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Best Jeans for Curvy Women, Tested and Reviewed

curvy women jeans

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updated: May 23, 2024

Whether your preference is for on-trend wide-leg silhouettes or the ever-versatile skinny jean, shopping for one that fits a curvy shape can often be a frustrating experience. What generally happens is that you’ll find one pair that you can count on…and then the brand makes changes to the cut, the fabric, or discontinues the style you loved entirely. Then, it’s a never-ending search for a new pair that fits in the right places (without needing to be tailored). To save you the quest, I went out to put the top brands for curve-friendly jeans to the test.

Before diving into the fascinating world of denim, a vocabulary lesson is in order. Namely, what the word “curvy” can mean. Curvy can often be considered a negative connotation and a way to discriminate against fat talk. While I’m going to use the word “curvy”, it’s important to note these jeans are ideal for women who prefer a bit of stretch in their jeans. These jeans are meant to be more comfortable for those who do not fit the traditional standard and size of beauty, providing extra support and wiggle room where needed.

When testing out these jeans, I sent them to women ranging in size from six to 20 to appeal to many body types. Nearly 70% of our testers had to return their jeans and exchange them for another size or style. This illustrates just how difficult it can be for “curvy” women to shop (and how easy it is to default to yoga pants). Here’s how they experienced these jeans and why they would recommend them to others.

How to choose the best jeans for curvy women

As we learned in our testing process, finding the right pair of curvy jeans often requires exchanging sizes, testing fabric, fits, and cuts, and trial and error. Luckily, we have expert-guided shopping tips from Kimmie Smith, a celebrity fashion stylist and the co-founder of Athleisure Mag. Her advice:

Sit down in your jeans

Though you may walk around when you wear a pair of jeans, Smith says having a seat may be more critical. “Make sure you still have coverage without exposure,” she explains. “You want to make sure that your entire rear is covered regardless of the position that you're in. Comfort and fit are key.”

Stretch is your friend

Another important shopping detail is looking for ‘“stretch”’ in the product name or within the material. “You want to make sure that as you move, your jeans aren't fighting you,” she says. “And the jeans maintain their shape after washing.”

Consider tailoring

If you find the perfect fit but are a bit too big at the back or too long, Smith says it is worth having investment-worthy jeans tailored. “This makes the garment more expensive, but in the long run, when an item fits you, you don't have to worry about doing any hacks to ‘make it work,’ and you feel confident.”

Best straight leg jeans for curvy women: Good American SOFT-TECH GOOD CURVE STRAIGHT JEANS

Khloe Kardashian’s flagship denim brand was created to support women of all sizes—and it’s delivered, according to many rave reviews. They even have jeans that fit various sizes, but our tester tried the Soft-Tech Good Curve Straight Jeans. Right from the moment they arrived, she loved that the delivery bag touted "all bodies, all sizes, no compromises'' and that it's a B-corp.

At first touch, they felt softer than expected, and while this usually translates to cheaper-looking jeans, these look expensive straight out of the bag. However, the color is a bit lighter than they appear online. Our tester’s pain points when shopping for jeans are wide hips, a pretty cinched waist, thick thighs, and short legs/torso. How did they fit? She reported that she was so impressed by these jeans. They’re pretty true to size, but people might want to size up next time for a looser fit. The jeans have room in the hips and are snug through the thigh, but not impossible.

The material is also breathable and not rigid while giving off the appearance of the trendy super-rigid denim. These jeans are not quite high-waisted and would look good paired with a crop top. A bodysuit, cropped sweater, or any top that just hits the top of the waistband would also work, or an oversized button-down. Since the jeans present so nicely, you can be more flexible with the top styling.

Our tester wore these jeans while working from home all day and kept them on for therapy (where she likes to lounge) and then out to dinner. She was shocked at how comfortable these jeans were. Although she was ready to take their Soft-Tech jeans off after a large dinner, she enjoyed wearing them out. Best of all, she felt confident in these jeans because they are figure flattering. The jeans are a lighter color, which she didn't love, but they look so good on her behind, it will be hard to pass up the chance to wear them again (which she definitely plans on doing).

Some might not like that these jeans are straighter throughout the entire leg, versus going from the knee down. But they are great for women who identify as curvy, since they hug the curves, support the buttocks, and have no crazy cap in the waistband. These Soft-Tech jeans are worth the hype and investment.


  • Size range: 00 - 32 PLUS
  • Rise: Super high rise (measurement not available)
  • Material: 48% TENCEL™, 47% LENZING ECOVERO™, 4% polyester, 1% lycra
  • Inseam length: 28”
  • Colors available: Indigo537, Indigo539
  • Price on publish: $134.99


  • Comfortable
  • Flattering
  • Versatile for styling


  • Color lighter than expected
  • Only straight from the knee down, not throughout entire leg
  • Limited color options

The bottom line:

These Kardashian-created hyped jeans are worth it, with an all-day comfortable fit and style.

Best straight leg jeans for curvy women


Best high-waisted jeans for curvy women: Old Navy Curvy Extra High-Waisted Cut-Off Wide-Leg Jeans for Women

With an affordable price tag and many options, many women who identify as curvy rave about Old Navy jeans. They’re easy to wear and have various sizes and fits. These jeans match how they look online except for one thing: The faded distressed lines across the pelvic region are much more prominent in person versus the site.

Our tester reported that the fit was excellent: The extra high cut cinches the waist nicely and smooths out the line from your back to your bottom. And for a wide-leg style, the pants curve a little under the bum so you maintain the backend shape. She said these jeans were a snug size 18, but fit well enough. She carries her weight in her stomach, but has more athletic legs with a smaller butt, so it's hard to find pants that flatter all those places in harmony. These jeans fit her well. The extra wide leg was new for her, so it took a little getting used to. She also noted the jeans cut into her stomach a little bit when sitting, and the heavy denim makes it more for going-out than relaxing at home.

Her only real complaint is the amount of distressing, especially since those horizontal lines are so prominent across the front. Horizontal lines on a curvy woman are not flattering and instead can make a woman look wider. It would have been nice if the jeans had been kept classy and simple, relying on the wow factor of such a unique silhouette of the extra high waist, butt cupping, and extra wide flair—not a bunch of needless embellishment. Our tester recommends the fit but would change the color combination and design.


  • Size range: 00 - 30
  • Rise: High waist (measurement not available)
  • Material: 69% cotton, 24% Tencel® lyocell 24%, 6% recycled cotton, 1% lycra
  • Inseam length: Regular 31", Petite 29", Tall 35"
  • Colors available: Holly
  • Price on publish: $27.47


  • Great fit
  • Unique unfinished hem
  • Extra high waist


  • Horizontal lines on the front are not flattering
  • Too much distressing
  • Less comfortable when sitting

The bottom line:

These budget-friendly jeans feature a unique, flattering cut, but the distressing could be too much for some.

Best high-waisted jeans for curvy women
Old Navy Curvy Extra High-Waisted Cut-Off Wide-Leg Jeans for Women

Old Navy Curvy Extra High-Waisted Cut-Off Wide-Leg Jeans for Women

Best jeans for curvy, tall women: Lee Women’s Legendary Trouser Jean (Plus)

Lee’s one of the oldest and most beloved jean brands for good reason. The brand uses high-quality materials that provide all-day comfort. This pair boasts a mid-rise fit and extra material at the bottom for high-heeled boots. It’s also softer and stretchier than others in its line. An elderly millennial tester noted that lighter washes can still feel dated to her—even if it’s on trend—but these are a good light wash color that didn't feel like her dad's jeans from 1990.

This excellent mid-weight jean fits well in the waist, hips, and belly. They’re a little long and a lot of folks would likely need them hemmed. Sometimes, curvy or plus size jeans assume a more significant hip-to-waist ratio and curvier hips. However, our tester says she’s straighter through the hips and carries weight in her belly, so often, pants that fit in the waist have way too much room in the hips and don't fit right. These are good for folks shaped like her. They're trendy and cute while still appropriate for a person in their late 30s and are a style upgrade from the default leggings or straight-leg/skinny jeans.

These jeans are comfortable, flattering, and fit well. Many plus-size clothes need help finding the balance between enough stretch and not getting too stretched out. These don't dig into the waist and stay on the flat butt. Overall? They’re a big win for the curvy crowd.


  • Size range: 16W - 26W
  • Rise: High rise (measurement not available)
  • Material: 99% cotton, 1% spandex
  • Inseam length: 32”
  • Price on publish: $52
  • Colors available: Elevated Retro Blue, Blurred Black, Inner Strength Blue


  • Flattering fit
  • Great color
  • Ideal for apple body shape


  • Run long
  • Not suitable for shorter individuals
  • Large hem

The bottom line:

With a unique style and cut, these jeans are flattering on apple-shaped women, but the hem could be a little shorter since they run long.

Best jeans for curvy, tall women
Lee Women’s Legendary Trouser Jean (Plus)

Lee Women’s Legendary Trouser Jean (Plus)

Best bootcut jeans for curvy women: Silver Jeans Infinite Fit High Rise Boot Cut Jeans (Plus Size)

These jeans are meant to fit an “infinite” amount of sizes. That’s because Silver Jeans’ technology allows one size to fit a range of waists, creating an adaptive pair. To find the right size, you begin with your dress size and follow their instructions for ordering.

Our tester tried the Infinite Fit High Rise Boot Cut Jeans (Plus Size), and they look as she expected. They fit true to size, with some stretch, so there's wiggle room. With an apple-shape, a flat backside, a smaller hip-to-waist ratio, and a larger belly, our tester said so many curvy jeans don’t fit well. And sometimes they’re so stretchy they lose shape and aren’t attractive.

She found these jeans are a happy medium with some stretch, so they can comfortably fit various body types.

Our tester wore these jeans to work for two days to test them. She works in crisis care in the community, so she needs to look professional and also be able to move around easily. These were absolutely perfect for that. She was able to move and squat comfortably without the jeans getting bunched up or digging in. They also didn't get so stretched out they were falling off—a problem many stretchier jeans have. They're a good standard jean that don't read as super trendy, so they're perfect for work.

These will become a part of our tester’s standard work jeans rotation, and she recommends them to the curvy-identifying crowd. The Infinite Fit High Rise is a black, classic bootcut jean, and they fit well. Even if you’re a jeans and sneakers kind of girl, these could easily be paired with a blazer or a sweater and boots and be adorable.


  • Size range: 1X - 3X
  • Rise: High rise (12.75”)
  • Material: 85% cotton, 7% recycled polyester, 4% polyester, 2% elastane
  • Inseam length: 31”, 33”
  • Colors available: Black
  • Price on publish: $68


  • True to size
  • Classic cut
  • Have some stretch


  • Only three sizes
  • One color option
  • No petite or tall options

The bottom line:

These flattering, stretchy jeans are true to size with a classic cut, the right amount of stretch while offering comfort and style all day long.

Best bootcut jeans for curvy women
Silver Jeans Infinite Fit High Rise Boot Cut Jeans (Plus Size)

Silver Jeans Infinite Fit High Rise Boot Cut Jeans (Plus Size)

Best jeans for petite curvy women: Ann Taylor Curvy Mid Rise Skinny Jeans in Dark Stone Wash

woman clicking a picture

Ann Taylor is a go-to for stylish work casual and wardrobe staples, and their jeans were no exception on quality, style, and fit. Created with a high-rise design and sculpting pockets that smooth and flatter, these jeans boost confidence. I tested these and I was impressed with the classic look of these jeans straight out of the bag.

I’m petite in terms of height, so when shopping for jeans, I look for options that won’t have me stepping all over the bottom of my jeans or rolling them up several times. This pair hit the right spot on my ankles, providing the classic snug-fit, skinny jeans look. I have wider hips with a smaller waist and struggle to find jeans that fit in both areas. I often end up with a large gap above my bottom—or saggy jeans that simply won’t stay up.

I started with a size eight, and they fit just fine. I wore them all day at a fall festival with my husband and daughter, and by the time we got home, they were completely stretched out. This was a clear sign I needed to size down. The size six was a better match for my body and provided a flattering fit that gave me ease to move around, sit, and work.

I’m impressed with the quality of these jeans—they’re sleek enough to be paired with a blazer and heels or casual enough to look great with a t-shirt. My only complaint is they have limited options for plus-sizes and tall women, as well as only one wash available. The dark style was a hit for my closet, but others may want more options.


  • Size range: 00 - 18
  • Rise: Mid rise (sits 2.25” below natural waist)
  • Material: 91% cotton, 7% recycled polyester, 2% elastane
  • Inseam: 28"
  • Colors: Dark Stone Wash
  • Price on publish: $65.40


  • Mid rise
  • Sculpting pockets
  • Petite size options


  • Stretched out after one day of wear
  • No tall option
  • Limited plus size options

The bottom line:

A sophisticated, classy pair of jeans ideal for shorter women who want a professionally comfortable look.

Best jeans for petite curvy women
Ann Taylor Curvy Mid Rise Skinny Jeans in Dark Stone Wash

Ann Taylor Curvy Mid Rise Skinny Jeans in Dark Stone Wash

Best skinny jeans for postpartum women: Kut From the Kloth Diana High Rise Fab Ab Relaxed Fit Skinny

curvy women wearing jeans

Kut From the Kloth’s front pocket technique is flattering, slenderizing, and really comfortable. The brand has a large line of styles, ranging from classic to trendy, and we ended up testing The Diana. It’s relaxed with a deep wash. I tried these jeans and I’m newly postpartum and in between sizes. It’s tricky to figure out the best fit for your body but it’s even harder when you’re getting used to a whole new body after going through a pregnancy. These jeans were recommended to me and I was thrilled when I put them on because they fit perfectly.

These jeans offer structure without being overly tight or uncomfortable. They feature a lot of stretch and made me feel more comfortable with the extra skin hanging around my midsection. These jeans were the right fit for my body since I have a smaller waist and large bottom. The dark wash was also flattering, giving me extra confidence for date night or running errands with a newborn.

There’s extra fabric at the waist of these jeans that can feel a little bulky. However, it’s very soft and appealing for women who identify as curvy since it offers support where you need it. I do wish there were more inseam options, but I’m on the shorter side and they fit my style needs perfectly.


  • Size range: 00 - 18
  • Rise: High rise (9.75”)
  • Material: 91% cotton, 7% polyester, 2% elastane
  • Inseam length: 30”
  • Colors available: Happening Dark Stone Base Wash
  • Price on publish: $59.40


  • Comfortable
  • Great fit
  • Soft material


  • One inseam option
  • Short length
  • Not ideal for taller individuals

The bottom line:

These stylish, dark-wash jeans are structured with a good amount of stretch and are super comfortable for the postpartum period.

Best skinny jeans for postpartum women
Kut From the Kloth Diana High Rise Fab Ab Relaxed Fit Skinny

Kut From the Kloth Diana High Rise Fab Ab Relaxed Fit Skinny

Best curvy jeans for daily wear: Gap Mid Rise True Skinny Jeans with Washwell

women posing

While some consider jeans dressing up—others could live in them every single day. For those in the latter group, this best-selling pair of mid-rise true skinny jeans from Gap are comfortable enough to wear throughout the day and still look great from every angle.

Our tester wore these for a day of running errands with her toddler. This meant she was standing up, squatting, lying down, and running at times. No matter what she put these jeans through, they stayed put and stretched with her bodies, and overall, she found them reliable. They also looked cute—even if a tantrum in the middle of the grocery store wasn’t as cute.

One surprising aspect was the sizing: She already had an old pair of Gap jeans in this same skinny style from a year ago, so she ordered the same size for this trial. The new pair, even after wearing several days, washing and line drying, fit smaller than the other pair. Though not a dealbreaker, it was a bummer since they aren’t as comfortable as she had hoped. For transparency, she ordered a size eight, which is closer to a six in most other brands. Even so, she recommends these jeans to women who identify as curvy and who frequently like to sport jeans as part of their wardrobe rotation. Keep in mind they run a little short, and the dye does run and transfer until the jeans have been worn and washed a few times.


  • Size range: 24 - 35
  • Rise: Mid rise (10”)
  • Material: 81% cotton, 13% recycled cotton, 4% elasterell, 2% elastane
  • Inseam length: Short 26”, Regular 27.5”, Long 29.5”
  • Colors available: Medium Indigo, Rinsed, Light Destroy
  • Price on publish: $63


  • Good value
  • High stretch
  • Versatile for styling


  • Dye runs
  • Fabric is stiff at first
  • Run short

The bottom line:

This classic pair of skinny jeans are our pick for all-day wear, but may run a little smaller from previous purchases from the same brand.

Best curvy jeans for daily wea
Gap Mid Rise True Skinny Jeans with Washwell

Gap Mid Rise True Skinny Jeans with Washwell

Most current stylish jean: Carve Designs Carson Jean


Another brand with a big following, Carve offers an impressive selection of jeans. From tried-and-true cuffed to wide-leg and skinny, you can find something for everyone. Our tester gave the Carson Jean a trial run because of how trendy it is with the Gen Z crowd.

The jeans were well-packaged and looked nice, matching the image online for the washed black color. They were soft and cuffed nicely at the bottom, which helped show an alternate way to wear them. When our tester tried them on, she found they were a bit large, so she suggested that you size down if you want a more fitted style. This is particularly important for someone with a smaller waist.

Generally, our tester looks for jeans that accommodate wide hips and a small waist. These fit the hip and butt area fine but they were slightly too large in the waist. These would have been perfect for a looser-fitting jean if the waist was a tad bit smaller. Even so, they were comfortable for her, especially when trying to keep up with her kids. The jeans stretched out just a little over a day of wear, but not enough to impact the overall fit. These jeans are especially ideal for women who are more pear-shaped and aren't concerned about a smaller waist fit.

Because they're a looser fit overall, they didn't make our tester feel super confident in her body, but they are a more Gen Z-type modern fit for a pair of jeans. Wearing them with a tighter top tucked-in is the style that works well for this. And for a mom of two, she definitely felt cooler than usual. She says she will wear them for everyday work and errands—but probably not on a date night.


  • Size range: 0 - 14
  • Rise: Mid rise (9.5”)
  • Material: 99% organic cotton, 1% spandex
  • Inseam length: 31”
  • Colors available: Favorite Fade, Beach Blue, White, Dark Rinse; Seasonal: Blue Tide, Washed Black, Washed Gray
  • Price on publish: $99


  • Comfortable
  • Well-made and high-quality.
  • Soft fabric


  • Runs big at the waist
  • Less flattering for a date night

The bottom line:

The Carson Jean has a looser overall fit which is great for errands and everyday activities.

Most current stylish jean
Carve Designs Carson Jean

Carve Designs Carson Jean

How we selected the best jeans for curvy women

To select the best jeans for curvy women, I sent more than a dozen pairs to women ranging in size from 6 to 20. I asked them to spend the day in each pair of jeans, then answer a variety of questions about how they felt, how the jeans held up and stayed up, if they boosted their confidence or decreased it, and if they would recommend them to other women with their similar size and body shape. Then, I narrowed down the selections based on the following criteria:

  • Overall fit
  • Fabric and fit
  • Structure
  • Stretch and shape
  • Style, color, and design
  • Body type
  • Size inclusion
  • Budget

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do you know if you need curvy jeans?

Smith says it’s important to note that when you say curvy, this doesn’t automatically mean plus size. This looks at a 0.75 differential, so women who have a waist 27” and lower, but a hip of 36”, would be deemed curvy. “Curvy really focuses on the ratio between the waist and the hip on where you fit as that personal hourglass,” she adds. If you feel more comfortable in curvy jeans without meeting the exact criteria, buy them. If you’re curvy but more comfortable in jeans that aren’t geared toward curvy women, then buy those.

What type of jeans look good on curvy women?

Smith says these three types of jeans are most flattering for curvy women:

Bootcut: Look for jeans that provide the room you need, while also being a great cut to extend the leg. This cut is also versatile—it can be dressed down with a great pair of white sneakers or dressed up with a cashmere sweater. (We also recommend this cut for women’s dress pants.)

Size inclusion: Smith also recommends looking to a brand like Good American, which is known for the care they take to focus on all body types with a focus on cuts that highlight women while also giving them the style that they're looking for.

Stretch: Many brands have truly focused on this category, so when shopping at a bigger store, like Lee’s, Old Navy, Gap, or Ann Taylor, look for their stretch category. Smith says they have several options to meet the demand for representation of curvy bodies.

What jeans look best on girls with “thick thighs”?

Regarding larger thighs specifically, Smith says Good American is a winner in this category. “Ensuring that there is the balance of stretch, as well as rinses and washes that don't lose their hue as the [fabric] is wrapped around the thigh is key,” she says. “You won't have to worry about excessive hugging of the thigh that looks uncomfortable due to the construction of the pants.”

What sizes are considered curvy?

Curvy has more to do with the ratio between a person’s waist and hips, so it’s not about specific sizes. If you’re curious about curvy jeans, try them out.

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