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Best Dyson Vacuums: 9 Picks for Every Cleaning Concern

Best Dyson Vacuums

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updated: July 9, 2024
edited by Jessica Kelly

Whether you need a lightweight, cordless vacuum cleaner for a smaller condo, or a powerful corded model with an extra-large dust bin to clean a huge home, the UK-based team at Dyson has a range of feature-rich vacuums for pet owners, allergy sufferers, heavy-duty cleaning, and everyone in between. However, with so many options available and many of these premium vacuums being fairly pricey, it can be difficult to know where to begin looking for the best Dyson vacuum to suit your space and lifestyle.

With countless hours of research, in addition to being a Dyson Animal owner and longtime fan myself, I put together a comprehensive list of this year’s best Dyson vacuum cleaners. Some of the most important factors I took into consideration include battery power, weight, overall feature lists, bundled accessories, and raw suction power. I also considered factors for different cleaning concerns—like shedding pets, hardwood floors, and multi-functionality (for instance, if you’re wondering how to clean blinds with ease, a vacuum with attachments can be very helpful). Here’s everything you need to know to find the right Dyson for you.

Our top picks for the best Dyson vacuums

Best cordless stick Dyson vacuum: Dyson Gen5detect Absolute

Best cordless stick Dyson vacuum
Dyson Gen5detect Absolute

Dyson Gen5detect Absolute

If you like the idea of a cordless vacuum, but would rather have the more impressive suction of the average corded model, the Dyson Gen5detect Absolute is a must-own for its striking amount of suction power. Strength aside, this slim vacuum also stands apart from the pack due to its long battery life, particle-trapping HEPA filter, ability to soar over all floor types and instantly transform into a lightweight handheld for more versatility than other cordless vacuums. Sure, the Dyson Gen5detect Absolute is on the steep side for a cordless vacuum, but if you’re in the market for a feature-rich vacuum to deep-clean your home while freshening up your air quality, it’s worth every penny.


  • Style: Cordless
  • Dimensions: 50.2 inches high, 9.8 inches long, 10.87 inches wide
  • Runtime: 70 minutes, 4.5 hours charge time
  • Bin volume: 0.2 gallons
  • Suction Power: 262 air watts
  • Weight: 7.72 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Accessories: Digital Motorbar cleaner head, Fluffy Optic cleaner head, Hair screw tool, Built-in dusting and crevice tool, Combination tool, charger
  • Price on publish: $949.99

What we like:

  • Far more powerful than the average cordless
  • HEPA filter
  • Includes many great cleaning tools

What we don’t like:

  • Expensive for a cordless vacuum cleaner

The bottom line:

If you love the slim design and versatility of a cordless vacuum, the long battery life, array of features, and extreme suction power easily makes this Dyson’s best cordless option.

Best Dyson vacuum for allergy sufferers: Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute

Best Dyson vacuum for allergy sufferers
Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute

Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute

Allergy sufferers will be able to breathe easy with the Dyson V12 Slim because its HEPA filtration system filters out 99.99% of particles, leaving behind much cleaner air in your home. Its surprisingly lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver into cramped spaces and around furniture, as its piezo sensor monitors the amount and size of collected particles before displaying them on an easy-to-read LCD display. With plenty of cleaning tools included, multiple power levels, and a gentle glide across all floor surfaces, this lightweight and versatile vacuum cleaner will make quick work of your worst household allergies.


  • Style: Cordless
  • Dimensions: 9.92 inches high, 49.4 inches long, 9.8 inches wide
  • Runtime: 60 minutes, 3.5 hours charge time
  • Bin volume: 0.09 gallons
  • Suction power: 150 air watts
  • Weight: 5.2 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Accessories: Motorbar cleaner head, Fluffy Optic cleaner head, Hair screw tool, Combination tool, Crevice tool, Docking station, Charger
  • Price on publish: $548.92

What we like:

  • Featherweight
  • HEPA filter
  • Loaded with convenient features

What we don’t like:

  • It has a relatively small dust bin

The bottom line:

The Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute’s featherweight design, premium HEPA filter, and array of accessories make this a must-own for allergy sufferers who need significantly cleaner air in their own home.

Best Dyson vacuum for pet owners: Dyson Ball Animal 3

Best Dyson vacuum for pet owners
Ball Animal 3 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Ball Animal 3 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Your precious cat or dog leaves far more allergy-inducing dander, fur, and dirt in your home than you realize, which is why the mighty suction level, hair-collecting motorbar, and multiple filters make the Dyson Ball Animal 3 the best vacuum cleaner for pet owners. Other standout features include its huge dust container, how easily it cleans across carpet and hard floors, and the convenience of its pet grooming tool. If you own a golden retriever or other always-shedding pets, it’s the ultimate grooming tool attached to the best vacuum cleaner for animal lovers.


  • Style: Corded
  • Dimensions: 42.2 inches high, 15.5 inches long, 11.02 inches wide
  • Runtime: Unlimited
  • Bin volume: 1.7 liters
  • Suction power: 290 air watts
  • Weight: 17.3 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Accessories: Stair tool, Combination tool, Pet groom tool, Stair tool
  • Price on publish: $499.99

What we like:

  • Exceedingly powerful suction
  • Optimized for removing pet allergens from your environment
  • Dyson Ball easily glides around furniture for a precise clean

What we don’t like:

  • Its thickset design may not fit well in extra-small spaces.

The bottom line:

Not only is the Dyson Animal 3 the best selection for pet owners because of its extremely powerful suction and ability to effortlessly suck up fur and dander, this design is also the best classic Dyson vacuum available today.

Best Dyson vacuum for hardwood floors: Dyson V15s Detect Submarine Absolute

Best Dyson vacuum for hardwood floors
Dyson V15s Detect Submarine Absolute

Dyson V15s Detect Submarine Absolute

Dyson’s Submarine Wet Head attachment is surprisingly adept at washing away spills, grime, and messes across all kinds of hard floors. Unlike other weighty water-based cleaners, this vacuum cleaner is only 9 pounds when full of water. The Dyson V15s Detect Submarine Absolute includes a helpful collection of additional cleaning tools and impressive features such as a 60-minute battery life, a handy illumination head with an integrated laser that highlights dust you may otherwise miss, and dependably powerful suction. The Submarine may be expensive, but if you have a medium to large home with mostly wood, ceramic, or any other hard floors, it’s a must-have.


  • Style: Cordless
  • Dimensions: 49 inches high, 10.6 inches long, 10 inches wide
  • Runtime: 60 minutes, 4.5 hours charge time
  • Bin volume: 0.2 gallons
  • Suction power: 240 air watts
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Accessories: Submarine Wet Roller Head, Fluffy Optic cleaner head, Digital Motorbar cleaner head, Combination tool, Built-in dusting and crevice tool, Hair screw tool, Drip tray, Charger, Docking station
  • Price on publish: $949.99

What we like:

  • Wet head is extremely effective
  • Optimized for tile, stone, laminate, and other hard floors
  • Great for carpets and furniture, too

What we don’t like:

  • You’ll need a new wet roller head every six months or so

The bottom line:

No matter what type of hard floor you have, Dyson’s V15s Detect Submarine Absolute is extremely good at mopping up messes, while retaining the versatility of a traditional vacuum cleaner.

Best Dyson vacuum for extra bin capacity: Dyson Gen5outsize

Best Dyson vacuum for extra bin capacity
Dyson Gen5outsize

The Dyson Gen5outsize needs that oversized dust collecting bin to suck up a ton of dust, dirt, and dander with each pass of this advanced vacuum. While it’s handy to vacuum longer without emptying its container, the Gen5outsize’s other attention-grabbing features include the ability to trap viruses in its HEPA filter, a vibrant LCD display that actively shows you what you are collecting, and an impressive battery life of up to 140 minutes per charge. With automatic power adjusting as needed to efficiently clean your mess, the ability to transform into a handheld, and how it easily glides across all floor types, its bonus bin capacity is the icing on the cake.


  • Style: Cordless
  • Dimensions: 50 inches high, 11.4 inches long, 12.6 inches wide
  • Runtime: 140 minutes, 4.5 hours charge time
  • Bin volume: 0.5 gallons
  • Suction power: 250 air watts
  • Weight: 8.6 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Accessories: Fluffy Optic cleaner head, Digital Motorbar XL cleaner head, Hair screw tool, Built-in dusting and crevice tool, Combination tool, Additional battery, Wall dok, Charger
  • Price on publish: $1,049.99

What we like:

  • Collection of cleaning tools
  • HEPA filter
  • Extra-large dust bin

What we don’t like:

  • This is a fairly pricey model

The bottom line:

Between its air-cleaning HEPA filter, surprisingly powerful suction, and expanded dust container, there’s a lot to appreciate about the Dyson Gen5outsize.

Best Dyson vacuum for large households: Dyson Outsize Plus

Best Dyson vacuum for large households
Dyson Outsize Plus

It may seem like any other cordless vacuum at a glance, but between its extra-large dust bin and much wider cleaner head, the Dyson Outsize Plus is your best bet for speedily cleaning large (three or four bedroom) houses. Its wide head effortlessly picks up more dirt, dust, and hair per pass, while its sizable canister holds far more than the average vacuum, so you’ll make fewer trips to the garbage can. Other handy features such as a longer battery life and informative display set the Outsize Plus as Dyson’s best pick for bigger homes.


  • Style: Cordless
  • Dimensions: 50.39 inches high, 11.02 inches long, 12.6 inches wide
  • Runtime: 60 minutes, 4.5 hours charging time
  • Bin volume: 0.5 gallons
  • Suction power: 220 air watts
  • Weight: 17.5 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Accessories: Digital Motorbar XL cleaner head, Hair screw tool, Crevice tool, Combination tool, Low-reach adaptor, Wand clip, Mini soft dusting brush, Charger, Docking station
  • Price on publish: $599.99

What we like:

  • Sizable dust bin
  • Includes plenty of accessories
  • Versatile and powerful

What we don’t like:

  • A bit heavier than you may expect

The bottom line:

The Dyson Outsize Plus vacuum was clearly designed to vacuum extra-large homes quickly, and it is the number one pick for speeding through your regular cleaning chores.

Best Dyson vacuum for small spaces: Dyson V8 Absolute

Best Dyson vacuum for small spaces
Dyson V8 Absolute

Dyson V8 Absolute

The Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner is already a solid option for little spaces and pet owners looking to save on their initial investment, but if you can afford it, the Absolute edition is worth spending a little extra for small home owners and general spot-cleaning. (The V8 also is a top pick for the best wedding gifts.) It sports the power and lightweight build of the original, but the V8 Absolute’s air-cleaning HEPA filter and bonus premium accessories makes it even easier to thoroughly clean modest-sized homes.


  • Style: Cordless
  • Dimensions: 49.45 inches high, 8.7 inches long, 9.84 inches wide
  • Runtime: 40 minutes, 5 hours charge time
  • Bin volume: 0.14 gallons
  • Suction power: 115 air watts
  • Weight: 5.82 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Accessories: Fluffy cleaner head, Motorbar cleaner head, Crevice tool, Combination tool, Docking station, Charger, Hair screw tool
  • Price on publish: $519.99

What we like:

  • Specialized hard floor and carpet cleaning heads
  • HEPA filter
  • Excellent value for the price

What we don’t like:

  • Its battery life is acceptable, but could be better

The bottom line

If the Dyson V8’s lightweight design and powerful suction caught your attention, the Absolute’s particle-capturing HEPA filter and range of genuinely useful accessories makes this the superior option.

Best Dyson vacuum for tight spaces: Dyson Humdinger

Best Dyson vacuum for tight spaces
Dyson Humdinger

Sure, the Humdinger is overshadowed by Dyson’s other vacuum cleaners, but if keeping your car, office, or room spotless is a priority, it’s time to get your hands on this miniature vacuum. Not only is this featherweight model easy to wedge between awkward spots, its premium particle-catching filter, hair detangling tool, and easy-emptying dust bin mirror the Humdinger’s larger floor-cleaning counterparts. Tip: If you’re wondering about how to clean a mattress without lugging a heavy vac, this is your secret weapon.


  • Style: Cordless, handheld
  • Dimensions: 3.39 inches high, 11.46 inches long, 8.66 inches wide
  • Runtime: 25 minutes, 3.5 hours charge time
  • Bin volume: 0.2 liters
  • Suction power: 50 air watts
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Accessories: Hairscrew tool, Charger, Combination crevice tool, Worktop tool
  • Price on publish: $299.99

What we like:

  • Featherweight
  • Perfectly designed for cramped spots
  • Inexpensive

What we don’t like:

  • Its small dust bin needs to be emptied often

The bottom line:

Featuring far more power than you would expect from a tiny handheld, the Dyson Humdinger is the best option for cleaning your car, furniture, and all kinds of tight spaces.

Best budget Dyson vacuum: Dyson V8 Origin+

Best budget Dyson vacuum
Dyson V8

It’s easy to overlook the Dyson V8 since it is an older model, but thrifty buyers will get more than their money’s worth with this lightweight powerhouse. The V8 and its hair screw tool excels at pulling up pet hair from furniture and carpeting, is a top pick for cramped areas and small homes, and at just under six pounds, cleaning is a snap. Anyone looking to save big on an excellent, but slightly dated, Dyson vacuum should consider the V8, especially pet owners.


  • Style: Cordless
  • Dimensions: 49.45 inches high, 8.7 inches long, 9.84 inches wide
  • Runtime: 40 minutes, 5 hours charging time
  • Bin volume: 0.14 gallons
  • Suction power: no specific AW noted, but powerful
  • Weight: 5.58 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Accessories: Combination tool, Hair screw tool, Motorbar cleaner head, Docking station, Charger, Crevice tool
  • Price on publish: $469.99

What we like:

  • Features 2 power modes
  • Easily pulls up hair from carpets
  • Affordable

What we don’t like:

  • Its 40 minute runtime is fine, but newer models can run for far longer.

The bottom line:

Although there are newer Dyson vacuums, the inexpensive Dyson V8 is worth the low price for its featherweight design, powerful suction, and relatively quiet operation.

How we selected the best Dyson vacuums

Although Dyson has released a wide array of impressive vacuum cleaners, each model excels in specific categories, such as cleaning large homes, capturing pet dander and hair, or effectively cleaning cramped areas. After carefully noting each model’s features, included accessories, and price, I narrowed down Dyson’s collection of vacuum cleaners to find the best fit for each category.

How to choose the best Dyson vacuum for me?

Dyson is renowned for their strict attention to engineering and design. (Interesting to note: The brand also makes some of the best hair dryers and best flat irons.) Here’s what to consider before you invest in a Dyson:

Size of your home

If you have a modest home, consider a lightweight handheld cordless Dyson vacuum. You won’t need the extra power, dust bin space, or additional bulk of a bigger model, and you’ll likely save a lot of money, too.

Conversely, anyone who needs to vacuum a larger space should buy a Dyson vacuum with a bigger dust bin, powerful suction, and the ability to easily clean across multiple floor types.

Suction power

More is always better when it comes to suction, especially when paired with the particle-capturing ability of a HEPA filter for significantly cleaner air in your home.


If you are considering a cordless model and you have a sizable cleaning space, look for a Dyson vacuum with a runtime of at least 60 minutes. After all, no one wants to place their vacuum back on the charger in the middle of their cleaning spree!


If you have a cramped space and need to squeeze between furniture to dust, look out for vacuums with a swiveling head or a lightweight design that makes it easy to maneuver.

Features and accessories

Each Dyson vacuum cleaner is equipped with its own unique features like the ability to pick up microscopic particles, a featherweight build, and an extra-large dust bin. They come with different cleaning accessory bundles, so be sure to compare and contrast models that catch your attention to find the best pick for your home.

storage space

While bigger homes can easily store a larger corded vacuum, a slimmer, wall-mounted cordless option may be the better pick for condos, apartments, and other smaller spaces.


As much as we love our pets, they can be especially messy at times. Dyson’s most powerful vacuums are the best choice for quickly clearing away big heavy-duty messes, lifting away fur from carpeting and furniture, and removing the extra dander and hair from your environment.


The average Dyson vacuum cleaner is easy to maintain, and while it is best to read the manual for the ideal way to keep your machine running, it’s always a good idea to regularly clean the filter, empty the dust bin, and immediately remove tangles from the brush bar.

Floor type

Whether you’re searching for a vacuum cleaner to tackle carpets, hard floors, or both, Dyson has a variety of models well-suited for every floor type.

Let’s understand Dyson terminology


The Detect line of Dyson vacuums gets its name from the laser light mounted on the vacuum head to illuminate dust particles you may otherwise miss, a specialized particle-counting sensor that tracks how much dust it takes in, and a bright LCD display that shows how many particles it has collected and how large they were. Heavy-duty cleaners who want to keep tabs on how hygienic their home is will appreciate the dust-blasting technology incorporated into Detect vacuums.


If you find an “Absolute” Dyson vacuum, it is simply the enhanced version of a preexisting model, but with additional accessories, features, and an exclusive color scheme. Since the price difference is usually minimal and the bonuses give the device much more overall value, it’s usually best to spring for the Absolute edition of a Dyson vacuum.

Ball Animal

Designed to efficiently trap dander, fur, dust, and dirt, Dyson’s Animal vacuum cleaners are the best option for pet owners. The term “Ball” refers to the innovatively designed spherical base that allows the vacuum to smoothly glide around furniture to evenly clean floors.


These vacuum cleaners are named after their extra-large dust bins. This makes an Outsize a top pick for cleaning up after pets, tackling large messes, and vacuuming large areas for a longer period of time without having to empty its bin as often.


Tiny, yet mighty, Dyson’s Humdinger is a little handheld vacuum made for efficiently cleaning cramped spaces.


Dyson sells a range of conveniently-designed wall-mounted storage solutions (Doks) for their cordless vacuum cleaners.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Which Dyson vacuum is the most powerful?

Released in June 2023, the slim Dyson Gen5detect is the most powerful cordless vacuum with a HEPA filter available on the market. The Gen5detect’s 14 internal cyclones provide an extraordinary level of suction power (262AW, or air watts) that easily transitions from carpet, to hard floors, furniture, cramped areas, and everywhere else that needs a deep cleaning.

This model also features a convenient button to easily swap between multiple power levels for those times when your cleaning needs a gentler touch.

Which is better: Dyson Animal or Absolute?

Trying to compare Dyson Animal and Dyson Absolute vacuum cleaners is like comparing apples to oranges because they are completely different concepts.

The Dyson Animal line of vacuum cleaners are specially designed to effortlessly suck up loose fur that would otherwise be left lodged in carpets and upholstery by lesser models, making them a top pick for pet owners.

A Dyson vacuum with the “Absolute” label is the superior version of a preexisting vacuum cleaner. Dyson Absolute editions often include a HEPA filter, additional accessories, and a special color scheme exclusive to the Absolute version. For example, the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute sports a HEPA filter, integrated crevice tool, and stylish metallic gold coloring that the original Dyson V15 Detect doesn’t have.

How long does a Dyson vacuum last?

While it is difficult to say how long any vacuum cleaner may last, Dyson’s premium models are likely to work for much longer if properly used and maintained.

To keep your Dyson vacuum running at maximum efficiency, clean its filter, hose, and tools regularly, and avoid sucking up things likely to damage the device such as sharp objects or water.

What is Dyson's return policy?

Dyson offers a 30-day return window after a vacuum cleaner’s delivery date alongside a full money-back guarantee.

Note that refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaners are not able to be returned, and if there is an issue with the vacuum itself, please refer to its included manual for the terms and conditions of its warranty.

Do Dyson vacuums have HEPA filters?

Some do! A “High Efficiency Particulate Air,” or HEPA filter is certified to collect 99.97% of the particles from the air passing through it. Since a Dyson vacuum that utilizes a HEPA filter is adept at pulling and containing pollen, dander, and even bacteria and viruses from the air, they are worth the investment for breathing noticeably cleaner air in your home.

Not every Dyson vacuum features a HEPA filter, but many such as the Dyson V8, Dyson Gen5detect Absolute, and Dyson V15s Detect Submarine Absolute do.

Are Dyson vacuums worth it?

Between the high-end construction, powerful performance, wide array of vacuum designs for all home sizes and cleaning surfaces, and array of useful features and tools, absolutely!

Dyson vacuum cleaners aren’t just well-made and conveniently designed, as these vacuums are especially effective at removing allergens such as dust, dander, and other tiny particles from the air. Not only are Dyson vacuums worth it, the team at Dyson has designed a wide range of impressive vacuums for carpets, hard floors, cramped spaces, huge homes, walls, and more, so there is likely a Dyson perfectly suited to clean your living space.

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