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Matt Collister

Matthew Collister

Matthew Collister is a freelance writer and editor based in Cleveland, Ohio. Leveraging his 15 years of experience working in marketing communications for one of the country’s largest insurance companies, Matthew specializes in creating content on property and casualty insurance topics with a focus on personal lines. His freelance clients have included some of the country’s largest and best known insurance brands, along with leading companies in the packaging, industrial manufacturing, home improvement, and hospitality industries. He handles a wide range of content for these companies, including feature articles; employee communications; web copy, marketing, and other promotional materials; video scripting; and press releases. His work has been recognized by the International Association of Business Communicators.

In his spare time, Matthew enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and travel. He’s an avid sports fan and a strength-and-fitness enthusiast who’s completed multiple Ironman triathlons, Spartan races, and more than 30 marathons.


Articles by Matthew Collister

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