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Chase Freedom Flex® Credit Card Review 2024

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Updated April 4, 2024

The standout perk of the card_name is its 5% cash back on up to $1,500 on combined purchases in bonus categories each quarter you activate. It also earns 5% cash back on travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards, 3% on dining including takeout and drugstore purchases, and 1% on all other purchases. It also has a sign-up bonus, making it a solid credit card option for those who want a no-annual-fee card.

Chase Freedom Flex℠
Credit score
Excellent, Good
Annual fees
Balance transfer intro apr
0% intro APR on purchases and Balance Transfers for 15 months
Bonus rewards
$200 bonus

TIME's Take


The card_name packs a thunderous punch in a small, no-annual-fee package. We recommend it thanks to its high cash back rates on rotating bonus categories, Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel, dining, and drugstore purchases. It isn’t perfect, though – foreign transaction fees and mediocre cashback rates on non-bonus category purchases hold it back slightly. Still, the card_name is an excellent card for those looking to earn the highest cash back rates.

Who is the card for?

The card_name is best for those who want high earning rates on purchases and don’t mind manual activation each quarter. The card also works well for those with cards like the Chase Sapphire cards, which allow transfers to Chase’s travel partners. This allows potentially higher redemptions than the one-cent value points have when redeemed for cash back with the Chase Freedom Flex.

This card also works well when paired with credit cards like the card_name, which earns 1.5% on all purchases. The card_name earns 1% on purchases that don’t fall within one of its bonus 5% or 3% categories. Thus, pairing the card_name with the card_name enables potentially higher points earnings.

Rewards structure

The card_name is notable for its 5% rotating categories, but it has several other bonus categories, as outlined below. All other purchases earn unlimited 1% cash back.

Bonus rateBonus category details
5% cash back
Earn on up to $1,500 in combined purchases per year in quarterly rotating categories (includes stores like gas stations, grocery stores, and online purchases)
5% cash back
Travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards
5% cash back
Earn on Lyft rides through 3/2025
3% cash back
Dining at restaurants, including takeout and delivery
3% cash back
Drugstore purchases

The Fine Print

Interest rates

  • Regular APR: reg_apr,reg_apr_type.
  • Purchase Intro APR: intro_apr_rate,intro_apr_duration.
  • Balance Transfer Intro APR: balance_transfer_intro_apr,balance_transfer_intro_duration.


  • Annual Fee: annual_fees
  • Balance Transfer Fee: balance_transfer_fees.
  • Cash Advance: cash_advance_fee.

Additional hidden perks

The card_name has several hidden benefits that go beyond its cash back earning potential.

  • Mastercard World Elite® Benefits: The card_name comes with World Mastercard Elite benefits, including a $5 Lyft credit, a one-year membership to Shoprunner, and $5 off from Fandango.
  • Cell phone protection: Get up to $800 per claim and up to $1,000 per year if your phone is lost or damaged.
  • Rental car collision damage waiver: This benefit lets you decline the rental company's collision insurance and charge the entire rental cost to your card.
  • DashPass and Caviar membership: Get a complimentary three-month membership to DoorDash and Caviar.
  • Instacart+ membership and statement credit: Get a complimentary three-month membership to Instacart+ and $10 in quarterly statement credits through instacart.
  • Trip cancellation/interruption protection: Get reimbursed for up to $1,500 per person and up to $6,000 in total if your trip is canceled or cut short due to things like sickness and severe weather.
  • Roadside assistance: Get help 24/7/365 if you have a problem while traveling by car.
  • Extended warranty protection: Extends the manufacturer’s warranty for one year on eligible warranties lasting three years or less. Coverage is for up to $10,000 per claim and up to $50,000 per account.

Card alternatives

CardWelcome offerAPRAnnual feeCredit score



Given that it is also a Chase card, the card_name is similar to the card_name in many ways. In fact, the rewards structure of the card_name is almost identical to that of the card_name. The main difference is that, instead of 5% rotating bonus categories, you get unlimited 1.5% cash back with the card_name. That means you earn 1.5% cash back with the card_name in categories that would earn 1% with the card_name.

For this reason, the card_name is better seen as a compliment to the card_name rather than a competitor. Adding both cards to your wallet will allow you to earn higher cash back rates overall.

Great for Cash Back, Not as Great for Non-Bonus Categories

The card_name offers solid rewards for those who want to earn cash back. It has no annual fee and offers 5% quarterly categories and a few other 5% and 3% categories. However, it only earns 1% on non-bonus categories, and its foreign_transaction_fee foreign transaction fee could be a deal-breaker for those who travel internationally. But if that isn’t a concern, this could be a strong choice for those seeking a cash back credit card.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How is the card_name different from the original?

The card_name and the card_name both have 5% quarterly bonus categories. However, the card_name builds on the success of the card_name and adds additional categories with fixed cash back rates. Those include 5% cash back through Chase Ultimate Rewards, 3% cashback on dining, and 3% cashback at drugstores.

Can I combine card_name rewards with other Chase cards?

Yes. It’s possible to combine card_name points with points on several popular Chase cards, including card_name, card_name and card_name.

What is the credit limit and the minimum credit score required?

While there are no concrete figures here, you will receive a credit limit of at least $500 on the card_name if approved. Your limit may be higher, depending on your creditworthiness.

There is also no definite minimum credit score needed to apply. However, you generally need good to excellent credit to be approved for this card (credit score of 670 to 850).

Do the card_name points expire?

Your Chase Ultimate Rewards points never expire as long as your account stays open. However, you can lose your points automatically in the event of a bankruptcy, misuse, failure to pay or fraud.

Which streaming services are eligible for quarterly bonus category cash back with the card_name?

The bonus category for Q1 2023 for the card_name includes grocery Stores (excluding Walmart and Target), fitness clubs, and gym memberships. However, several streaming services were eligible for 5% cash back in the past, including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ and HBO Max.

How to increase card_name limit?

The limit on the card_name will not normally increase automatically. However, you can call the number on the back of your card and request an increase.

Is the card_name a Visa or Mastercard?

The card_name is a Mastercard and includes Mastercard World Elite program benefits.

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