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Best Gifts for Girlfriends: 32 Thoughtful Presents for Every Interest

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updated: June 16, 2024
edited by Jessica Kelly

Whether platonic or romantic, girlfriends can be tough to shop for—especially the type that already has everything. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or you just want to show the love, finding something special for your girlfriend can be a challenge sometimes. But don’t stress! We’ve searched far and wide, personally testing, consulting friends about their last great gift, and reading through reviews to find the perfect presents. Look no further than our top gift ideas, from beauty and fashion, to foodie and tech.

Just try not to pick some up for yourself while you’re at it—it’s not easy!

Fitness gifts

Stakt Mat

Once she goes Stakt, she’ll never go back to a standard-issue yoga mat. Girlfriends who do yoga, HIIT exercises, or pilates will be an instant fan of this workout wonder, which makes it the ideal gift for women who are active. This one comes in a variety of chic colors (I love the mint shade), doubles as a block for multiple types of workouts, and is superlight and easily transportable. It even comes with a carrying strap for portability. I keep mine folded and stashed easily underneath my sofa.

Price on publish: $86.00

Whoop Band

If your girlfriend is a fitness enthusiast with a penchant for data, consider this gift a one-and-done. This wearable fitness device offers continuous monitoring of things like your heart rate, skin temperature, daily activity and sleep, among other things. She can track her progress over time and become the healthiest version of herself. This purchase includes an initial 12-month WHOOP membership, 4.0 hardware, Onyx SuperKnit band, and a wearable, waterproof battery pack.

Price on publish: $239.00

Pampering & wellness gifts

Hotel Lobby Signature Candle

When in doubt, gift a candle. Girlfriends of all sorts love them and this one from Hotel Lobby won’t disappoint. This best seller from the popular brand blends agarwood, vetiver, atlas cedar, amber, and white musk. It’s my go-to for entertaining—everyone asks what it is. I’ve gone through a few of these and love to use the vessels for my remote controls on my coffee table and for my makeup brushes on my vanity—a bonus your girlfriend might take advantage of, as well.

Price on publish: $58.00

Travertine Steam Shower Spray

As a mom of a newborn, showers are unbelievably precious. Whether you’re shopping for gifts for your mom, wife, girlfriend, or women in your life this spray will take her shower to the next level. In fact, this innocuous looking spray is actually the best thing in my shower, and I say that as a beauty writer. Two spritzes into the stream before I hop in and my shower is transformed into a spa oasis. It makes such a difference. It’s a bit spendy, but it’ll last your recipient a year. Everyone I’ve bought it for is absolutely enamored with it.

Price on publish: $30.00

Slip Silk Pillowcase

Bedhead be gone. A silk pillowcase is a game changer when it comes to preserving your hair and skin. That’s why this super-luxe iteration is the ideal gift for any girlfriend. The high-quality silk pillowcases come in a variety of colors and sizes to keep her blowout going strong, no matter how much she tosses and turns. I’ve used mine for over a decade with such great results, I take it with me on vacation, so I’ll always have good hair.

Price on publish: $89.00

The Bouqs Monthly Floral Subscription

Truly the gift that keeps on giving, and it does that all year! A monthly floral subscription will thrill girlfriends of all types. Fresh flowers delivered monthly is an indulgence she’d never buy herself, but would adore coming from you. From lilies to hydrangeas to ranunculus, you’ll find the perfect arrangement to send on repeat.

Price on publish: Starting at $44.00

The Progress Over Perfection Planner

If your girlfriend is into mindfulness (or from the looks of her busy schedule, could benefit from some), this is the gift for her. Jamie Stone’s Progress Over Perfection Planner makes it easy to map out her days in a six-month, undated agenda with extras. There’s a spot for daily tasks, meals, habit tracker, fitness/self care, and gratitude to help her feel more at ease and organized.

Price on publish: $45.00

Baloo Mini Weighted Blanket

Since I got my Baloo weighted blanket years ago, I’ve used it every single night I’m home. I love that Baloo makes a variety of weights, including lighter ones, so that I can strategically place it over my comforter. That way I’m able to enjoy it, but it doesn’t disrupt my husband’s sleep. The mini size weighs in at just nine pounds, so you can even take it on a road trip. It comes in three beautiful shades, but I’m partial to the indigo. If your girlfriend could use a little help falling asleep, this is just the thing.

Price on publish: $149.00

Fashion gifts

RPZL The Campbell Headband

If your girlfriend has a penchant for minimalist style and her style icon is Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, the Campbell Headband is just the thing to buy her. This insanely useful headband goes with everything in her closet and also her hair color if it’s blonde or brunette. Plus, tortoiseshell is having a moment. I wear mine at least once a week when I can’t be bothered to wash my hair. You can always pair with a cute dress you find online.

Price on publish: $20.00

Stance Shelter Women’s Jogger with Butter Blend

You can’t have too many comfy pants, and these super-soft jogger sweatpants are a staple for any girlfriend’s arsenal. Whether she wears them to travel, workout, or run errands, these pants will get a ton of use. Available in three shades, they also have a little stretch in them for the ultimate comfort.

Price on publish: $85.00

State Bags Bennett Crossbody Bag

I own and wear this perfectly sized, minimalist leather crossbody constantly, including on a recent road trip from Westchester, New York to Amelia Island, Florida. This two-chamber purse includes dual zipped compartments to keep all my stuff stashed, while working for a variety of occasions and more importantly, climates. The white piping adds a special something, plus the front pocket is ideal for keeping that last-minute tinted lip balm. This makes an ideal gift for any girlfriend, no matter her style.

Price on publish: $195.00

Steven Singer Anita Stud Earrings

There’s not a girlfriend in the world who wouldn’t appreciate a beautiful pair of classic diamond stud earrings, and these are pretty much the platonic ideal when it comes to those. These high-quality, round brilliant diamonds are a quarter carat in total weight and are set in 14 karat white, yellow, or rose gold. You can customize your clarity, as well. Good diamond studs are a gift that last a lifetime!

Price on publish: $298.00

Maison Miru Birthstone Nap Earrings

I love these earrings and wear mine (the opals, despite my being born in June—they’re cuter than pearls IMO) all the time. They’re a set it and forget it kind of a thing. I don’t get ready, I stay ready. Why? These earrings are designed to be worn overnight (hence the nap name) without poking the back of your ear. They’re available in an array or birthstones and metals to suit the tastes of your recipient and are dainty and delicate.

Price on publish: $130.00-$150.00

Beauty gifts

Vacation Business Sunscreen Set

The price is nice for this sunscreen bundle, which includes a cool ‘80s-esque mug and spray-on face mist in SPF 50. I love this brand’s cheeky, Club Med of yore branding. If your girlfriend has a soft spot for the decade of new wave (but is old enough to appreciate an SPF of 50), this is your gift.

Price on publish: $28.00

R&D No Appointment Necessary Spray-On Serum

Ideal for all skin types, this spray-on serum is like the love child of the perfect essence and serum. Spritz some on before your go-to moisturizer and you’ll find plumped, hyper-moisturized, smoother and fresher skin. Whether your recipient is a skincare fanatic or is simply looking to create a more hydrated base for makeup, she’ll love this under-the-radar (for now) serum by my favorite formulator, Mary Schook.

Price on publish: $148.00

Maya No.1 Fragrance

When it comes to perfumes, I like the uncomplicated ones. Maya’s scents smell like skin, but taken up a notch. I love the brand’s original Maya Base perfume oil, but lately I’ve been wearing the No.1 iteration for spring. Totally tropical, it’s an instant vacation in a rollerball. It reminds me of the shores of Kauai. Your girlfriend will be wearing this on repeat, trust.

Price on publish: $72.00

Bioeffect EGF Power Cream

This luxe cream is a game changer, thanks to its inclusion of External Growth Factors (EGF), which beauty experts can’t get enough of. Bioeffects' elegant formula helps nourish dry, aging skin and targets a host of visible effects from age spots to wrinkles to a loss of firmness. It hydrates beautifully and helps prime the skin under makeup, but it works well on its own, too.

Price on publish: $219.00

Alpyn Beauty Brightening Eye Cream

This concealing eye balm boasts a peachy-pink hue to counteract dark circles while imparting moisture to improve the look of dark circles over time. Formulated with peptides, chamomile, and niacinamide, it plumps the eye area and softens the look of fine lines. This is a constant in my makeup bag for a reason. She’ll love it, whether she’s a natural beauty enthusiast or couldn’t care less about the level of clean in her arsenal.

Price on publish: $52.00

Iconic London Glowing Out Out Set

This gorgeous set is perfect for the beauty buff on your list. It contains the brand’s popular illuminator, along with a beautiful blush, eye brush duo, mascara and my favorite self tanner, Prep-Set-Glow. I use the latter daily. Your girlfriend will be in love with this set, which is ideal for evenings out, a sultry vacation, or everyday makeup looks.

Price on publish: $75.00

Iles Formula Signature Collection

Man, I hate it when expensive stuff works, but that is absolutely the case with this hair-care trio. Nothing compares in the words of Sinead. I try other hair care and I always return to this set. The shampoo and conditioner restore my heat-damaged and color-treated strands to silk status after a single use. The Finishing Serum smooths hair and protects it from heat. Plus, the whole trio smells like one of my favorite spendy perfumes. She’ll love it and then have to restock once she runs out, you’ll see.

Price on publish: $145.00

Black Wolf Sonic Scalp Scrubber

I’ve found, personally, that if I use a scalp scrubber when I wash my hair, I can get an extra 24 hours from an at-home blowout. If I use this sonic one, even longer. It’s a game changer. These soft silicone bristles gently help get that shampoo in there to cleanse your roots with three vibration options to customize your clean. She’ll love it.

Price on publish: $39.00

Black Wolf WUSH Ear Cleaner

If your girlfriend has a penchant for peeping pimple-popping videos, look no further. She’ll love the satisfying process of deep cleaning her ears with this gadget. It’s water-powered and rechargeable, and offers three pressure settings from a gentle clean to wax removal. The massaging triple jet stream helps loosen and prevent the buildup of earwax gently.

Price on publish: $60.00

Foodie gifts

Spicewell New Salt and New Pepper Pouch Duo

I was initially enamored with this spice set’s gorgeous, Jonathan Adler-style packaging and couldn’t imagine I’d be impressed with the lowest-common-denominator spices it contains. I couldn’t have been more wrong. How wrong? I’ll never use standard-issue spices again. Not only are New Salt and New Pepper better for you, thanks to being infused with vitamins, but they taste so much better than the utterly boring pair currently establishing residency on your tabletop. It's a subtle, but complex flavor with added nutritional benefits.

Price on publish: $29.99

Carbon8 One-Touch Sparkling Water Maker

Lately I’ve been really into lazy girl mocktails—they’re made from seltzer, cherry juice and magnesium powder. I’ve been going through cans and cans of plain seltzer, so an at-home seltzer maker would be an absolute game changer. If your girlfriend is on the lazy girl mocktail bandwagon (or just loves a seltzer moment-who doesn’t?) this is the perfect gift.

Price on publish: $249.95

Methodology 5-Day Lunch & Dinner Reset

This makes an ideal gift for anyone, especially a girlfriend who just had a baby and can’t face the thought of cooking. However, it’s also good for anyone who could use a break from prepping her own meals or anyone who simply wants to get back to a healthier lifestyle. Choose from meat, seafood, vegan options, and more. All of them are ready to eat. Just simply pop them in the microwave for a couple of minutes. I especially loved the pumpkin bread and the cheesy scramble. The Reset includes minimal plastic compared to other healthy meal delivery services, plus Methodology’s packaging is cute enough to make it into my food-storage drawer for use long after my Reset has finished.

Price on publish: Starts at $345

Spoonful of Comfort Gift Basket

I can think of few things better than a soup and macaroni and cheese delivery on a day you’re too stressed to cook. This gift is the ideal gift for your girlfriend as it contains all she needs for a seriously tasty comfort meal. It comes with your choice of soup, macaroni and cheese that’s to die for, rolls, cookies, and even a chic ladle she can use after she's eaten up all the goodies. I’ve personally received this as a gift and almost wept with gratitude. It sounds simple, but it’s divine. Plus, it’ll feed two people at least two to three meals.

Price on publish: Starting at $99.99

Giadzy Sheet Pan Lasagna Box

If your girlfriend feels most at home in the kitchen, she’ll love this gift with all she needs to make Giada’s famous layerless sheet pan lasagna quickly and easily. This recipe went viral for a reason! The box includes taccole pasta, organic tomato sauce with basil, organic Sicilian extra virgin olive oil and Calabrian chili paste. I made my lasagna this week and it was met with raves from my husband. Plus, it didn’t take long to make.

Price on publish: $73.00

Carbone Spicy Vodka Kit

The perfect gift for the foodie with flair. If your girlfriend is a fan of cooking and entertaining, this kit will let her recreate the iconic Spicy Rigatoni dish from the famed Carbone restaurant in her own kitchen. The kit includes two Carbone Spicy Vodka 24-ounce jars, two DeCecco Rigatoni Dry Pasta 16-ounce boxes, one Italian hand-painted rooster platter (the same used in the Carbone restaurants), and one two-Cup Pyrex Measuring Cup. Just add cream and butter and you’ve got all you need for a Carbone spicy rigatoni chez vous.

Price on publish: $160.00

Doughpamine Tasting Four Pack

The name alone! This brand of frozen gourmet cookie dough rounds is brought to us by pastry chef and former Senior Inspector for the Michelin Guide, Jessica Entzel Nolan. Jessica’s cookie offerings are off the beaten path and delicious. There are four flavors: Miso Peanut Butter, Salty Chocolate Chunk, Rhapsody Road, Blueberry Corn, and six rounds per resealable package that go from freezer to delicious warm cookies in minutes. It’s ideal for girls’ night! My favorite is the Salty Chocolate Chunk and the Miso Peanut Butter—divine. Your girlfriend’s sweet tooth will thank you.

Price on publish: $99.95 for the tasting four-pack

Techie gifts

Twelve South Airfly Audio Transmitter Receiver

Traveling on planes just got so much better. You could use the free headphones with wires as if you’re living in 2012, or you could use this genius converter, so you can use your wireless headphones and enjoy the clear sound and noise cancellation you’re used to while en route. She’ll love this super-portable gift that makes flights fabulous. It takes up very little real estate in her carry-on, as well.

Price on publish: $34.99

Twelve South Butterfly 2-in-1 MagSafe Charger

This is my new go-to gift for anyone, from my 12 year-old nephew to my mom and girlfriends galore. It’s as useful as it is sleek. Ultra-compact and designed with travel in mind, this charger will keep your girlfriend’s watch and phone at peak performance. I keep mine in my purse for on-the-go charging situations (you and I know they always pop up).

Price on publish: $129.99

Air Up Water Bottle Starter Set

If your girlfriend takes hydration seriously, this is the perfect gift for her. This bottle set includes flavor pods to create delicious beverages with zero calories or sugar. It makes drinking your daily water intake a pleasure, as opposed to a chore. My go-to is the raspberry-lemon flavor.

Price on publish: $44.99

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