TIMEPieces: Artist Spotlights

The Artist Spotlight collection was introduced to the TIMEPieces community on October 6, 2022. Established as a means of deepening the relationship between TIMEPieces artists and collectors, the inaugural spotlight airdrop featured pieces gifted to collectors by 15 TIMEPieces artists. These artists include Alejandro Cartagena, BT, Daria Klepikova, DarkMythst, Gamo, Jarvinart, John Mavroudis, Kendall Chambers, Mariana Pedroza, Nyla Hayes, Pablo Stanley, Parin Heidari, Peter Arkle, Tim O’Brien, and Yvette Hammond.

The Artist Spotlight collection will continue to grow as additional TIMEPieces artists share with collectors over time.

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