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The Best Gifts for People Who Have Everything

Best Gifts for People Who Have Everything

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Updated April 29, 2024

My mom was someone who bought gifts for people whenever she found them. Sometimes she’d save them for a specific future occasion, while other times she’d simply surprise the recipient on an otherwise un-special day. She truly loved giving presents and enjoyed bringing random joy to her friends and family. I aspire to be as generous and thoughtful of a person as she was (if I manage to be even half as much as her, I’ll be doing pretty well). In my adult life, I’ve continued her tradition of purchasing gifts for people whenever I come across them and pride myself on giving unique and thoughtful presents—even to the people in my life who seem to have everything.

I’m lucky to be able to travel, which gives me the opportunity to discover unexpected things in small local stores, colorful shopping bazaars, and random roadside stands all over the world. Unlike my mom, I also have the internet which is full of an endless, always changing repertoire of possible gifts.

Here's a collection of some of the most interesting and impressive gift ideas I’ve come across lately, perfect for that person in your life who has everything.

Our top picks for the best gifts for people who have everything

Best splurge gift for the person who (literally) really does have everything: Finnmark Infrared Sauna

Made with antimicrobial Western Canadian cedar that resists mold, bacteria, and fungi, the 1-person, full spectrum infrared sauna from Finnmark delivers a sauna anywhere you set it up in your home. Heating up to 170° F in less than an hour, it works on a standard outlet to give your gift recipient a deep penetrating sweating experience. Studies show that infrared saunas can reduce blood pressure and promote healthy hearts, so you’ll be giving the gift of a happy heart.

Price on publish: $4,695 - $6,195

Finnmark Infrared Sauna

Finnmark Infrared Sauna

For those who don’t like (or have time) to eat their veggies: Apothékary Your Wildest Greens Nutrient + Immune Support

Everyone knows they should incorporate more vegetables into their daily diet. I have a few friends who say that, while they know they should eat more greens and fresh produce, their busy lives make it difficult to actually accomplish that. They buy the broccoli and brussel sprouts, which inevitably end up just rotting in the fridge.

This tincture from Apothékary presents the perfect solution. It can be added to smoothies, mocktails, water, or directly on the tongue.

Price on publish: $39

Your Wildest Greens™

Your Wildest Greens™

For Father’s Day: Girl Dad Book

My dad taught me things like how to replace a faucet, the difference between a screw and a bolt, how to ride a bike, and patience (I’m still working on mastering the last one). Both of these charming picture books celebrate the relationship of daughters and dads of all kinds and all the varied, wonderful things our fathers endeavor to teach us. These books are a wonderful heartfelt Father’s Day gift for dads everywhere.

Price on publish: $12.88 - $19.99

For busy parents: Rinse Gift Card

For all of us who grew up with a mother or father who did our laundry, a Rinse gift card finally returns the favor. Rinse is a direct-to-consumer laundry and dry-cleaning service that works with local laundromats across the country.

You can purchase gift cards in $50, $100, $200 or custom amounts. Laundry pricing, available in subscription plans or pay as you go only when needed, is per pound or bag, starting at $1.39 per pound or $50 per bag.

Price on publish: $50 - $200

Rinse Gift Card

Rinse Gift Card

For the audiophile: Kreativity by Kenz Hand Painted Vinyl Records

Due to the chemical and material nature of vinyl records themselves, they cannot be recycled like normal plastics and must be thrown away to pile up in landfills. That’s where Kansas-based artist Kenz steps in. They hand paint designs onto damaged and imperfect records that are no longer suitable for playing. To date, they’ve kept over 900 records out of the trash. Designs range from desert scenes to flowers to snakes (and they’ll paint your custom artwork also).

These make a perfect gift for the music lover in your life, especially the ones who insist that nothing compares to the sound of music coming from a needle perched on a piece of vinyl.

Price on publish: $34 - $44

Kreativity by Kenz Hand Painted Vinyl Records

Kreativity by Kenz Hand Painted Vinyl Records

For the tech-savvy jet setter and international spy wannabe: Solos AirGo™ 3 Xeon 5 Smart Glasses

For your true crime obsessed, amateur detective friend or family member, a pair of Solos AirGo™ 3 Xeon 5 Smart Glasses make the perfect gift. AI-powered, they allow the wearer to answer calls and texts and listen to music without looking at their phone; otherwise, in complete stealth mode. SolosTranslate provides real-time translation in over 10 languages (with more to come) for streamlined communication no matter where their sleuthing takes them.

ChatGPT integration also provides conversational AI capabilities like voice search to find the best restaurants or tourist attractions nearby. And the best part is, they look like regular glasses (prescription lenses are available), so no one will know the wearer has an AI in their ear.

Price on publish: $199

solos glasses

solos glasses

For the basketball (or sneaker) fan: Puma Hoops x Cheetos Scoot Zeros Basketball Shoes

A shoe by the Portland Trail Blazer’s guard, Scoot Henderson, Puma’s latest iteration of their Scoot Zero combines the bright orange color (and vibrancy) of the Cheeto with a lightweight, high-rebound EVA sole and a full rubber wrap outsole with anti-slip traction for one of the most bizarre (and fun) gifts I’ve seen in a while. I actually laughed out loud when I read the PR pitch for this shoe and immediately thought of the basketball fan in my life; my big brother who taught me how to shoot hoops (nothing but net) and never passed up a bag of Cheetos.

Price on publish: $110

PUMA HOOPS x CHEETOS® Scoot Zeros Men's Basketball Shoes

PUMA HOOPS x CHEETOS® Scoot Zeros Men's Basketball Shoes

For ‘90s neon lovers: Stanley Neon Classic Legendary Bottle

You’re either a person who loves neon, or one who hates it. It’s one of those things that elicits a strong reaction either way. You likely have at least one person in your life that finds all things neon endearing, and this 48-ounce Stanley bottle is for them. It's made just like all other Stanley stainless steel bottles with double-walled vacuum insulation to keep the hot beverages hot and the cold ones cold. It has a screw-on, insulated lid that doubles as a cup, a collapsible handle, and it comes in neon yellow, green, or electric pink.

Price on publish: $45



For those with refined tastes: Protetta Pavone Tray

I’m lucky to have a job where I get to travel to unique places, write about all kinds of products and experiences, and develop friendships with others who’ve chosen similar careers. My friend Amy has been almost everywhere across the globe. While she’s equally happy to sleep in a tent at a sketchy campsite as a five-star luxury hotel, I always select gifts for her that appeal to her refined, exquisite taste—like this hand painted tray fashioned from luxe bone porcelain. It’s the perfect place to toss all those foreign currency coins she’s always pulling out of her pockets.

Accessories available include a holder for incense and other burnable accessories.

Price on publish: $215



For the adventurer: Virgin Experience Gifts: Learn to Fly

This is a gift I would love to receive! Lasting approximately one to two hours, this particular experience includes basic instructions for in-flight control, a typical pre-flight inspection, as well as a summary of what awaits the student in the sky. Your giftee will get a turn at taxiing the plane on the runway, flying, as well as performing a guided landing. All in all, a pretty unforgettable experience. This one takes place in Los Angeles, but search the Virgin Experience Gift site for options in other locales.

Price on publish: $277

Learn to Fly Experience

Learn to Fly Experience

For long-haired adults and children: Phix Scented Hair Ties

Scented hair ties were not a thing I even knew existed until I started reaching out to my network for unique gift ideas, but after some consideration, I decided these would be a great gift for anyone with long hair who enjoys aromatherapy, as well as for kids (and adults) who just like unique things. The metal-free, no-damage elastic bands come in lavender to calm your nerves, fresh cotton scent to disguise the fact that you haven’t washed your hair in days, crisp apples, so you’ll smell like an orchard, as well as rosemary, and strawberries and cream.

Price on publish: $9.75 for 9 hair ties

phix Scented Hair Ties 9 pack | Snag Free Ponytail Holders for Thick Hair

phix Scented Hair Ties 9 pack | Snag Free Ponytail Holders for Thick Hair

For the avid walker: Jetti Smart Walking Poles

We all have that friend who walks to stay healthy, covering countless miles on their own two feet. These weighted walking poles from Jetti turn that walk into a workout for their arms, as well. Each pole, weighted to produce results without adding stress on your joints, weighs 1.1 pounds. And they provide stability for walking on uneven terrain.

Price on publish: $68.95

Jetti Poles

For the coffee snob espresso lover: AeroPress Go Coffee Maker

I bikepacked through all of Central Asia and most of Europe with a British cycling buddy. He complained about our instant coffee at every campsite in every country we traversed (for months on end). As a person who likes quiet, non-rant filled mornings, this was a trait I found quite annoying over time. I’m getting him this AeroPress Go coffee maker before our next adventure. It brews delicious espresso-style coffee in less than a minute or cold brew in about two. He’ll have his great tasting coffee and I’ll have my peaceful mornings.

Price on publish: $39.95 - $49.95

AeroPress Coffee Maker - Go

AeroPress Coffee Maker - Go

For the home bartender and/or juice lover: Verve Culture Gold Artisan Citrus Juicer

Perfect for limes, lemons, tangerines, and other small citrus fruits (i.e. not huge grapefruits), this sturdy metal juicer makes an excellent gift for the mixologist or juice aficionado in your life. It features a long handle for appropriate leverage and comes in a range of colors like silver with red, green, black, rose gold, or gold accents to fit in with most kitchen color schemes.

Price on publish: $120

Gold Artisan Citrus Juicer - Small

Gold Artisan Citrus Juicer - Small

For busy professionals and new homeowners: roomLift Gift Card

The gift of roomLift provides professional interior design services for anyone who wants to give their home, office, or bedroom a makeover but find it difficult to carve out the time to research products like closet systems or shoe storage ideas or visit an interior design professional in person. Each personalized roomLift includes a design board, shoppable links, and a curated box with samples delivered to your gift recipient’s doorstep.

Virtual consultation options include access to an expert for $100, an accessoryLift for $750, roomLift for $1,500, and a houseLift which is priced based on the project. Gift cards are available in $50, $100, $250, $500, and $750 amounts. In the spirit of lifting others, roomLift plants one tree for every box ordered to help replenish the resources used with its service.

Price on publish: $50 - $750


Best budget friendly gift: Swiss Eagle Survival Card Knife

I buy these for almost everyone in my life because you never know when you’re going to need a scissor, nail file, blade, toothpick, tweezer, pin, screwdriver, and/or ruler. Made from stainless steel, each tool has anti-rust properties—and they all fit into a convenient carry case about the size of a credit card. Buy this pack of three and give one to three of your coworkers or family members as an excellent, budget friendly gift solution.

Price on publish: $29.99 for 3

Swiss Eagle Survival Card Knife 10-in-1 Lite Pocket Tool Kit, 3-pack

Swiss Eagle Survival Card Knife 10-in-1 Lite Pocket Tool Kit, 3-pack

For the eco-conscious sustainability-oriented artist or note taker: Sprout Plantable Wooden Pencils

I love these plantable graphite pencils and the sketcher/artist in your life will too. Write, doodle or draw until the pencil becomes too short and stubby to use, at which time you plunge it in a pot of soil upside down where it will sprout and grow into an herb, flower, or vegetable. Each pencil is made from certified wood and displays an etched label of which seeds are contained within its end capsule. This particular set includes aubergine, cucumber, thyme, parsley, eternity flower, daisy, basil, and rucola.

Price on publish: $14.99 for an 8-pack

Sprout Wood-Cased Pencils | Original Edition

Sprout Wood-Cased Pencils | Original Edition

For the cook: Kamesh Handmade Tagine Pot

This colorful ceramic pot bakes casseroles and other dishes to perfection. The Tangine comes from Tunisia and features a wide and shallow base that forms a tight seal which allows steam to rise under the tall domed lid and condensation to fall back over the food. They can be used in the oven, on the stove, and as serving bowls—a unique addition to any chef’s kitchen.

Price on publish: $84.95 - $99.99

Kamesh Handmade Tagine Pot

Kamesh Handmade Tagine Pot

For the cook who is always short on time: Tovala Smart Oven Pro

Controlled by the companion app, the Tovala Smart Oven features six different cooking modes including air fry, steam, bake, broil, reheat, and toast. The app allows the cook in your life to select from an array of presets for chef-perfected recipes. All they have to do is follow the instructions in the app. This is a great gift for someone who loves to prepare meals but often lacks the time for research, planning, and execution. The Tovala requires no pre-heating time like traditional ovens. Tovala also offers meal subscription plans that cut out shopping time.

Price on publish: $299.99

Smart Oven Pro

For the fire lover: Cutting Edge Orchard Apple Firewood Box

I grew up in a house where we used the living room fireplace as the primary heating source. The smell of burning wood will always remind me of my childhood. Different woods, of course, smell differently when burned. Some are better than others. My favorites are apple, cherry, and hickory.

Each box contains hand-selected wood, specially dried and guaranteed to be free of pests, mold, or fungus. This is not the firewood you pick up on the side of the road or the kind you and your brothers helped your dad cut down from your grandparent’s woods when you were young (as I did).

Each box includes enough wood for four to six fires, kindling, fire starters, and matches. Cutting Edge also offers cooking wood cut into chunks, or splits to fit a variety of grills and smokers.

Price on publish: $149



For the dedicated advocate: Purpose Baroque Hoops

Handmade by survivors of human trafficking, these baroque hoops by Purpose provide a beautiful and stylish gift for that person in your life who is admirably committed to helping others. One hundred percent of the proceeds go to the company’s non-profit, International Sanctuary, and helps provide each artisan with fair wages, education, and holistic care.

Price on publish: $65


For ice cream lovers: Calicle Insulated Ice Cream Bowl Set

Who isn’t an ice cream lover? According to the company, these insulated bowls keep ice cream and other foods (hot or cold) at the perfect temperature for up to 200% longer than traditional bowls. No more soupy ice cream on hot days. These are the perfect gift for ice cream lovers of all ages.

Made from food grade stainless steel with premium copper plating for extra insulation, they feature a non-slip silicone base for comfortable grip, and clear Tritan lids for transport. Calicle even donates a portion of all sales to support the Coral Reef Alliance.

Price on publish: $49.98 for set of 2

Insulated Ice Cream Bowl Set with Lid, Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel, for Cold and Hot Foods

Insulated Ice Cream Bowl Set with Lid, Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel, for Cold and Hot Foods

For the road-tripper: Pura Car Diffuser

Give your favorite road trip lover (or coworker who has a lengthy automobile commute) this diffuser from Pura. It plugs into their car’s USB port and only diffuses when the car is in motion. The companion app allows the user to set the intensity of the fragrance to avoid that overwhelming sickening smell that those rear-view mirror air fresheners often produce. The Pura car diffuser will elevate the giftee’s driving experience to a level of luxury, even while at a standstill in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Price on publish: $34.99

Pura car

For the bourbon lover: Bark & Barware Premium Cocktail Smoker Kit with Torch

This gift is for the bourbon enthusiast and mixologist on your list. The kit includes four whiskey stones, a metal brush, tongs and a torch, a wood smoker (and lid) that fits on top of any glass, and cherry, oak, pear, maple, hickory, and apple flavors. To use, simply place the smoker on the glass, add a pinch or the wood flavored chips, and light with the torch for 5 to 10 seconds. Then cover with the lid, allowing the smoke to penetrate the bourbon.

Price on publish: $49.99

Bark & Barware: Premium Cocktail Smoker Kit with Torch - Black Wood Box, Gold Tools

Bark & Barware: Premium Cocktail Smoker Kit with Torch - Black Wood Box, Gold Tools

Best eco-friendly gift: RevSquared Hand Dryer

Purchase the RevSquared hand dryer for your most eco-conscious friend or family member. It’s a smaller, more stylish version of the air hand dryers found in public restrooms across the world. It can be plugged directly into an outlet or hard-wired and can be positioned to hang on the wall or sit on a stand (sold separately). Your giftee will never have to buy paper towels again, or wash hand towels.

Price on publish: $152

HD350 Hand Dryer - Easy Install, Multiple Mounting Options, Touch-Free, Optional Heat, Compact & UL Certified for Commercial/Residential Use

HD350 Hand Dryer - Easy Install, Multiple Mounting Options, Touch-Free, Optional Heat, Compact & UL Certified for Commercial/Residential Use

For the fitness buff: Rucker 4.0

The Rucker 4.0 is a backpack designed specifically for rucking (carrying unnecessary weight on your back) and makes for a great gift for the fitness enthusiast in your life. The Rucker features pockets intended to carry Ruck Plates (weights), as well as extra padded straps and multiple carrying handles that allow it to be used as a dumbbell if desired. Essentially, it’s a gym they can carry on their back. (Gym bags are another option.)

Price on publish: $255 for a 20L backpack

Rucker 4.0 Backpack - 20L

Rucker 4.0 Backpack - 20L

For your significant other: Ours Couples Therapy Session

Studies have shown that relationship health is one of the strongest predictors of overall wellness and longevity. Ours is a modern telehealth platform that offers couples therapy sessions (as well as other types of therapy). Their sessions can benefit a variety of couples from those going through issues to those that simply want to enhance an already positive relationship and work on general maintenance.

We’ve all been told that healthy, long-lasting relationships take work, and there’s nothing wrong with being proactive.

Price on publish: $50 for first session

Ours Couples Therapy Session

Ours Couples Therapy Session

For the party lover: Zbiotics Pre-Alcohol Probiotic Drink

A genetic engineering company, Zbiotics manufactures probiotics that the company says are aimed at improving daily life by helping our bodies “handle the diets and toxic by-products of modern living.” In other words, if you consume this drink before going out and partaking in alcohol, your potential hangover the next day should be minimal.

While I have not tested it out myself (mainly because I rarely drink these days), I have a few friends who might find it beneficial. I wouldn’t recommend gifting it to someone you don’t know very well, as they might take it the wrong way, but for one of your besties, it’ll probably go over quite well.

Price on publish: $108 for a 12-pack

ZBiotics® Pre-Alcohol Probiotic Drink

ZBiotics® Pre-Alcohol Probiotic Drink

For the gardener: Farmstand Nook

I grew up in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by corn and soybean fields. My family gardened and grew vegetables like we were pioneers. The Farmstand Nook offers a compact place to cultivate herbs, greens, and veggies right in the kitchen. It comes with integrated LED lights, grow cups and sleeves, digital smart timer, and a water-resistant floor mat all housed in a conical shaped tower. Very space age—the perfect gift for the cook and gardener in your life who would love more indoor plants.

Price on publish: $749


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