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SKIMS Bodysuit Review: Testing Out the Ultimate Shapewear

SKIMS Bodysuit Review

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updated: June 5, 2024

Shapewear seems to be everywhere, from biking shorts to bodysuits. While layers sound good in the wintertime, you can also add shapewear to your summer wardrobe. In fact, during hot and hazy days, I feel more comfortable with a lightweight pair of undershorts underneath my dresses or a soft bodysuit. I’ve been looking for a bodysuit that works for day or nighttime wear, is comfortable, and provides some compression to smooth out my clothing.

Some of my friends and colleagues recommended SKIMS as a size-inclusive brand that sells high-quality shapewear. I was excited to try out the “internet’s favorite sculpting bodysuit” by SKIMS, a company co-founded by celebrity Kim Kardashian that has gone viral on TikTok. Did it live up to its reputation? Read on.

Unboxing and first impressions

The Seamless Sculpt Brief Bodysuit arrived in a small box inside a larger mailing box from Nordstrom featuring a half-shot photo (just the bodies) of the products worn by its models. On the back, there was a size guide and information about the product. I appreciated that the bodysuit was inside the box in a biodegradable wrapper.

When I unpacked it, I was holding what looked like a tiny nude-colored leotard that looked like it was designed for a very small child, and I couldn’t fathom how it would fit. I actually double-checked the size (medium) on the box. It was very soft, with high-cut legs and thin adjustable straps. It wasn’t until I went to try it on that I realized it would stretch to fit, but it was very snug. I had followed the sizing with measurements and erred on the larger side. But I think I would have been happier if I opted for the next size up.

As I wore it during the day, it stretched and moved underneath my dress. So, did it fit? Yes. Was it the most comfortable fit for my body? No. It would have been better and more comfortable in a slightly larger size, but it doesn’t come in half sizes, which would have been perfect. However, it did its job; it was breathable and provided excellent support. Other reviewers say it runs snugly, so I recommend trying two sizes before committing to one. Unlike some bodysuits that look more like a tank top, I would only wear this as a layering piece underneath my clothes. I found the top part, and the straps to be surprisingly supportive. I did wish the bodysuit’s mid back came up higher, but that’s just personal preference.

My experience wearing the SKIMS Seamless Sculpt Brief Bodysuit

I wore the SKIMS bodysuit for a day underneath a floaty dress (see photo) and felt fancy even though I was doing things like walking the dog, picking up groceries (I walked to my local store and back), doing some work at my desk, and then picking up and driving kids around to soccer and other appointments. I don’t tend to wear shapewear for everyday life, so this was a new experience—having a piece of shapewear on all day. When I do wear shapewear in my daily life and outings, it is usually super soft and silky boy shorts with some compression for the belly and a fitted tank or seamless bra, which are more comfortable than this bodysuit, which worked harder to shape and sculpt.





However, wearing it, I did feel more “put and pulled together” on my errands. The suit intrinsically made me stand up a bit straighter, probably because it pulled in my belly. It started off a little tight, but by midday felt pretty good, and by the time I removed it at 6 pm (bye-bye shapewear, hello comfortable sweats and a tee), I was very, very happy to have it off. Some reviewers say they could wear it all day due to the comfort, but I didn’t find that was the case, and I think in the future, I’ll pull it out only for special (and not all-day) occasions when I need some firm sculpting underneath my dress or slacks.

The straps stayed up, which was great because my bra straps sometimes slip down, but I didn’t feel like I had enough support for running—strolling was fine. The snaps at the bottom kept me from having to undo the whole thing when nature called, which I appreciated. All in all, it wasn’t the worst experience to have it on all day, but I probably won’t do it again.

SKIMS bodysuit pros and cons


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Size inclusive (I love the range of sizes from XXS to 5X)
  • Soft
  • Super stretchy (in fact, I didn’t believe it would fit me when I pulled it out of the box)


  • May be too expensive for some budgets
  • While SKIMS promotes body positivity and offers a wide range of sizing, I felt it was supportive yet slightly snug
SKIMS Brief Bodysuit | Black | Medium | Seamless Sculpt

SKIMS Brief Bodysuit | Black | Medium | Seamless Sculpt

SKIMS bodysuit price

The SKIMS bodysuit is $70, but given the care that goes into its construction and durability (so far, it has held up to multiple wears), it feels reasonable when you look at the cost per occasion worn.

How does the SKIMS bodysuit work?

According to its maker, the SKIMS Seamless Sculpt Brief Bodysuit is designed to “provide support without adding bulk or sacrificing comfort.” It has a seamless construction, so you can wear it underneath your clothes without showing lines, and it’s designed, according to its maker, “to smooth and enhance your natural shape.”

It looks small out of the box but stretches to fit, making it a good layering staple. I tried mine under jeans, a cashmere sweater, and a dress. I think it would do a good job under a skirt or under sheer clothing. The bodysuit has snaps at the bottom and adjustable straps, and neither one caused any discomfort. Sometimes straps and snaps have the unfortunate habit of digging into your body, but these (even with a snug fit) did not.

SKIMS bodysuit design and performance

Ease of use

When I took it out of the box, I was immediately concerned by the size. I won’t lie; I had to stretch it out to get it on, but once on, it was easy to wear. And at the end of the day, it was easy to remove.

How it fits

It fits snugly, so if you are in between sizes, I recommend ordering two sizes to compare or going for a slightly larger size for a more comfortable fit. It didn’t fully flatten my stomach area, but the fabric and compression definitely held me in place.

Quality of fabric

The fabric is soft and stretchy and feels good against your skin. My favorite bodysuit brand feels softer than this one, but after several wears, the fabric kept its shape, so I give it high marks on the quality of the fabric.


I would only hand wash and air-dry this bodysuit, even though it says you can toss it in a washing machine and then air dry. However, I would opt against using a machine because of the potential for straps to snag or potential shrinkage. And if you spill something on it, remove and spot-clean it.

SKIMS bodysuit: Is it worth the hype?

I have friends and colleagues who raved about their SKIMS bodysuit, and while I liked it just fine, I didn’t love it as much as I hoped I would. It is an excellent piece of supportwear with high-quality construction. It wasn’t as soft as some of the others I tried, and I felt a bit squeezed in it on the first go-round of wearing it. At $70, I’m not sure I would purchase another one.

However, my colleague Tori, who loves her SKIMS bodysuit, cited comfort as one of the bodysuit’s benefits, and she said the support worked well for her. “I wore it with a dress for my 20th high school reunion and it was comfortable all night long,” she shared. “I loved the fact that I was able to get enough slimming effect from it that I was able to zip a dress that, without the bodysuit, the zipper wouldn't budge a third of the way up,” she shared. “I also LOVED that I didn't need to wear a bra to get the lift and support I needed with a larger chest (particularly as a breastfeeding mom)!”

So, is it worth the hype? For some, it is a definite “yes” for support and comfort.

SKIMS Seamless Sculpt Brief Bodysuit


My first bodysuit (post-having children) was a buttery-soft tank from Commando, and while it doesn’t offer as much compression, it is much more comfortable than this one. Spanx also makes a bodysuit (Invisible Shaping Tank Panty Bodysuit) that works similarly to SKIMS.

Final verdict

Like all its products, the SKIMS Seamless Sculpt Brief Bodysuit comes in a wide range of sizes, which I love. However, I found it a little difficult to shimmy into, and it had too much compression for me personally. It is well-made, and I’ve heard nothing but excellent things from people I know who love its seamless, shape-defining, and smoothing capabilities. I liked it well enough, but it won’t be something I’ll use for everyday layering.

SKIMS Brief Bodysuit | Black | Medium | Seamless Sculpt

SKIMS Brief Bodysuit | Black | Medium | Seamless Sculpt

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