Artist Statement

Title: What Is It Like to Fly?

I saw birds fly overhead and marveled at how easily they soared through the sky, weightlessly gliding over the wild jungle and sea.

It is beautiful from the ground, but nothing beats the bird’s eye view.

About the Artist

Daria Klepikova’s love of photography began in her childhood when she first picked up a camera on a family vacation. She had no idea this love would eventually grow into her dream job.

Photographing during trips was originally a fun pastime, but over time the focus of her photographs shifted from family vacations to the world around her.

Due to the struggles of growing up she stopped taking pictures until after she completed school and university. She now specializes in female portraits in addition to street and mobile photography. Her works are winners of international photo contests, as well as participants in world photo exhibitions. For Daria, photography is a means of self-expression. This is a unique combination of harmony and beauty.

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