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Certificate of Deposit (CD)


best 18 month cd rates

Best 18-Month CD Rates of July 2024

18-month CDs offer attractive APYs beyond one year. Here are the best 18-month CDs to earn high rates.

best cd rates

Best CD Rates in July 2024

Comparing the best CD rates at banks and credit unions can help you find the right savings option for your needs and goals.

best 1-year cd rates

Best 1-Year CD Rates in July 2024

Certificate of deposit (CD) accounts can help you save for short- or long-term goals. Here are the best one-year CDs to grow your money.

Are CDs FDIC-Insured?

Are CDs FDIC-Insured?

Certificates of deposit (CDs) are a safety investment sold primarily by banks and credit unions. But are CDs FDIC-insured? Find out.

CDs vs Bonds

CD vs. Bonds: How Do They Compare?

CDs and bonds both offer steady returns over a set period of time, but they can serve very different purposes in an investment portfolio.

capital one bank

Capital One Bank Review 2024

Capital One is one of the nation’s largest banks. It’s noteworthy for its lack of account fees, attractive APYs, and cafés that offer free WiFI, workspace, and account services.


CD vs. Money Market Account: Difference, Similarities & How to Choose

Both money market accounts and certificates of deposit (CD) offer opportunities to earn higher interest than a regular savings account, which can boost savings.

best 2 year cd rates

Best 2-Year CD Rates July 2024

Looking for a guaranteed, attractive return in exchange for leaving your savings untouched for two years? Here are the best two-year CDs available today.

cd's investments

CD Investments: How Much Can CDs Earn?

Certificate of deposit (CD) earnings can be impressive, depending on the interest rate and term. Learn how CD investments work and how much you can earn from one.

CD Ladder

What Is a CD Ladder? Pros, Cons, Alternatives

A CD ladder lets you take advantage of fluctuating interest rates for maximum return while accessing your funds on a regular schedule.

history of cd rates

The History of CD Rates: From 1984 to 2024

Knowing the history of CD interest rates—along with the economic conditions at the time—can provide helpful guidance for using this information to maximize return on savings.

Best 6-Month CD Rates for July 2024

Six-month CDs can help you reach short-term savings goals. Here are the best six-month CDs to grow your money.

what is apr

What Is Annual Percentage Yield (APY) And How To Calculate It

There are two interest rates posted with nearly every interest-bearing instrument: interest rate and annual percentage yield (APY). APY is the most important to you as an investor. Here’s why.

Best 3-month CD Rates

Best 3-month CD Rates for July 2024

Three-month CDs offer high APYs for short-term savings. Here are the best three-month CDs available at the moment.

Best 5-Year CD Rates

Best 5-Year CD Rates of 2024

If you want to achieve long-term savings goals, check out our list of the best five-year CDs to grow your money.

Are CD's taxable?

Are CDs Taxable? All You Need to Know

Interest earned by CDs is taxable, though tax payments may be delayed if they are held in some tax-advantaged retirement accounts. Learn the details of how this works.