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Jess Ullrich

Jess Ullrich

Jess is a financial writer with several years of editorial experience. Before transitioning to full-time freelancing, she was an editor on the performance marketing team at Investopedia and The Balance. Jess enjoys covering banking, credit cards, insurance, investing, loans and real estate.

Articles by Jess Ullrich


What Is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP)?

Here’s what it means to be a certified financial planner (CFP), how they help clients, whom they’re right for, and more.

Capital One Spark Cash Plus Review

Capital One Spark Cash Plus Review 2024

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Thinking about getting pet insurance and wondering if it’s worth the cost? Here’s what to know about this coverage and when it makes sense.

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Rocket Money vs. Mint

If you’ve been affected by the recent Mint shutdown and are seeking a new budgeting tool, here’s what to know about Rocket Money and its features.

My GM Rewards Card Review 2024

Here’s what to know about the My GM Rewards card, its pros and cons, who it’s right for, the benefits you’ll get, and more.

ynab review

YNAB Review 2024

If you’re interested in a new budgeting app, you may have heard about YNAB. Learn more about its pros and cons, how it works, and who it’s right for.