Artist Statement

Title: Preservation

As a photographer, the act of preservation, reverence, and documentation is my primary motivation. In bringing this approach to 3d modeling, the desire is to create idealized dreamscapes and pristine versions of the natural world to explore how we might preserve and restore what’s been lost. There is an inherent irony in using this technology to recreate the prehistoric, but I believe it is an irony that accentuates our connection, no matter how distant, to our moment of inception. These capsules serve as objects of veneration for the relics of our delicate ecosystem and the preservation of living specimens in the hopes of a second chance at life.

About the Artist

Yvette Hammond is a photographer and CG artist. Originally from New York but raised in Paris, she studied sociology and film at the City of Westminster College London and photography at the University of Hawai’i. She currently resides in Los Angeles where she specialises in still life, stop motion and 3d rendered animation.

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