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Tenways CGO600 Pro Review: A Dependable City Cruiser

Tenways CGO600 Pro

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updated: July 10, 2024
edited by Jessica Kelly

While I’m absolutely a fan of electric bikes, or e-bikes, one of the biggest concerns I hear from the people in my circle is “That’s really cool and I’d want one, but it’s so heavy and bulky.” I completely understand the plight of loving an impressive e-bike, but dreading having to lift the frame onto a vehicle’s bike rack, and that’s why I was intrigued when Tenways asked if I wanted to test out their 37-pound CGO600 Pro.

Weighing in at little over half the weight of the last e-bike I tested (the Velotric Discover 2, which I enjoyed a lot), the CGO600 Pro’s lightweight and minimalist aesthetics grabbed my attention. At its core, it is a no-nonsense commuter bike that strips away superfluous and expensive extras for a more streamlined, reliable, and fairly-priced biking experience in cityscapes and urban areas.

After taking this lightweight bike all over the county, zooming over its motor-assisted top speed, and familiarizing myself with its rock-solid design aesthetics, it’s easy to recommend the Tenways CGO600 Pro for commuting around town, leisurely cruising, and travel along any paved path with minimal effort.

Tenways CGO600 Pro first impressions

The benefits of a lighter e-bike were apparent as soon as the box arrived, as it was much easier to move around a 37-pound bike as opposed to the 50 to 60+ pound models I’m used to. Setup was straightforward enough because I’m well versed in assembling e-bikes, and while some parts of its instruction manual could have been a little clearer for new riders, its lighter frame made putting the CGO600 Pro noticeably easier than usual too.

For those asking themselves “What is an electric bike?,” these special models are different from traditional bicycles due to their battery powered motors. Whether you choose a pedal-assisted model like the CGO600 Pro or a throttle-based option, e-bikes help riders cover large distances with considerably less effort than a regular bike, soaring up inclines and making it easier to haul cargo.

I went with the attractive matte sky blue option for my test model. The CGO600 Pro is a slick and stylish e-bike right out of the box. Even when turned off it has more of a normal bike feel due to its lighter aluminum frame, and it’s convenient to be able to easily pick it up when needed. Unfortunately, while I was ready to roll, the battery included with my new e-bike was defective on arrival.

The good news is that this gave me the opportunity to test Tenways’ customer service, and they jumped to make it right. I received a brand-new battery within the week. I’m happy to say that they take their 2-year limited warranty on electronic components seriously, and anyone who treats their bikes well should feel comfortable knowing that if their battery dies before its time that Tenways will make it right.

Tenways CGO600 Pro: Pros and cons


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent value
  • Smooth and powerful pedal support
  • Long battery life
  • Essentially a maintenance-free e-bike
  • Water resistant
  • Excellent customer service


  • Its minimalist display isn’t for everyone
  • No throttle option, but it’s such an easy ride, you won’t miss it

Tenways CGO600 Pro price

Whether you’re interested in the medium (for riders between 5’ 5” tall and 5’ 9” tall), large (5’ 9” tall to 6’ 4” tall) or extra-large edition (anyone over 6’ 4” tall), this e-bike is normally priced at $1,899.99, but it’s often on sale for $1,599.99.

Prospective buyers should be aware of a few deals before getting their own Tenways e-bike:

Tenways will include a kickstand and mudguards worth $150 with your order if you sign up for their email newsletter.

American medical providers, first responders, teachers, and members of the military will receive a $150 discount if you verify your career before making a purchase.

Tenways will provide an immediate $300 discount if you buy two CGO600 Pro e-bikes in the same order.

Tenways CGO600 Pro

Tenways CGO600 Pro

Tenways CGO600 specifications

  • Frame: 6061 Aluminium Frame
  • Colors: Sky blue, avocado green, pebble gray, midnight black
  • Motor: Mivice M080 350W rear hub motor
  • Battery: 36V, 10Ah Lithium-ion battery with LG cells
  • Top speed: 20mph with motorized assistance, but you can pedal to even faster speeds
  • Max range: 53 miles
  • Brakes: Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
  • Tires: CST Puncture-proof 700 x 45C-size tires
  • Weight: 37 pounds
  • Tech: Smooth torque sensor, convenient companion app, slim OLED display
  • Certification: IP65 water-resistant electronics and IPX4 frame/other components
  • Price: $1,899.99

Tenways CGO600 key features

Lightweight design

At just 37 pounds, this model is notably lighter than the average e-bike. The lightweight design absolutely makes a difference, especially when lifting it off the ground to put on a vehicle’s bike rack or storing it on a hook at home, and it’s that much easier to handle when you’re not actively riding the CGO600 Pro.

Lightweight design
Arnold Carreiro

High-capacity battery

With a maximum range of 53 miles per charge and a top speed of 20 mph, it’s a must-have feature for longer commutes. Regular riders will absolutely appreciate the higher top speed coupled with its minimal-effort pedal assist.

Hub motor

Many people wouldn’t recognize the rear wheel-mounted motor due to its small size and that the CGO600 Pro is a consistently silent ride. Its miniature size further reduces its overall weight.

Magnetic torque sensor

Speaking of which, its little motor packs plenty of power and seamlessly pairs with its adjustable torque sensor to deliver plenty of power per pedal. It’s genuinely impressive how smoothly the CGO6 Pro matches and adds power to your pedaling, so you can get a mild boost when exercising, or effortlessly cruise along when you want an easy-breezy ride.

LED front light

It sports dual white LED headlights that help to illuminate your path after sundown and they’re easily activated via its miniature OLED display.

LED front light
Arnold Carreiro

Pedal support

Out of all the CGO600 Pro’s features, its ultra-smooth torque sensor is hands-down the best of the bunch. Just below the OLED display are a pair of arrow buttons that control the level of motor-assisted pedal support ranging from one to three. I’ll admit that it isn’t particularly fun to ride without pedal support, but even on its minimal pedal support setting, it’s a real cruiser.

If you’re taking a leisurely ride around the neighborhood, a mild one or two setting is all you need, as its motor adds more power to each pedal than you may expect. The maximum three setting is awesome for straightaways and times when you need to make distance quickly, because you’ll feel like a speedster despite your minimal pedaling. I was especially pleased at how smooth the pedal assist is when it kicks in. Lesser bikes may shudder or jolt for a moment, but Tenways did an excellent job of ensuring a smooth ride at all levels of pedal assist. The pedal assist easily tackles low-to-medium sized inclines, but I’d prefer an e-bike with a throttle if you live in a hilly area.

Its premium pedal assist makes the CGO600 Pro a top pick for e-bikers who need to regularly cover large distances without feeling winded, as well as anyone with sore knees or hips who wants the fun and exercise of biking without adding unnecessary strain on their body.

Belt drive

I give the CGO600 Pro high marks for incorporating a rugged gates carbon belt drive instead of a traditional bike chain. This clean and grease-free chainless design requires no maintenance, and Tenways claims that riders will get over 18,600 miles of use before it needs servicing. After many long rides on this lightweight cruiser, I completely believe them.

OLED screen

The CGO600 Pro features an extra-small OLED display and control panel on its left hand side. Some may prefer a bigger color display, however this little monochrome screen is brightly lit, easy to read at a glance, and its design surely helps to bring down the price of this relatively affordable e-bike. The bold white OLED showcases speed and the level of pedal assist you’ve selected. It also offers the ability to input a four-digit security code to prevent pedal assist mode from being used, but since you can still ride it like a regular bike, I didn’t see much value in that feature.

Hydraulic disc brakes and stopping

Anyone who needs an e-bike for buzzing around high-traffic areas needs a model with reliable brakes capable of stopping on a dime, and the CGO600 Pro’s high-end Tektro hydraulic disc brakes should put your mind at ease when riding in and around motor vehicles and pedestrians. Its brakes are responsive and reliable, and provide plenty of stopping power even when riding in wet weather and while coming to a sudden stop at high speeds.

Arnold Carreiro


Although this e-bike offers a comfortable commute due to its smooth pedal assist and premium tires, its simple seat isn’t bad — just simply alright. If you’re planning on taking the CGO600 Pro out for anywhere near its maximum range of 53 miles per charge on a regular basis, a wider and softer seat would be an excellent investment.


Its slim puncture-proof 40 mm road tires excel at gliding over paved roads like butter, and are perfectly suited for zipping around cityscapes and suburban locales. The CGO600 Pro’s tires have excellent traction in wet weather, and although it’s far from an offroad e-bike, it’ll handle brief stretches of grass and dirt in a pinch.


The CGO600 Pro’s kickstand features a wide rubber foot and is a snap to kick up and down as needed, however it’s not included with the core model. Tenways will bundle a kickstand with your order only if you sign up for their email newsletter. It’s a strange choice, but I highly suggest that buyers sign up so they don’t miss out on this essential bike part.

Arnold Carreiro

Locking battery

This model includes a lockable battery with a sleek design that perfectly merges with its frame, and features a pair of anti-theft battery keys. Although the battery itself is hefty, it’s extremely easy to get on and off the bike and onto the charger as needed.

Locking battery
Arnold Carreiro

Tenways CGO600 Pro: Is it for you?

If you’re in the market for an e-bike to easily cover a lengthy daily journey, need a lightweight model to place on your car’s bike rack or a bus partway through your commute, or need an e-bike that gives you plenty of power per pedal, the CGO600 Pro is one of the best electric bikes in its class. Although its minimalist design isn’t for everyone, Tenways clearly focused on making a reliable low-maintenance e-bike for people who mainly ride along paved roadways.

The CGO600 Pro may be great for navigating cityscapes, but it does have a few caveats. For example, this e-bike was clearly not designed for going offroad much more than clearing a patch of grass between the street and the sidewalk. There isn’t an option that includes a throttle, but considering how much acceleration you get from minimal pedal movements on the CGO600 Pro’s higher settings, you really won’t miss it. There aren’t many notable extras built into this e-bike either, but it’s important to note that from its premium pedal assist, to its long battery life, it does extremely well with the limited features it has.

Tenways CGO600 Pro ride and comfort

Between the buttery smooth and powerful pedal assist, grippy tires, and high-end brakes, the CGO600 Pro is well-suited for cruising for as long as the pavement will take you. If you plan on taking advantage of its impressive maximum range of 53 miles per charge, I highly suggest investing in a cushioned seat, as the one it comes with is adequate, but not impressive.

It’s hard to emphasize how great its pedal assist feels when you are in a position to cut loose and soar down an empty roadway. Just a few pedals will get you far more speed and distance than you may anticipate.

Tenways CGO600 Pro

Tenways CGO600 Pro

Tenways CGO600 Pro performance

Ease of use/user friendliness

The display may seem tiny when compared to other e-bikes, however its core mid-ride stats are easy to note at a glance via the bright white OLED screen. I’m not a fan of its ribbed rubberized handlebars, but your mileage may vary and cushioned or smooth handlebar covers are cheap. By the end of your first ride, you’ll have mastered bumping the pedal-assistance controls up or down to get that perfect feel as you go, and between the minimal pedaling for maximum speed and excellent brake power, it’s just an all-around fun e-bike for traversing urban areas.


Another big positive for this e-bike is that it’s essentially maintenance-free. The CGO600 Pro’s Gates Carbon Drive is oil- and greaseless, runs silently, and simply works. It’s also awesome to be able to ride in rainy weather or hose off my e-bike without worrying about rust due to its water-resistant frame and electrical components.

If you’re looking for an e-bike that’s as simple as keeping its battery charged before you ride, you’ll love the CGO600 Pro.

Tenways CGO600 Pro design and build quality

Tenways proved that lightweight doesn’t mean weak with this e-bike’s sturdy aluminum frame and durable components. Everything from its rubberized kickstand to the little OLED display feels high-quality and made to last, and while I would not encourage you to be rough on any e-bike, the CGO600 Pro is surprisingly rugged. If you take care of yours, this model should go a very long time without needing any major maintenance.


Tenways CGO800S

Although this may seem similar to the CGO600 Pro at a glance, this alternate commuter bike includes a few more features at the expense of a slightly weightier design (47 pounds versus 37), such as a rear storage rack and larger color LCD display.

Velotric Discover 2 E-Bike

If you’re looking for a commuter bike with a zippy throttle, a powerful motor, a large full-color display, and an even larger maximum range of 75 miles, Velotric’s Discover 2 is a luxurious ride well-worth the additional cost.

Tenways CGO600 Pro final verdict

I’ve taken my CGO600 Pro for long rides all over the city, and this lightweight wonder is a value-packed purchase at $1,899 for its smooth, yet powerful pedal assist, long range, and durable design. It’s an especially attractive offer for anyone who needs a low-to-no maintenance e-bike, appreciates the ability to lift its 37-pound frame at a moment’s notice, and anyone happy to save money on one of the most reliable and best electric commuter bikes for cruising to and from work, running errands, or simply enjoying being outdoors. If you’d like to learn more about e-bikes and how to select the best option for you, read our guide on how to choose an electric bike.

Tenways CGO600 Pro

Tenways CGO600 Pro

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