Scott Trindle—August

I’ve known Joe Alwyn for six years—and that’s long enough to see someone’s heart. Long enough to know whether or not they’re made of good stuff. And Joe Alwyn is made of good stuff. Don’t take my word for it. He’s bewitched a host of filmmakers, including Ang Lee, Yorgos Lanthimos, Lenny ­Abrahamson, and Claire Denis. Joe will launch the charm attack of the hero. He’ll do the dirty work of the villain. He’ll hoist up the complicated and often murky portrait of a historical figure. Joe Alwyn will surprise you. He’s managed to do all this while evading the industry’s tried-and-true ability to label and pigeonhole a performer. He lives at the intersection of enigmatic mystery and fun drinking buddy—a quality that no doubt contributed to his standout performance in this year’s Conversations With Friends. It’s exciting to witness where he’s been. More exciting to see where he’s headed. But before I finish this tribute, it’s imperative I mention his kindness, his generosity, and humanity. And as evidenced in The Favourite, he will out-dance your ass with stoic high kicks and plunging floor work … all while wearing a powdered wig and no less than 50 lb. of high-end satin finery.

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