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Eric Rosenberg

Eric Rosenberg is a financial writer, speaker, and consultant based in Ventura, California. He holds an undergraduate finance degree from the University of Colorado and an MBA in finance from the University of Denver. After working as a bank manager and then nearly a decade in corporate finance and accounting, Eric left the corporate world for full-time online self-employment. His work has been featured in online publications including Business Insider, Nerdwallet, Investopedia, The Balance, HuffPo, Investor Junkie, and other fine financial blogs and publications. When away from the computer, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, traveling the world, and tinkering with technology.

Articles by Eric Rosenberg

best student checking accounts

Best Student Checking Accounts for June 2024

The best student checking accounts come with no fees and meet the needs of a modern student. Find the best student checking accounts.

travel credit cards

Best Travel Credit Cards for June 2024

The best travel credit cards offer miles, points, and valuable exclusive perks. Find the best travel credit cards here.

LendingClub Personal Loan Review

LendingClub Personal Loan Review 2024: Pros, Cons, Approval Odds

LendingClub personal loans are available with flexible terms, and you can apply with no impact to your credit score. Learn more here.

debit card

What Is a Debit Card? Definition, Uses & Examples

A debit card is a common and useful tool for payments directly from a bank account. Learn the pros and cons of debit cards here.

Quicken Alternatives

5 Best Alternatives to Quicken in 2024

Quicken is a popular desktop-based app for tracking your money. Learn about the best Quicken alternatives here.

Credit score to rent apartment

What Credit Score Do You Need to Rent an Apartment?

Renting an apartment without great credit isn’t always easy, but it’s possible. Find out what credit score you need to rent an apartment and learn some strategies to help you qualify.

best money market accounts

6 Best Money Market Accounts for June 2024 (Up to 5.30%)

Here’s a look at the best money market account rates in 2024 to help you on your quest to get the best return on your cash while maintaining FDIC insurance coverage.

woman pays for groceries with a credit card

Best Credit Cards for Groceries for June 2024

The best credit cards for groceries offer bonus rewards at the grocery store and other supermarket-related benefits. Learn more here.

checking account

What Is A Checking Account?

Checking accounts play an important role in managing your money. Learn what a checking account is and how it works.

Sofi credit card review

SoFi Credit Card Review

The SoFi credit card is a great choice among flat-rate cash back cards. Learn how you can earn an unlimited 2% cash back and more.

savings account

What Is a Savings Account?

A savings account is an important bank account, ideal for safely storing your money while earning interest. Learn more about what a savings account is here.

best payment gateways

Best Payment Gateways for Businesses for June 2024

Payment gateways are services enabling businesses to accept credit and debit card payments. We’ve narrowed down the best payment gateways for businesses and what they offer.

Interest Rate vs. APR

Interest Rate vs. APR: How Do They Differ?

It’s important to understand the difference between interest rates and APRs when borrowing money.

30 year mortgage rates

Best 30-Year Mortgage Rates in June 2024

The best 30-year mortgage rates can lead to huge savings over the life of the loan. These lenders offer some of the lowest APRs.

high yield checking accounts

Best High-Yield Checking Accounts for June 2024

High-yield checking accounts let you earn interest on your idle cash. Find the best high-interest checking accounts here.

What is compound interest

What Is Compound Interest?

Compound interest is a powerful financial concept that lets you earn interest on previously earned interest. Learn more about it here.

15-year mortgage rates

Best 15-Year Mortgage Rates in June 2024

A 15-year mortgage can be an excellent way to finance a home and keep interest costs under control.Find the best 15-year mortgage rates here.

Best Loans for Fair Credit

Best Loans for Fair Credit in June 2024

If you’re looking for a personal loan with fair credit, it’s important to understand the costs and terms. Find the best loans for fair credit here.

best banks for personal loans

Best Banks for Personal Loans for June 2024

Personal loans are sometimes helpful for debt consolidation or getting through a financial rough patch. Find the best banks for personal loans here.

cd vs ira

CDs vs. IRAs: Key Differences and How Do They Compare?

Certificates of deposit (CDs) and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are commonly used for saving and investing. Learn how these two ways to build assets compare.

401k and ira

Can You Have a 401(k) and an IRA?

You can have a 401(k) and an IRA, and contribute to both in the same year, most of the time. Learn more about the pros and cons of each—and their contribution limits—here.

online surveys

7 Best Online Surveys for Money 2024: What Is the Earning Potential?

Online surveys are an easy way to earn extra cash. Find the best online surveys from trusted providers here.

Surge Platinum Mastercard Review

Surge Platinum Mastercard Review 2024

The Surge Platinum Mastercard is a credit card for people with no credit or bad credit. Learn the pros and cons here.

First Digital Mastercard Review

First Digital Mastercard Review 2024

The First Digital Mastercard is a cash back rewards card for applicants with no credit or bad credit. Learn more and compare features here.

Discover It Secured Review

Discover It Secured Review 2024

The Discover It Secured Card is a no-annual fee card for those looking to build or rebuild credit and earn cash back rewards. Learn more.

apple credit card review

Apple Credit Card Review: Is It Worth It?

The Apple Card is a unique credit card with up to 3% cash back and no annual fee. Learn more about the Apple credit card here.

stack of no credit check credit cards

Best Credit Cards with No Credit Check 2024

The best no credit check cards are available even if you have no credit or bad credit. Find the best credit cards for no credit and bad credit here.

Indigo Platinum Mastercard Review

Indigo Platinum Mastercard Review

The Indigo Platinum Mastercard is a credit card for borrowers with bad credit, but its high rates and fees could leave you wanting an alternative.

types of savings accounts

5 Types of Savings Accounts to Save Your Money

Different types of savings accounts offer benefits and features that could be perfect for your needs. Learn more here about the various types of savings accounts that are available.

checking accounts

How Many Checking Accounts Should You Have?

Read this guide to learn how many checking accounts you should have and the benefits and drawbacks of using multiple checking accounts.

cash back credit cards

How Do Cash Back Credit Cards Work?

Cash back credit cards reward you with cash back on every eligible purchase. Here’s a closer look at how they work so you can decide which could be the right fit for your wallet.

British Airways Visa Signature Review

British Airways Visa Signature Review 2024

The British Airways Visa Signature card features a lucrative bonus and valuable benefits, but it’s not perfect for everyone. Learn more.

What Credit Score Is Needed to Buy a Car

What Credit Score Is Needed to Buy a Car?

If you don’t have enough cash to buy a car outright, you may want to know what credit score is needed to get approved for a loan.

NSF Fees

What Are NSF Fees And How to Avoid Them?

NSF fees, or nonsufficient funds fees, are bank charges for overdrawing your account. Learn more about NSF fees and how to avoid them here.

Netspend Visa Prepaid Card Review

Netspend Visa Prepaid Card Review 2024

The Netspend Visa Prepaid Card is an easy-to-use prepaid debit card, but the costs may have you looking elsewhere for your payment and banking needs.

Quicken vs QuickBooks

Quicken vs QuickBooks

Quicken and QuickBooks are financial tracking apps for individuals and businesses. Learn more about them here.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Benefits

Chase Sapphire Preferred Benefits List 2024

Chase Sapphire Preferred is a credit card with some of the best travel-related benefits around. Find the entire Chase Sapphire Preferred benefits list here.

roadside assistance credit card

4 Credit Cards Offering Roadside Assistance to Have in 2024

A breakdown of our favorite credit cards offering roadside assistance as a perk, plus other card details.

amex pay it plan it

Amex Pay It Plan It Guide 2024

Amex’s Pay It Plan It feature gives cardholders more control over how much they pay at the end of the month and how much interest they accrue.

student loan forgiveness

How to Apply for Student Loan Forgiveness

If you want to know how to apply for student loan forgiveness, read this article to learn the process and requirements.

how to close a bank account

How to Close a Bank Account

Closing a bank account is a quick and easy process. Learn how to close a bank account here.

cardless atm

How Do Cardless ATMs Work?

Cardless ATMs allow you to withdraw cash without a debit card or ATM card. How do cardless ATMs work? Learn how cardless ATMs work here.

Car loan no credit

Can I Get a Car Loan with No Credit?

Want to know if you can get a car loan with no credit? It’s possible. Follow our guide to find out how.

ACH transfers

What are ACH transfers

Automated clearinghouse (ACH) transfers are an easy and low-cost method of sending funds from one financial account to another. Learn how ACH transfers work.