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Daniel Kurt

Daniel Kurt

Daniel Kurt is a personal finance writer who helps readers manage their money with a long-term mindset. Daniel often writes about budgeting and retirement planning, as well as how to teach financial literacy to kids (he has five). His work has appeared on numerous websites, including Investopedia and Fatherly.

Articles by Daniel Kurt

credit card interest calculati

How is Interest Calculated on Credit Cards?

While you’re likely to see the annual percentage rate (APR) on your card’s disclosure documents, issuers generally charge you interest on a daily basis. Because most cards use a daily compounding method, you effectively pay a higher percentage than the APR.

buy a car with a credit card

Can You Buy a Car With a Credit Card?

Some dealerships allow you to buy a car with a credit card, although you should always be careful about paying with plastic. If you use a rewards card and have enough cash to pay your balance right away, however, it may work to your advantage.