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Pet Insurance

Lemonade Insurance Review

Lemonade Insurance Review 2024: Reliable, Affordable Products for Renters and Pet Owners

Lemonade offers a range of insurance products online and through its mobile app, including homeowners insurance, renters insurance, auto insurance coverage, and more.

embrace pet insurance review

Embrace Pet Insurance Review 2024: It’s Customizable—and No Limit to Coverage

Embrace offers customizable coverage for cats and dogs, including a wellness plan. Learn more about Embrace and its pet insurance options.

Nationwide pet insurance

Nationwide Pet Insurance Review 2024: Flexible Customization Coverage for Multiple Pets

One of the country’s best-known property insurers, Nationwide also offers coverage for pets. Learn about Nationwide pet insurance.

Spot Pet Insurance Review

Spot Pet Insurance Review 2024: Outstanding Customization Choices for Every Budget

Spot pet insurance covers veterinary expenses for accidents and illnesses, with an optional preventative care package. Learn more.

how does pet insurance work

How Does Pet Insurance Work? A Complete Guide

Pet insurance adds to your monthly expenses, but could save you a fortune if your pet has an accident or becomes ill and requires an expensive trip to the vet.

Best Pet Insurance for Older Dogs

Best Pet Insurance for Older Dogs in July 2024

Pet insurance for senior dogs can help you save money on vet bills if your older dog is injured or develops a serious (and expensive) illness.

Pet Insurance Waiting Periods

Pet Insurance Waiting Periods: All You Need to Know

Waiting periods are common with pet insurance providers, but what do they mean for pet owners? Learn about waiting periods and how they affect your ability to file a claim.

Exotic Pet Insurance Guide

Exotic Pet Insurance Guide: Types, Coverage and Cost

Most pet insurance companies only cover dogs and cats, but coverage for exotic pets is available and worth considering.

Pet Sitting Insurance Guide

Pet-Sitting Insurance: Types, Cost, Companies

Pet-sitting insurance protects business owners from liability claims for third-party property damage, client injuries, and pet injuries.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It

Pet Insurance: What is It and When Should You Get It?

Thinking about getting pet insurance and wondering if it’s worth the cost? Here’s what to know about this coverage and when it makes sense.

cost of pet insurance

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost? For Dogs, Cats and More

Pet insurance adds an extra expense to your monthly budget, but it can help protect you from expensive vet bills if your pet is injured or seriously ill.

pet dental insurance

Best Pet Dental Insurance 2024

The best pet dental insurance providers can help pay for vet treatment for dental injuries or illnesses that could quickly become costly.

cheap pet insurance

Cheap Pet Insurance in July 2024

Cheap pet insurance is designed to fit your budget while providing ample coverage if your pet is injured or becomes ill, making it a smart choice for many pet owners.

pet wellness insurance

Pet Wellness Plans for 2024

A pet wellness plan can take some of the sting out of vet bills for routine exams, vaccines, preventative medication, and more.

pet insurance for multiple pets

Best Pet Insurance for Multiple Pets in 2024

Pet insurance for multiple pets can help protect you financially if your four-legged friends are injured or become ill and need veterinary care.

life insurance for pets

Life Insurance for Pets: Yes, It Exists. How Does It Work?

Pet life insurance pays if an animal unexpectedly passes away. Find out if this type of coverage is right for your pet.

Pet Liability Insurance for Renters

Pet Liability Insurance for Renters: Why Do You Need It, What Does It Cover?

Liability insurance provides financial protection if your pet damages property or injures someone. Learn more about pet liability for renters.

Best Pet Insurance

Best Pet Insurance Companies for July 2024

Buying pet insurance may help defray the costs of healthcare for your furry (or feathered or scaly) friend. It helps to know which pet insurance companies offer the best deals for your wallet.