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Jim Probasco

Jim Probasco

A freelance writer and editor since the 1990s, Jim Probasco has written hundreds of articles on personal finance and business-related content, authored books and teaching materials in the fields of music education and senior lifestyle, served as head writer for a series of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) specials, and created radio short-form comedy. As managing editor for The Activity Director’s Companion, Jim wrote and edited numerous articles used by activity professionals with seniors in a variety of lifestyle settings and served as guest presenter and lecturer at the Kentucky Department of Aging and Independent Living Conference as well as Resident Activity Professional Conferences in the Midwest.

Jim has served on the boards of several nonprofit organizations in the Dayton, Ohio area, including the Kettering Arts Commission, Dayton Philharmonic Education Advisory Committee, and the University of Dayton Arts Series. He is past president of an educational foundation that serves teachers and students in the Kettering (Ohio) City School District.

He holds a bachelors from Ohio University in Fine Arts/Music Education and a masters from Wright State University in Music Education.

Articles by Jim Probasco

401k contribution limits

What Are the 401(k) Contribution Limits for 2023? All You Need to Know

The 2023 individual 401(k) contribution limit is $22,500, up $2,000 from 2022. Contributions from all sources—including employer 401(k) matching—are limited to $66,000.

Roth IRA to buy a house

How to Use Your Roth IRA to Buy a Home

IRS regulations allow you to withdraw funds from your Roth IRA tax and penalty-free, provided you meet specific requirements.

roth 401k

What Is A Roth 401(k)? Essential Guide 2023

A Roth 401(k) is a designated Roth retirement savings account funded with after-tax earnings and kept within an employer-sponsored 401(k) retirement plan.

Coast FIRE

What Is Coast FIRE

Coast FIRE is a strategy that involves saving enough to generate sufficient future retirement income, then working to pay current expenses before “coasting” into retirement.

Tax Brackets and Federal Income Tax Rates

Tax Brackets and Federal Income Tax Rates for 2023 and 2024

Tax brackets and rates, published annually by the IRS, are the basis for all federal income taxes paid in the U.S. Taxpayers use these charts to determine their yearly income-tax liability as adjusted for inflation.

Term vs. Permanent Life Insurance

What Is the Difference Between Term vs. Permanent Life Insurance (And How to Choose)

Term life insurance covers a certain number of years; permanent life insurance continues for your lifetime, provided you pay the agreed premiums.

how to switch banks

How to Switch Banks

Switching accounts from one bank to another requires careful attention and monitoring during the transition to avoid lost deposits and missed payments.

joint credit cards

Joint Credit Cards: All You Need to Know

A joint credit card account is shared by two people who are each equally responsible for the balance due, as well as any interest or fees incurred on the account.

online banking security

Online Banking Security: How to Protect Your Online Banking Information

Online banking is convenient, inexpensive, and secure, provided you choose a reputable bank and take practical steps to keep your accounts safe.

CD Ladder

What Is a CD Ladder? Pros, Cons, Alternatives

A CD ladder lets you take advantage of fluctuating interest rates for maximum return while accessing your funds on a regular schedule.

history of cd rates

The History of CD Rates: From 1984 to 2023

Knowing the history of CD interest rates—along with the economic conditions at the time—can provide helpful guidance for using this information to maximize return on savings.

credit card charge back

What Is a Credit Card Chargeback?

A credit card chargeback is when a bank returns money to a card holder because a charge was fraudulent or the card holder bought something that wasn’t delivered or was defective.