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Best Bean Bag Chairs for Kids (and the Grown-Ups Who Love Them)

Family on bean bag chairs
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Updated January 24, 2024

When my kids were little, our bean bag chairs were coveted pieces of furniture. Great for sitting with a book, lounging with a stuffie, or throwing at your brother, these hard-working cushions served as couches and gaming chairs.

Fast forward, ours didn’t last longer than a few years, including 2020, when they got an exceptional amount of use, even by the grownups, and once even served as an office chair

But then their insides leaked, their shapes became more flat than pouf, and, like kids' bikes, everyone eventually needed to size up for comfortable seating. 

A good bean bag’s shelf life usually depends on material and usage over time, so if you are searching for a new one or simply curious, read on for the best bean bag chairs for kids. 

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What to consider when buying bean bag chairs for kids

Age of child

Most children love bean bag chairs, but not all are designed for toddlers. Bean bags can be dangerous and, tragically, have caused accidental deaths in past years. Nowadays, most bean bags have been updated to include safety features like double lining and double zippers. However, because bags are filled with small objects that could cause choking if ingested, your bag must be secured with a child-proof zipper or other form of closure. In addition, you want a bag with a material that is tightly stitched together so it doesn’t tear easily or preferably at all, even with rough and tumble play. If you purchase a large, heavier bag, make sure young children cannot open and get into it, which could pose a serious risk, as well, according to the U.S. Product Safety Commission

Now, for the fun: consider your child's age and how they will enjoy the bean bag! An older child may want a flexible bag that can be used for sitting upright for reading or gaming, and a younger child may want a cozy pouf to curl up on with their stuffed animals. Consider your child’s age and size when shopping for a bean bag. 


This brings us to the size of the bean bag! Make sure to measure your space when considering a bean bag purchase, especially a larger or extra-large bag. You want to make sure there is enough space for kids to lounge comfortably or tumble around on the bags without kicking a wall. Of course, a larger bag should be fine if you are creating a cozy reading nook, but when setting up a playroom, you might want to consider the size. In addition, look at the dimensions and weight of a bean bag when shopping for one. You will likely want something your child can easily move around (the portability of bean bags is a plus for younger kids) and sit comfortably on. 

Cover material

When shopping for a bean bag for kids, a washable cover is a must, and tear and water-resistant materials are also a good idea. Bean bags come in all kinds of covers, from cotton canvas to nylon, and fun materials like faux fur. Some brands only sell covers, so you can stuff them with whatever inner filling you prefer. 

Filling material 

Bean bags are no longer stuffed with dried beans, which were a popular filler when the bags were first created, but today, most common bean bags use styrofoam, polystyrene, or similar fillers. Unfortunately, these fillers can be toxic to pets if ingested and are not the most environmentally friendly options around. (Additionally, fillers can also present a choking and/or suffocating hazard, so be sure to make sure it is not possible for a child to access the filling.) Some fillers use recycled and biodegradable materials, like biofoam, which is non-hazardous, lightweight, and hygienic. You can stuff a bag with anything really, including recyclable clothes and shredded paper. Some bags are even made to be stuffed with clothes or soft toys and double as a storage bin! 

Our picks for the best bean bag chairs for kids

Best budget bean bag chair for kids: Mac & Milo’s Classic Refillable Bean Bag Chair

We love this chair because it has a childproof zipper for safety, and you can replenish the inner material to keep the bean bag chair alive through different ages and stages. The cotton twill doesn’t make a scratchy sound like polyester fabric, comes in 16 color choices, and has a removable cover for when you need to deep clean food or drink stains that will inevitably show up one day if you have kids. And it's available on Wayfair, which is ranked as one of our best online furniture stores. 


  • Filling type: Refillable polystyrene beads
  • Cover type: Cotton-twill upholstery 
  • Colors: 16 colors (depends on availability) 
  • Dimensions: 18 inches high x 30 inches wide x 30 inches in diameter (small)
  • Best for age: Early elementary, elementary (small size), tween or teen (large size)
  • Price on publish: $49.00


  • Color choices
  • Affordable
  • Childproof zipper
  • Removable, machine-washable cover


  • N/A

The bottom line: 

This bean bag is affordable and fun, with an easy-to-clean removable cover and child-safety zipper, making it appropriate for young children.

Best budget bean bag chair for kids
Mac & Milo’s Classic Refillable Bean Bag Chair

Mac & Milo’s Classic Refillable Bean Bag Chair

Best oversized bean bag chair for kids: Big Joe Fuf Medium Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair

Like a kid’s smartwatch, this oversized chair is suitable for elementary school kids and their caregivers (adults). Comfy and cool, Big Joe is a brand known for its stylish bean bags in a variety of covers—colors and patterns. Given the size, younger children may need supervision and most likely would prefer something smaller. Older kids will get a kick out of its size and durability. 


  • Filling type: Foam
  • Cover type: Canvas
  • Colors: Multi and patterns
  • Dimensions: 3 feet across
  • Best for age: Elementary and up 
  • Price on publish: $79.20


  • Great colors and patterns to pick from
  • Handles make it easy to move around
  • Affordable
  • Big enough for an adult


  • May not be suitable for really young children

The bottom line:

An inexpensive oversized bean bag has a removable, washable cover plus handles so you can easily move it around the home. 

Best oversized bean bag chair for kids
Big Joe Fuf Medium Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair

Big Joe Fuf Medium Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair

Best bean bag chair for teens & Best bean bag chair for gaming: Moon Pod

Referred to as the “anti-anxiety float chair” due to its responsive high-density bead filling, this bean bag is a must for teens who want a cool pouf that serves a purpose: To help create a restful seating area for older kids searching for some downtime, or double as a gaming chair. This bean bag is engineered to accommodate any body shape because kids come in all sizes, and your teen can sit, recline, or even nap (it lays flat) on it. This 12 pound bag is on the pricer side, coming in at over $200, but it’s elegant engineering with ergonomic support, plus shape-shifting ability (with the bonus of a sensory tool to potentially lower anxiety) makes it worth it. If your kid likes gaming, this bean bag is the ultimate lounger for sitting upright comfortably and having enough space to set down your Xbox controller when you need to take a snack break. 


  • Filling type: Responsive, high-density beads
  • Cover type: Proprietary blend of fabric (as per website) but looks like canvas
  • Colors: Five color options, including rose pink and indigo 
  • Dimensions: 50-56 inches long x 20-24 inches high x 20-24 inches wide 
  • Best for age: Older kids and adults
  • Price on publish: $299


  • May be good for anxious kids
  • Can move upright to flat
  • Ergonomic engineering 


  • Expensive
  • At 12 pounds it is on the heavier side of our picks

The bottom line:

A great choice for kids who need a calming place to relax, game, and even rest (can lay flat for bedding).

Best bean bag chair for teens & Best bean bag chair for gaming
Moon Pod

Best for bean bag chair for big families: Yogibo Max 

This bean bag chair isn’t specifically marketed towards small kids, but it makes a wonderful addition to a family room because up to four people, maybe even more if kids are small, can jump on it and enjoy its versatility. It can be a recliner, sectional couch, and bed for sleepovers and slumber parties. It is filled with near-frictionless beads and washable covers, so it conforms to your body for ultimate comfort. Highly rated, with nearly 900 positive reviews, this is a great choice for families–stylish, durable, and great for pregnant women, people with back issues, and sensory-seeking children. It is even used in therapeutic settings. It is 19 pounds and is not something I would personally feel comfortable putting in a toddler or very young child’s room, given its size and heft, but with family supervision, it could be a great addition to your home. 


  • Filling type: EPS beads
  • Cover type: Cotton/spandex blend (outer cover)
  • Colors: 17 color choices
  • Dimensions: 72 inches x 24 inches x 24 inches 
  • Best for age: Older kids and adults (could be used with adult supervision with younger children in a family or living room setting)
  • Price on publish: $299


  • Highly rated for comfort
  • Extra-large for families (fits four people, depending on size)
  • Wide selection of color choices


  • Heavy at 19 pounds
  • May not be appropriate for very young children to be unsupervised
  • Expensive

The bottom line:

Highly rated for comfort and style, this bean bag can act like a chair, couch, and even a bed. Great for teens and families with a washable cover and plenty of room to spread out solo as well. 

Best for bean bag chair for big families
Yogibo Max

Most durable bean bag chair for kids: Fatboy, The Original Bean Bag Chair

This upscale bean bag is actually good for kids or adults and is a sturdy, durable option in the realm of kids' bean bags. Ready for all the jumping, pulling, slamming, and tugging done by high-energy kiddos, this “super strong” nylon bag is water- and dirt-resistant, which is great if you have kids and pets. It is an expensive choice, coming in at nearly $250, but this choice can be used outdoors or indoors and lays flat for when you want to stretch out. Colors include black, but the brighter rainbow hues could make it an excellent addition to your kid’s playroom. 


  • Filling type: Polystyrene (PS)
  • Cover type: “Super strong nylon,” as per the company website
  • Colors: Over 10 colors (rainbow hues are especially fun)
  • Dimensions: 23.6 inches (diameter) x 23.6 inches (wide) x 16.5 inches high)
  • Best for age: Elementary kids, tweens, and adults (younger kids with supervision)
  • Price on publish: $323.56


  • Water and dirt-resistant
  • Can be used (but not left) outdoors
  • Large enough for two kids 


  • Expensive 
  • Uses polystyrene as filler
  • May be too large for small rooms

The bottom line: 

A large (can hold two kids to sit comfortably), water and dirt resistant bean bag that can be used outdoors as well as inside.

Most durable bean bag chair for kids
Fatboy, The Original Bean Bag Chair

Fatboy, The Original Bean Bag Chair

Best for outdoor bean bag chair for kids: Juniper Jr Outdoor Kids Bean Bag Chair

A perfect addition to your deck or porch if you have a toddler or preschooler at home, this outdoor bean bag chair is cute and is not only lightweight (only 5 pounds), but it also comes with a handle for portability by little hands. The cover is fade, UV, mold, and weather-resistant and can be used in multiple seasons. The design is specifically for young children, with double stitching and double zippers for safety. You can choose from colorful hues in rainbow shades or classic stripes. 


  • Filling type: Polystyrene beans
  • Cover type: Sunbrella 
  • Colors: Four solid colors and three striped patterns
  • Dimensions: 18.5 inches tall x 21 inches wide x 26 inches in diameter
  • Best for age: Toddlers and preschoolers
  • Price on publish: $97.99


  • Weather-resistant
  • Cute striped pattern
  • Only 5 pounds


  • May grow out of it quickly

The bottom line:

Lightweight and weather resistant, this toddler-sized bean bag is a smart and safe choice if you are in the market for a comfy outdoor chair for your little one.

Best for outdoor bean bag chair for kids
Juniper Jr Outdoor Kids Bean Bag Chair/ Childrens Garden Chair

Juniper Jr Outdoor Kids Bean Bag Chair/ Childrens Garden Chair

Best bean bag chair that doubles as toy storage: Creative QT Stuff ’n Sit

A bean bag chair that doesn’t need beans—just stuffed animals and out-of-season bedding— is a great choice for families with overflowing bins. Kids love to stuff their sacks (an extra-large sack can hold up to 140 average stuffed animals), and parents can enjoy less mess. The cute color combinations, patterns, extra large or large options, and an affordable price tag make this choice a no-brainer for a bean bag buy. Bonus: It’s machine washable, too. 


  • Filling type: Whatever you want to stuff it with! 
  • Cover type: Upholstery grade 100% cotton
  • Colors: 12 options ( a mix of patterns and colors)
  • Dimensions: Varies 
  • Best for age: All ages (except very young children)
  • Price on publish: $36.99


  • Easy to stuff with off-season clothes, stuffed animals, and bedding
  • Affordable


  • No optional stuffing is provided

The bottom line: 

It is a cute and cheap way to store linens, out-of-season clothes, and stuffed animals while offering your kids a fun bean bag to sit on and play with.

Best bean bag chair that doubles as toy storage
Creative QT Stuff ’n Sit

Creative QT Stuff ’n Sit

Runner-up best bean bag chair for young kids: Cuddo Buddies Character Chair, Koala Plush

If your kiddo loves koalas but you don’t live near a Target or you need an animal bean bag asap, this is a great alternative choice. This sweet stuffie comes in a few different species: koala, sloth, dinosaur, elephant, and lion. A handle on top makes it easy for toddlers to move it around and it has side pockets for books, a small blanket, or little treasures. 

  • Filling type: N/A
  • Cover type: Polyester
  • Colors: Animal designs
  • Dimensions: 16 inches deep x 16 inches at base (20 inch at arm rests) x 19 inches tall with 11-inch seat depth
  • Best for age: 1-3 years (according to website)
  • Price on publish: $49.99


  • Has side pockets
  • No opening for the enclosure
  • Handle on top
  • Two-day delivery


  • Could stain; spot cleaning may not be enough for major spills
  • Only for children up to 50pounds

The bottom line:

If you have a one to three-year-old, this cute bean bag chair is just the thing for creating a cuddly corner for reading and snuggles. The contoured seat allows for a safe seating arrangement for little ones. 

Runner-up best bean bag chair for young kids
Cuddo Buddies Character Chair, Koala Plush

Cuddo Buddies Character Chair, Koala Plush

Best bean bag chair for young kids: Pillowfort Koala Kids’ Bean Bag Chair

When my kids were younger (oh, about five years ago), we bought a few of these chairs for our playroom from Target, although ours were not in the uber-cute animal designs. Fast forward through the years (including 2020, when they got a ton of use), they still hold up. In fact, we donated them to a friend. Sold in a few places, including Target, the Pillowfort brand for kids is a great option, and these darling chairs (with a non-removable cover) are perfect if you don’t mind spot-cleaning all the spills. 


  • Filling type: 97% Polystyrene Beads, 1% Polyester Fiber, 2% Polyurethane Foam
  • Cover type: 75% Polyester, 25% Polypropylene
  • Colors: Animal designs, including dinosaur, shark, ladybug and koala
  • Dimensions: 21 inches high x 29 inches wide x 29 inches in diameter
  • Best for age: 3 years to 9 years
  • Price on publish: $70.00


  • Extremely cute
  • Lightweight (7.5 pounds)
  • No opening for the enclosure


  • Could stain; spot cleaning may not be enough for major spills
  • Uses polystyrene 

The bottom line:

These bean bag chairs for littles come in four freakishly adorable animal designs (even the shark looks cuddly) with no-zip for safety and a cozy yet firmish seat for the younger set. 

How we chose the best bean bag chairs for kids

Bean bags for kids are plentiful, but we took a deep dive into soft furniture to find the best of the best. We researched different types of bean bags, from chairs to chaises, and asked friends' and colleagues' kids about their personal faves. Safety, durability, price, design, and comfort for kids (and customer reviews) were all considered to create this list. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Are bean bag chairs safe for children?

Most bean bag chairs are safe for children. There are no sharp edges, they sit low on the ground, they are soft, and some are ergonomically designed for physical comfort. Specialized bean bags can even be therapeutic and are used by pediatric occupational therapists and physical therapists in many settings. There have been instances where a bean bag accident has caused the death of a child, and many parents may not feel comfortable allowing very young children (under age 2) to play unsupervised with them. Not all bean bags are sized appropriately so the key is making sure your child is physically able to get up and down from one and that the bag has safety features like double zippers and liners. We also can’t reiterate it enough: Make sure that the bean bag you choose has safety features to prevent children from crawling inside (an entrapment and suffocation hazard) and accessing the filler (a choking and suffocation hazard). 

Is sitting on a bean bag good for your back?

Yes. It is perfectly healthy for a child to sit on a bean bag. Some bags are created to be used therapeutically for positive spine alignment. Some people with lower back issues may find sitting on the right bean bag helps relieve pressure on their back and joints. 

Where is the best place to put a bean bag?

Anywhere! Bean bags are usually pretty portable. Kids' playrooms and bedrooms are both good locations for a bean bag chair. If you want to use it indoors and outside, find a cover that is weatherproof and can stand up to sunlight. 

How long do bean bag chairs last?

Most bean bag chairs last for up to four years, but high-end materials may last much longer. How often you use bean bags, how you use them, the weight put on them, and other daily wear-and-tear may impact your bean bag’s life.

The information presented here is created independently from the TIME editorial staff. To learn more, see our About page.