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When’s the Best Time To Buy a Mattress? Sooner Than You Think

Best Time To Buy a Mattress

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Updated October 31, 2023

We all understand the value of a great night’s sleep. But while everyone deserves the most supportive and comfortable mattress for their unique sleeping needs, one glance at a premium mattress’ price tag can be enough to push even the most sleep-deprived shopper towards the bargain models. Before you give in to insomnia, chronic neck pain, or other sleep-related issues, though, you should know that a five-star sleeping experience is quite a bit more affordable than you might expect it to be.

There are many techniques to drive down the price of a mattress, ranging from buying on the right days of the year to negotiating with the salesperson for an even better deal. With a bit of research, timing, and a plan, you could pick up the mattress of your dreams at a fraction of the everyday retail cost. You really shouldn’t have to endure another miserable, exhausted morning because of your ancient mattress, especially when you can discover some serious bedding sales, even between major shopping days.

A quality queen-sized mattress retails for between $800 and $900 on the average day, but if you were to buy the same mattress on Independence Day weekend, you’ll save anywhere from 10% to 60% off the original price. And that’s not even considering the other helpful consumer-friendly tactics in this guide that may drive down the price of the mattress you’ve had your eye on.

Everyone deserves to wake up on a comfortable mattress, so take a few minutes to mark up your calendar for the biggest discount days of the year, compare sale prices between competing shops, and learn how to hunt down lesser-known markdowns. Snoozing on that incredible mattress you never thought you could buy will be worth the effort.

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Twin Plush Soft Mattress Handcrafted with Organic Cotton for Your Bed

Twin Plush Soft Mattress Handcrafted with Organic Cotton for Your Bed

Queen Size Helix Moonlight

Queen Size Helix Moonlight

What is the best time to buy a mattress?

While it’s kind of a bummer when you finally realize that it’s your old, uncomfortable mattress keeping you tossing and turning all night, the good news is that there are many times throughout the year where both online and physical mattress retailers will offer noteworthy discounts. Anyone on the hunt for the best possible deals on a new mattress should mark their calendars for the following sale events:

Late fall and winter

Best times to buy a mattress: End-of-year sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents' Day.

Why it’s a big deal: It’s no surprise that the biggest shopping day of the year is an excellent time to go mattress shopping, with Black Friday being a great option for in-store shopping and Cyber Monday for online buyers. But major retailers are ready to make room for next year’s incoming new models from Christmas through New Year’s Day, so stay tuned for a variety of mattress sales throughout the end of the year, too. Both Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Presidents' Day are the first three-day weekends of the year, and mattress sellers do their best to offload any remaining older mattresses to make room for the fresh batch of models arriving in the spring.

Early spring

Best times to buy a mattress: The entirety of March, April, and early May, as retailers clear out old models.

Why it’s a big deal: Major mattress brands tend to unveil their latest models in May. This makes early spring the perfect time to select from the buffet of mattress sales at stores unloading last year’s mattresses before more inventory arrives. Most mattress sellers will have plenty of deals to choose from, so take your time to find the best deal for satisfying your sleep needs.

Other mattress-shopping holidays

Best times to buy a mattress: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Prime Day.

Why it’s a big deal: There are a handful of other holidays throughout the remainder of the year that mattress sellers are known for using to showcase attractive deals, so don’t feel bad if you missed out on the selection of late winter and early spring sales. 

Memorial Day weekend is a strong contender for the best time of the year for buying a mattress, as this late-spring holiday is the last major opportunity for retailers to unload older mattresses onto customers, and most are happy to apply deep discounts to clear out the showroom. Independence Day and Labor Day are both three-day weekends that mattress sellers look forward to as a mid-year chance to move more mattresses before the upcoming winter holidays. Amazon’s own Prime Day is a key time to stock up on home goods for fairly cheap with free shipping, and mattresses are no exception.


Best times to buy a mattress: When your mattress is worn out.

Why it’s a big deal: You may not realize it because you’ve slept on your trusty mattress for so long, but unless you’ve invested in a top-tier premium model with high-end durability, it’s a good practice to replace your mattress every seven to ten years.

Some of the many symptoms of a mattress that has long overstayed its welcome include waking up tired, uncomfortable, and sore on a lumpy, uneven, and saggy bed. Not only will a degraded mattress negatively impact your sleep, an old bed is a magnet for dust mites and mold, making bedtime even worse for those suffering from allergies. Yes, mattresses can be pricey, but if you scour the internet for deals, clearance sales, and special offers online, you’re likely to discover a great mattress at an affordable price, no matter what time of the year you may need one.

When should I replace a mattress?

If you’ve slept on the same mattress night after night for years on end, there’s a chance that you’re unaware of some of the glaring symptoms that you need a new one. Anyone who’s had their mattress for seven years or longer should know that its durability has likely deteriorated to an unhealthy level from the soft, yet firm pristine model you purchased long ago. An older mattress sags, develops uncomfortable body impressions, and collects dust mites over time, and all of these factors will combine to give you sleep-related problems that will continue to worsen.

As a mattress loses its stability, you may start feeling tired when you wake up, or lingering soreness in your back, hips, and neck, because the mattress has gradually sunk into itself for so long. It’s important to keep in mind that even premium beds deteriorate after so many nights of use—memory foam softens and sinks, while innerspring models begin to sag as their internal materials lose durability after just a few years.

Manufacturer closeouts and inventory clearance events

You don’t necessarily have to wait for regular discounts and holiday events to find impressive savings on mattresses, because there are more surprise sales out there than you may expect. As mentioned above, mattress manufacturers desperately want to get rid of older models to make room on the show floor for this year’s latest and greatest offerings. Since the newest mattresses tend to become available in mid to late spring, it’s the perfect time to snap up an older variant at a closeout, overstock sale, or clearance event.

Look out, too, for stores that are closing down. When stores go out of business, they are forced to liquidate their inventory, and while it’s unfortunate for them, alert shoppers can discover rock-bottom deals on quality mattresses that literally have to go.

Slow seasons for mattress sales

Since mattresses tend to have their prices slashed during holidays across the year, it would seem as though there’s a great opportunity to grab a discounted mattress every few weeks. There are a few months out of the year that aren’t known for special discounts, though, such as June, August, and October, so if you’re in one of these “in-between” months, hold tight: A discount is just around the corner.

How to find the best mattress deals

In addition to holding out for the holidays and shopping around, there are a few lesser-known techniques to keep in mind while shopping around.

Anyone buying a new mattress may also need new sheets, pillows, and comforters, and some premium mattress manufacturers can offer a bedding bundle with a purchase that’s far more cost effective for you than buying each item individually.

Regarding discounts, sure, an offer for “50% off” a mattress sounds much better than “15% off,” but just like discounts for TVs and laptops, the steepest sales generally apply to extremely expensive mattresses to grab your attention. It may be a fantastic mattress, but half-off an incredibly pricey model will still take a sizable chunk out of your wallet. That’s why it’s important to do your homework first: Shoppers who are familiar with the differences between mattress types and have put some serious consideration into what they need will be able to quickly snatch up an impressive model, once they find an equally impressive mattress sale.

Comparison shopping

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a handful of potential mattresses, it’s absolutely worth searching for each model on your list across multiple online storefronts to see which has the best deal. Search every mattress shop you can find online, and if the best deal just so happens to be available in a local brick and mortar store, consider stopping by to ask if there’s a way to get an additional discount.

Negotiating with salespeople

Although attempting to negotiate a better price won’t always work, it’s still worth visiting your local bedding store and trying your luck, to see if you can snag an additional deduction on the mattress you’ve had your eye on.

If you’ve done your research, know exactly what you want, and can show a deal from another retailer, you may be able to convince a salesperson to price match or outdo their competitor’s offering with an even lower price, just to make a sale.

Speaking of in-store bonuses, did you know that some mattress retailers offer additional discounts for seniors, students, teachers, and military members? Be sure to read the fine print to see if you qualify, and shop around to see what other niche discounts you may be able to cash in on.

Sometimes negotiating is as simple as asking for a better price from the beginning. All they can say is “No.” Don’t be too discouraged if your haggling attempts fail, because there’s always another big mattress sale right around the corner, and you may get the deal you want by trying again at another store.

Taking advantage of trial periods

Since briefly lying awkwardly on a demo mattress in your day clothes isn’t an ideal way to decide if a model is right for you, it’s a good idea to investigate the manufacturer’s trial period before you buy. Many brands offer a trial of anywhere between 90 and 120 nights of sleep, on average, to help you decide if you genuinely like it, but these testing periods can run from as short as 30 days to over a year.

While many manufacturers include completely free returns with an at-home pickup service included, others may charge you shipping, handling, and restocking fees, or force you to keep sleeping on it because of a mandatory minimum “break-in period” which may last up to a month before you’re able to start the return process. So again, do your homework before you buy.

Looking for financing options

Even with a significant markdown, a quality mattress can still be a particularly expensive investment. That’s why many retailers offer helpful financing options to ensure that you’ll sleep better at night. Sleep Number, for example, offers a special credit card that allows buyers to more easily pay off their new beds over 12 or 36 months. Take a look at your preferred online and retail mattress stores to see what financing options may be available (and be sure to read the fine print to check if they’re the best option for your budget).

Reading reviews

When it comes to comparing and contrasting mattress reviews, keep an eye out for models that sport high numbers of reviews repeating similar talking points, both good and bad. If a large number of people are saying that the mattress runs hot, was made to last, is a piece of junk, or has given them the best sleep of their lives, it’s a good sign of an often-purchased mattress that buyers have strong opinions on.

That said, a mattress with few to zero reviews isn’t necessarily a bad option, either. It may be a brand-new model, a more specialized mattress, or from a lesser-known brand. If the product description sounds like it suits your sleep needs, includes a solid trial period, and is offered at a discount, go for it! If the mattress turns out to not be as good as it initially seemed, you can always return it later.

Where should I shop for a mattress?

Buyers have a massive selection of options to browse, compare, and find the best mattress deals, both online and at your local retailers, including:


Their hilarious commercials and violet “GelFlex Grid” material caught people’s attention, but it didn’t take long for Purple to show that their mattresses live up to the hype. Purple is a fairly pricey brand, but their mattresses excel at relaxing and supporting pressure points, and are worth a look for sore sleepers.

Purple RestorePlus™ Hybrid Mattress

Purple RestorePlus™ Hybrid Mattress


Their 100% organic mattresses stand apart from the crowd, and while some flock to Avocado for their non-toxic and low-emission models, others appreciate the 100-day sleep trial, friendly customer service, and affordable bedding bundles.

Sleep Number

Although Sleep Number is expensive, their hundreds of retail locations are known for providing tentative customer service and clean demo beds, and many adopters consider it to be well worth the cost for the customization options Sleep Number beds provide.

Classic Series Smart Beds

Classic Series Smart Beds


The giant wholesale store may not be the first place to spring to mind when you need to buy a new mattress, but with their low prices and huge selection, maybe it should be? Costco offers a variety of high-end mattresses, from trusted brands like Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, and Ghostbed, and it’s easy to find a size and style to suit your core sleeping needs.

Serenity by Tempur-Pedic Mattress

Serenity by Tempur-Pedic Mattress


Between its award-winning designs, highly praised customer support, handy 100-day trial period, a ten-year warranty, and free shipping, Casper is a seriously attractive option if you’re thinking about a premium mattress.

All in all, from big box stores, to branded retail locations, you have plenty of locations to find the best mattress for you, and plenty of opportunities to get it at a significant discount.

Casper Sleep Element Pro, King, Light Grey

Casper Sleep Element Pro, King, Light Grey

Best places to buy a new mattress: Online vs. in-store

Buying a mattress in-store and online both have their perks and negatives, but here are the core advantages of each buying experience:

Online: You don’t have to deal with salespeople at all. Many online sellers ship mattresses for free. Browse, buy, and schedule a delivery on your schedule with plenty of helpful reviews at your fingertips.

In-store: You’ll have the ability to negotiate when shopping in a physical location, and note any questions or concerns you may have with an informed salesperson. You can see, feel, and lay on the demo mattresses in a retail location.

Final Thoughts

“The challenge is that the mattress industry always has a sale, and somehow it's always the best sale ever.  Just like that rug store that’s still going out of business…five years later,” says  sleep, retail, and ecommerce marketing expert, Brian Hawkins. “However, 2023 is changing, and this is when you're starting to see savings in several forms, from cash back, buy-now-pay later, to manufacturer discounts.”

Remember, the best times of the year to buy a mattress at a serious discount are during holidays like Black Friday, President’s Day, and most notably Memorial Day, but proactive researchers will find excellent deals at any time by comparing online offers, looking for clearance sales, and negotiating with the manager at your local mattress dealership. The sooner you find an impressive sale and pick up that ultimate cooling, plush, spine-supporting mattress that would normally be out of your budget, the sooner you can get the life-changing, restful sleep you deserve.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How much will a new mattress cost?

Before you take sales, discounts, and clearance deals into consideration, there are multiple factors that come together to help determine a mattress’s price point. These include its size, manufacturer, materials used in its design, taxes, delivery, and thickness. You will find, for example,  that latex mattresses are far pricier than their foam and innerspring counterparts.

When is the best time of year to buy a mattress?

It may sound strange for anyone who isn’t paying close attention to the mattress industry, but that the best time to buy a mattress with a clearance price tag is throughout early spring. Manufacturers tend to release their latest mattresses around May, so stores are ready to unload last year’s models with serious sales in March, April, and May to make room for the new ones headed their way. If you can hold onto your older mattress until spring, chances are good that you’ll be rewarded with some major deals!

Where can I get a cheap mattress?

Please keep in mind that “cheaper” rarely translates to “better” when it comes to overall mattress quality, but there are a few retailers known for selling mattresses that are both solidly made and affordable. IKEA, Wayfair, and Zinus are reputable online shops that sell a variety of inexpensive mattresses.

Should I wait until Black Friday to buy a mattress?

That depends. If you’ve realized that you need to replace a mattress a month or two before Black Friday, it may be worth holding out just a little bit longer to see what deals may be available on the biggest shopping day of the year. On the other hand, stock is likely to be limited, deals rarely pop up for more than 30% off at best, and the selection of sale items may be reduced to a handful of models. Black Friday isn’t the best time of the year to go mattress shopping, but it’s still worth a look if it’s a few weeks away, just in case you discover an amazing deal.

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