x 18”W x 1”H), XL (47”L x 29”W x 1”H), XXL (50”L x 33”W x 1”H)
  • Washable: Yes (spot clean or hose off)
  • Price: $142 - $208
  • Warranty: 120 days

What we like:

  • Cover has water repellent finish
  • Taught padding is excellent alternative to nothing in the crate or just a towel
  • Aluminum frame with rounded corners make it corner-free and lightweight
  • Liquid did not soak into padding and frame stopped it from spilling onto floor

What we don’t like:

  • There is exposed stitching, however it’s tough to get a fingernail under the thread
  • 120-day chew proof warranty won’t refund your money
  • Small dogs may get their toes caught in the half inch between frame and crate sides

The bottom line:

This armored crate pad is not cheap but with its aluminum border and “unflippableness”, it may be the last crate pad you ever buy for your persistent chewer.

Best dog crate bed for chewers
K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Armored Padded Dog Crate Pad Bed Indestructible, Mat Small Size for Aggressive Chewers, Water Resistant,Aluminum Frame Fits in Crate in 29" x18 Sandstone

K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Armored Padded Dog Crate Pad Bed Indestructible, Mat Small Size for Aggressive Chewers, Water Resistant,Aluminum Frame Fits in Crate in 29" x18 Sandstone

Best soft-fill bed for chewers: K9 Ballistics Tough Rip-Stop™  Rectangle Pillow Bed

K9 Ballistics wins again and the lightweight shipping box betrays this bed’s heft and sturdiness. Within a minute, the inner bed that looks like it can out be the bed itself, expands to double its size. Once it comes to life, you slip it into an even heftier, tougher ripstop fabric cover that has a textured bottom which grips the floor. The heavy zippers close it all up and are hidden beneath industrial-strength velcro flap closures. 

At five inches high, this chew resistant bed seemed pretty cozy, but with two layers of ballistic fabric, I didn’t imagine it would be very comfortable. But who am I to judge? I handed that testing over to my canine partner and asked him to try it out. He climbed up, laid down, and promptly fell asleep for two hours. 


  • Materials: CertiPUR-US® shredded foam interior, rip-stop fabric cover
  • Type: Pillow
  • Design: Loose fill
  • Sizes: Small (24”L x 18”W x 3”H), Medium (33”L x 27”W x 5”H), Large (40”L x 34”W x 5”H), XL (54”L x 38”W x 5”H), XXL (68”L x 40”W x 5”H)
  • Washable: Yes (machine washable cover)
  • Price: $109 - $299
  • Warranty: 120-day chew proof warranty (cover only)

What we like:

  • Water resistant cover
  • Inner lining is just as thick and sturdy as outer layer
  • Gripping, textured bottom keeps it from sliding
  • Has an option for a velvet cover if the ripstop fabric is too noisy
  • Seems super comfortable

What we don’t like:

  • Chew resistant (only suitable for light to moderate chewers)
  • Marine-like outdoor fabric can be noisy for dogs and people
  • Due to the channels, liquids do run off
  • There are corners some dogs will find tempting to chew
  • There is some exposed stitching, however it’s tough to get a fingernail under the thread
  • It can be flipped over, exposing weaknesses

The bottom line:

This bed is industrial strength and despite its ballistic fabric, dogs find it comfortable (or at least this dog did). 

Best soft-fill bed for chewers
K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Pillow Large Dog Bed - Removable Cover, Washable, Durable & Water Resistant Dog Bed Made for Large Dogs 40"x34" Sandstone

K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Pillow Large Dog Bed - Removable Cover, Washable, Durable & Water Resistant Dog Bed Made for Large Dogs 40"x34" Sandstone

Best memory foam dog bed for chewers: PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Unlike the K9 Ballistics bed, this one was dense and heavy. The bolster comes pre-packed, and you need only unroll the mattress, wait a bit for it to expand, and put it inside the waterproof cover. The zipper of the waterproof cover has a flap covering it, and you’re instructed to make sure the flap faces down so any water will roll off and not seep into the zipper. Once the mattress is inside the waterproof cover, you just need to slip it under the bolsters and zip it up. 


  • Materials: 65% polyester/35% cotton twill cover, CertiPUR-US® memory foam interior, recycled polyfill (bolsters)
  • Type: Memory foam
  • Design: Flat with bolster
  • Sizes: Small (25”L x 20”W x 5.5”H), Large (36”L x 28”W x 9”H), XL (44”L x 34”W x 10”H), XXL (50”L x 40”W x 13”H)
  • Washable: Yes (machine washable cover)
  • Price: $69.95 - $239.95
  • Warranty: One-year warranty (manufacturer defects only)

What we like:

  • Heavy product and textured bottom make it unlikely to flip
  • Zippers are hidden under flaps at the bottom of the bed
  • Food, dog drool, and mud all came out easily in the wash
  • The thin sheet-like fabric is taunt, leaving little for dogs to pick
  • Waterproof (inner liner) to the point that water remained pooled for three hours
  • Seems comfortable
  • Zippers are on the bottom and hidden beneath tough velcro pockets

What we don’t like:

  • Heavy to ship and move
  • No chew proof guarantee
  • The bolster stuffing doesn’t completely fill the bolster, so unstuffed corners will be tempting to corner chewers.

The bottom line:

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed does not have the fabric sturdiness of K9 Ballistics, but its orthopedic foam is supportive while having just enough give to be comfortable. 

Best memory foam dog bed for chewers
PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed, Orthopedic Memory Foam, Multiple Sizes and Colors, Medium Firmness Pillow, Waterproof Liner, YKK Zippers, Breathable 35% Cotton Cover

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed, Orthopedic Memory Foam, Multiple Sizes and Colors, Medium Firmness Pillow, Waterproof Liner, YKK Zippers, Breathable 35% Cotton Cover

Best elevated dog bed for chewers (and best budget dog bed for chewers): K&H Original Bolster Pet Cot

K&H Original Bolster Pet Cot has over 900 reviews on Chewy, mostly all good. It doesn’t claim to be chew proof by any means, but it is an elevated bed with 600D canvas and mesh—a sturdy combo. Tucker and I have had ours for two years. It’s only now, two years into the California sun beating down on it, that it’s truly showing its wear. We weren’t able to test a brand new one, but our two years of experience with it warranted an honest review.


  • Materials: Metal, nylon
  • Type: Elevated bed
  • Design: Metal and plastic frame with bolster and mesh center
  • Sizes: Small (22”L x 17”W x 7”H), Medium (32”L x 25”W x 7”H), Large (42”L x 30”W x 7”H)
  • Washable: Yes (machine washable cover and bolster or hose off)
  • Price: $45.54 - $82.30
  • Warranty: One-year warranty (manufacturer defects only)

What we like:

  • Modular design
  • Replacement covers are available (and even with an additional replacement cover, the cost is still significantly less than the official “chew proof” beds.)
  • Waterproof

What we don’t like:

  • Assembly can be slightly difficult
  • Advertisements claim it can easily be broken down and reassembled but two years in, I still haven’t figured out how to take it apart.
  • Plastic corners on the legs are rounded, but can still be tempting for chewers.
  • The stitched-on, flat, rubber K&H emblem may be a tempting item for a dog to chew off, but it is difficult to get teeth around.
  • Bolsters are definitely not “chew-proof” against squirrels who have extracted stuffing to use in their own nests.

The bottom line:

K&H is a solid, modular choice if you’re looking to save money and don’t mind buying replacement parts if needed. 

Best elevated dog bed for chewers (and best budget dog bed for chewers)
K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Elevated Dog Bed, Chocolate, Large

K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Elevated Dog Bed, Chocolate, Large

Best outdoor dog bed for chewers: Veehoo Chew-Proof Dog Bed - Rustless Aluminum Frame

If you’d prefer not to bother with a bolster and you don’t foresee yourself getting into buying accessories later, I found one more possibility for your little chewer. We didn’t get a chance to test first hand (or first paw) this late entry into the running, but using our criteria for best bets against chewing, the Veehoo Chew-Proof bed is a solid consideration. 


  • Materials: Rustless aluminum, textilene mesh fabric
  • Type: Elevated bed
  • Design: Metal frame with mesh bed
  • Sizes: Small (22”L x 17”W x 7”H), Medium (32"L x 25"W x 7"H), Large (42”L x 30”W x 7”H), XL (49”L x 32.5”W x 9”H), XXL (59”L x 37.4”W x 9”H)
  • Washable: Yes (spot clean or hose off)
  • Price: $54.99 - $99.99
  • Warranty: Refunds for manufacturer defects

What we like:

  • Textilene is a PVC-coated fabric often used for solar screens and sails.
  • 70% five star rating on Amazon
  • They offer replacement covers
  • Mesh comes in 14 colors

What we don’t like:

  • Involves assembly
  • Fabric sags over time, making the bed less comfortable and an easier target for chewers and diggers. 
  • No chew proof warranty

The bottom line:

This is a great outdoor bed that doesn’t rust and it’s one to consider for dogs who are only light chewers.

Best outdoor dog bed for chewers
Veehoo Chew-Proof Dog Bed - Rustless Aluminum Frame

Veehoo Chew-Proof Dog Bed - Rustless Aluminum Frame

Best dog bed for small dog chewers: K9 Ballistics Tough Rip-Stop Deep Den Dog Bed

This is a bed that Tucker and I didn’t test out, so I went by reviews and my experience. This nest-like bed is best suited for diggers, scratchers, and light chewers. You can use it in or out of a crate and the all-around bolster sides make for a comfy place for your small pup to burrow and feel more secure.


  • Materials: Rip-stop fabric, certified clean recycled polyester fill
  • Type: Bolster pillow bed
  • Design: 360 degree round pillow
  • Sizes: Small (20”L x 24”W x 8”H), Medium (24"L x 30"W x 10"H), Large (36”L x 28”W x 10”H), XL (45”L x 38”W x 12”H)
  • Washable: Yes (machine washable or spot clean)
  • Price: $120 - $219
  • Warranty: 120-day chew proof warranty

What we like:

  • Water resistant lining
  • No zippers or velcro
  • Non-slip bottom
  • 89% five star reviews on K9 Ballistics’ website
  • Comes in three colors including a lattice pattern

What we don’t like:

  • Not made for heavy chewers
  • Due to the high sides all around, this wouldn’t be a good choice for a dog with urinary incontinence.

The bottom line:

This den-style bed is great for little dogs who like to burrow and are light chewers, or just diggers and scratchers.

Best dog bed for small dog chewers
K9 Ballistics Deep Den - Donut Dog Bed, Bagel bolstered Washable Bed for Small Cuddler Small S 20"x24"

K9 Ballistics Deep Den - Donut Dog Bed, Bagel bolstered Washable Bed for Small Cuddler Small S 20"x24"

Best overall dog bed for chewers and best orthopedic dog bed for chewers: Gorilla Ballistic Tough Round Orthopedic Dog Bed

This orthopedic mattress is available with and without memory foam but either way, they are 5” high to keep your arthritic dog more comfortable. With 94% five star reviews and military-grade materials, this bed is a great choice. One reviewer said his Great Danes used the Gorilla Ballistic bed for almost eight years before he had to replace it.


  • Materials: Military-grade ballistic fabric (cover), CertiPUR-US® foam
  • Type: Memory foam
  • Design: Round orthopedic bed
  • Sizes: Small (25” round), Medium (36” round), Large (44” round), XL (56” round)
  • Washable: Yes (cover and liner)
  • Price: $125 - $369 (with memory foam)
  • Warranty: 125-day chew proof warranty and lifetime “won’t flatten” guarantee

What we like:

  • Third-party tested for tear strength
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor (mildew resistant)
  • Round design means no corners to chew
  • Velcro-covered zipper

What we don’t like:

  • No skid-proof bottom
  • Exposed stitching

The bottom line:

Made with military-grade materials, the Gorilla Ballistic Tough Round Orthopedic Dog Bed is a great overall choice for extreme chewers.

How I chose the best dog beds for chewers

As a foster mom to many wayward canines who have possessed varying levels of deconstruction skills, I’ve come to accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of a variety of objects and how they hold up to the different styles of chewers and diggers. Tucker, a master destroyer and disassembler of toys, also helped me by trying out different beds. In our ten years together he has never taken to gnawing on his beds, but as a clumsy sixty pound American Staffordshire mix who likes to chew drool-inducing items—and whose front toenails have left indelible marks on a Subaru’s front center leather console—he needs a bed robust enough to live up to the Staffie lifestyle. For beds that Tucker and I didn’t personally test, I combed through online reviews and used my years of experience to make selections.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Chew proof vs. chew resistant

Much like “fireproof” and “fire resistant”, “chew proof” and “chew resistant” are often incorrectly used interchangeably. “Chew proof” means a bed is close to indestructible, but there really is no such thing as a completely chew proof bed. This type of bed is good for extreme chewers. “Chew resistant” means a bed can withstand light or moderate chewing, as well as digging and scratching, but it’s not recommended for extreme chewers.

Why do dogs chew anyway?

Chewing is normal behavior for dogs and they enjoy it for a variety of reasons. It’s a way for them to explore things and if they find something that smells or tastes interesting, they’re more likely to further investigate it with their mouth. Sometimes they also chew because the texture of the object is satisfying. A dog’s motivation to engage in a chewing session can also be due to teething, hunger, anxiety, or boredom.

Why do dogs like to chew beds?

To a dog, a bed looks like a giant toy. They don’t contain squeakers, but they’re filled with fluffy insides that would be a fun challenge to release into the world. If your dog is disemboweling every bed, take a good look at their stuffed chew toys.

There are no right angles in nature, and some dogs don’t believe they should be anywhere. It’s like they’re trying to child-proof the world. Even though the corner can be soft and squishy, it’s still a corner, and should be rounded off.

Then you have all the items on a dog bed that are simply too tempting for a dog to resist. For example, a zipper dangles and moves if touched. It’s got a crunchy feel, often isn’t stitched well into the seam, and if you rip it off, all the innards spill out in a glorious waterfall.

Thread is just a zipper made of sorts. It’s a challenge to snag just one tooth or nail around one stitch, and if it’s not reinforced, innards fly everywhere!

What material can a dog not chew through?

The only dog bed material a dog will not be able to chew through is metal. Indentations in metal, however, are possible. Materials like wood, chew resistant fabric, and chew proof fabrics can eventually be chewed through.

Do chew proof dog beds work?

Some chew proof dog beds work and some don’t. Whether a bed works or not depends on if the bed is well matched to the dog’s level of chewing. For example, you wouldn’t want to get a bed that’s listed as suitable for light chewers for a dog who is an extreme chewer. At some point, however, even the best chew proof beds will likely need to be replaced.


Finding the best durable bed for your dog can be a long, arduous, and expensive journey. The very best dog in the world deserves the very best dog bed—for them. When it comes to being chew proof, there is no fabric totally impervious to being torn, ripped, and dug into. There is no design that is foolproof against every and all chewers either, but there is a fabric and a design that will work best for your dog. 

The only way to assure a dog bed won’t get torn up is to make sure your dog doesn’t want to chew it up. A dog chews because chewing feels good. So while you’re waiting for the next bed to arrive on your doorstep, search for chew toys that will make your dog feel good.

The information presented here is created independently from the TIME editorial staff. To learn more, see our About page.