Artist Statement

Title: There Is No Planet B

As Earth’s climate warms, more storms are rapidly going to intensify. The Summer of 2022 was the hottest on record for Europe and China, and the 3rd highest for the United States. It was so hot roads were buckling and melting. On the other hand, other parts of the world were experiencing extreme flooding; Las Vegas, Brazil, Pakistan, Florida and South Asia to just name a few.

Seeing all of this unfold the last year has inspired me to continue to create thought provoking pieces of art which create conversation. I believe the key to success is communication and working together as a collective. Despite everyone’s differences, we all have a common ground, the earth we stand on brings us together. If we continue to make climate change the forefront of conversation then we can make a difference. Hopefully my art will assist with that change.

It is the common belief that we are the rudders within our journey, therefore remain thoughtful for which direction you steer. If we come together as a collective and make a change to reduce our greenhouse gas then there is hope! Otherwise deadly natural disasters will likely become even more common in the future. We only have ONE planet and it’s our responsibility to take care of the home we have for generations to come.

Has Mother Nature turned its back on us, or have we turned our back on mother nature? Just remember there is no planet B.

About the Artist

Every person has the ability to positively impact the world by looking within. As a result, that energy will birth a product that is organic and full of life. For Allison that is ART. Working as a creative to bring awareness to contentious topics and social norms is a role that Allison does not take lightly. Within her portfolio Allison has pieces that are both visually appealing and thought provoking. You can find a message and a story behind every item she creates.
Allison’s goal as an artist is to push the limit on what is normal regarding; techniques, color palettes, concepts and collaborations. All of which are elements making art this “living and breathing thing” that should be constantly evolving and progressive. As a member of the art community by lineage, Allison hopes to challenge her contemporaries to take the helm in setting the craft in the right direction that is sustainably creative. Her goals is to inspire her community by leaving them with a “canvas” of hope composed of the understanding that ART is life, culture, and a communication tool.

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