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Roger Wohlner

Roger Wohlner

Roger is a financial and business writer who brings his extensive experience as a financial advisor to his writing. He writes on a full range of financial planning related topics including all aspects of personal and business insurance. His experience as a financial advisor includes helping clients evaluate their personal insurance needs and in some cases helping them obtain the coverage needed.

Prior to working as a financial writer and advisor, Roger held a number of corporate financial positions with several companies.

Roger’s work has been featured on TheStreet, Investopedia, Morningstar Magazine, Go Banking Rates, US News & World Report, Yahoo! Finance, Investor Junkie, and numerous other sites. He also ghostwrites for a number of financial services firms as well as for financial advisors.

Roger earned his bachelor’s degree in business with an emphasis in finance from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and his MBA degree from Marquette University.

My blog:The Chicago Financial Planner

Articles by Roger Wohlner

Bull vs Bear Market

Bear Market vs. Bull Market: How Are They Different & What Investors Need to Know

A bull market occurs when securities are on the rise and increasing in value. Learn how to invest during a bull market, compared to a bear market, in this article.

SEP IRA vs. Solo 401(k)

SEP IRA vs. Solo 401(k): Which Should You Choose?

SEP IRAs and solo 401(k)s are self-employed retirement plans. Both are solid options, but which one is right for you?

ira to buy a home

Can You (and Should You) Use an IRA to Buy a Home?

The issue of whether you can use an IRA, or if you should use your IRA to buy a house is complicated. It's important to understand all sides of this issue before making a decision.

What Is a Self-Directed IRA

What Is a Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA)?

A self-directed IRA (SDIRA) is a retirement account that offers investors the chance to hold a variety of alternative investments inside of their IRA.

Roth IRA

What Is a Roth IRA?

Roth IRAs offer an alternative to traditional IRAs in terms of their tax treatment and other factors. They may be a good addition to your retirement savings efforts.

backdoor roth ir

What Is a Backdoor Roth IRA? Benefits, Limits, Conversion

The backdoor Roth IRA is a technique to allow taxpayers who earn too much to contribute directly to a Roth IRA to still be able to contribute to one using a backdoor approach.

roth ira contribution limits

Roth IRA Contribution and Income Limits 2023 and 2024

Roth IRA contribution and income limits generally are revised each year. These limits determine how much you can contribute to an IRA in general and to a Roth IRA specifically.

Roth IRA

How to Make Roth IRA Withdrawals Tax- and Penalty-Free

Roth IRAs offer the possibility for tax and penalty-free withdrawals, but the rules are complex. It’s important to understand these rules to be sure you are getting the most out of your Roth IRA.

financial advisor

5 Tips for Finding the Right Financial Advisor for You

A financial advisor can be a key ally in helping you reach your financial goals. It is critical to find the right advisor for your individual needs.

brokerage account for your child

Investing for Kids: How to Open a Brokerage Account for Your Child

There are various types of brokerage accounts available for kids. The right type of account will depend on your personal financial situation and investment goals.

401(k) matching

401(k) Matching: Meaning, How It Works, and How to Get the Most Out of It

A 401(k) match is a contribution made by an employer to match some or all of an employee’s contributions to a company retirement plan. Employer contributions can also be made on a nonmatching basis. Not all 401(k) plans offer a match.

money market account vs money market fund

Money Market Account Vs. Money Market Fund: What’s The Difference?

Money market accounts and money market funds are short-term investment vehicles with similar names and different characteristics.

Best Index Funds with Low Expense Ratios

Best Index Funds with Low Expense Ratios

Index funds offer a low cost way to invest and an easy way to diversify your portfolio among different investment styles.

portfolio diversification

Portfolio Diversification Explained: Definition, Importance, Strategy

Investment diversification is a way to mitigate investment risk while gaining exposure to several different asset classes or market sectors.

Alternative Investment

8 Alternative Investments to Diversify Your Portfolio in 2024

Alternative investments offer another investing option beyond traditional investments, such as stocks and bonds. Alternatives can help investors diversify their portfolios.

income investing

What is Income Investing?

Income investing is a means for investors to generate ongoing income and cash flow from all or a portion of their investment portfolio.

HELOC on investment property

HELOC on Investment Property: A Good Idea?

A HELOC against the equity in an investment property can be a solid way to cover costs relating to repairs and improvements to the property, but it can be more difficult to obtain than a HELOC on a personal residence.

Open Enrollment Medicare

Open Enrollment Medicare 2024: Period, Advantages, Options

The annual Medicare Open Enrollment period is a time for those already covered by Medicare to evaluate their current coverage and make any changes needed for the upcoming year.