Artist Statement

Title: Trying to Catch the Straw

When wandering around I sometimes am lucky enough to see odd little poetic, funny or weird things happening––things that usually only happen for a very short time. I like to take these things and capture them and preserve them as animated GIFS––little PIECES of TIME, endlessly repeating.

In this case I was walking along Houston Street in the East Village one day when I saw a construction foreman staring into space, lost in his thoughts, trying to find his straw with his tongue (his free hand was holding his laptop). I wonder what he was thinking? Was his construction project behind schedule? Was he deciding where to go for a vacation? Or was he just annoyed? Where has that straw got to?

“Damn it, I just want to be sipping my iced coffee! This is my favorite part of the day. I deserve to enjoy this.”

About the Artist

Peter Arkle lives in New York City, where he’s a freelance illustrator of books, magazines, newspapers and ads. He occasionally publishes a newspaper, PETER ARKLE NEWS, containing stories and drawings about the details of everyday life––where most of the inspiration for his work comes from.

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