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X-Chair X-Basic DVL Task Chair Review

xchair review

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Updated May 12, 2024

While there are plenty of models available for budget-conscious shoppers searching for a comfortable and well-made ergonomic office chair, the X-Chair X-Basic DVL Task Chair is a worthy contender. 

The X-Basic is the perfect name for this chair, as it features fairly few though perfectly executed core features. But what the most affordable X-Chair provides is a rock-solid offering best suited for homework and moderate office work.

Unboxing and assembly

I obtained my X chair X-Basic from Amazon, and my first impressions were underwhelming. The box was partially opened upon arrival, and multiple pieces and parts had escaped their plastic bags and were rattling around inside.

The good news is that everything I needed to assemble to X-Basic survived the shipping process. Still, I didn’t like the anxiety that I felt from worrying about potentially missing pieces from the start.

The single page of instructions wasn’t as helpful as it should have been since the sheet covered multiple variants of X-Basic with illustrations that didn’t quite match my model. Fortunately, assembling the X-Basic itself was a piece of cake, and it felt especially solid once everything was in place. 

In any case, I highly recommend you purchase your X-Chair X-Basic DVL Task Chair directly from X-Chair themselves, because I am sure their box will survive the trip, and the official online storefront allows buyers an array of worthwhile customization options.

X-Basic DVL Task Chair

X-Basic DVL Task Chair

Core X-Basic stats and features

The biggest highlights of the X-Basic DVL Task Chair are its signature “Dynamic Variable Lumbar” lower back support, its high degree of adjustability, and its durable frame. 

My personal favorite aspect of the base X-Basic model is how the DVL lower backrest flexes alongside your body’s natural movement, while providing firm support where needed so users can stay comfortably seated for longer than the average office chair.

After many hours of sitting in my X-Basic DVL Task Chair, I am happy to say that my back felt flexible and relaxed each time I stepped away from my PC. The DVL’s reliable spine-supporting design makes it a strong contender for anyone unable to afford a top-of-the-line ergonomic office chair as well as those who simply don’t care to waste money on unnecessary extras.

Its soft molded armrests slide up and down, while effortlessly locking in place once the height adjustment button is released, and the mesh backrest is simple to adjust for comfortably seating taller users. 

XChair closeup

I really liked how simple it is to comfortably recline the X-Basic to its maximum 28-degree angle and back to normal via the lever on its underside. I got to the point where I would instinctively reach for the recliner every time I needed a little work break or took a phone call.

It is a shame that its Flex Mesh backing is only available in black, but it had the perfect amount of firm upper-back support when I reclined against it. Its thin yet strong breathable material makes this chair a top pick for warmer climates and hot office spaces. 

I appreciated the X-Basic’s plush foam-cushioned seat, which is both firm enough to support your hips and lower body but yielding enough to feel like a top-quality seat. Anyone who has spent a few hours behind the keyboard will be thankful for this feature. Although X-Chair offers a 10-year warranty on its stainless-steel frame, chances are extremely slim that your daily routine will ever damage the ruggedly designed X-Basic.

X-Basic DVL Task Chair

X-Basic DVL Task Chair

Core X-Chair X-Basic DVL Task Chair stats:

Seat width: 20.5 inches

Seat height: 39.75–46.5 inches

Weight limit: 240 pounds

Warranty: Moving parts and materials covered for five years, and non-moving metal parts covered for 10 years.

Customizing your X-Basic

The most basic X-Basic DVL Task Chair variant available from X-Chair will run you $499, however, some of its customizability options are must-have add-ons. While I liked the overall comfort level of the X-Basic, I felt the lack of a headrest on my neck fairly quickly. Since the tiltable headrest is only $50 more, it is a must-have for longer seating sessions.

It is a shame that its Adjustable Seat Depth feature is an optional bonus feature for an additional $75, but the ability to slide the seat forward, which comes with the basic model, is another essential for bigger and taller body types. 

Although the X-Basic offers additional “FS” wheel sets in white ($54.99), black ($59.99), and locking clear variants for $79.99, I was particularly impressed with how smoothly the default wheels glide across hard floors. I can certainly see some users upgrading their wheels to these admittedly stylish rollerblade-like wheels, however.

Final thoughts

I wasn’t overly impressed with X-Chair’s bare-bones X-Basic, which is an office chair that is almost as basic as its name suggests. It is only available in one color, and X-Chair offers a ton of customization options that are far superior than what the core model delivers. But this office chair is far from a disappointment. The X-Basic DVL Task Chair’s signature DVL lumbar support is effective and comfortable, it is easy to adjust to suit your comfort level, and its premium wheels glide over floors like butter. 

The X-Basic DVL is an adequate offering that works well for light to medium deskwork, and I highly recommend upgrading to the optional headrest and adjustable seat depth features to get the most out of this otherwise solid and fairly priced ergonomic office chair. 

Shoppers should be aware that X-Chair produces a variety of even nicer, more comfortable, and feature-rich office chairs. If you have a little extra money saved away for your new office chair, these are worth checking out first.

Pros: Durable stainless-steel frame. Highly adjustable reclining feature, backrest height, and armrests. Breathable nylon fabric. Plush and cozy seat. Includes high-quality wheels. Easy to assemble. Many customizability options available.

Cons: Best if purchased directly from X-Chair. Only available in black. Headrest sold separately.

X-Basic DVL Task Chair

X-Basic DVL Task Chair

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