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When I saw Jonathan Majors in The Last Black Man in San Francisco, I thought, Man, this guy has so many layers. He can be so many different things, which is one of his superpowers. He’s a chameleon. As he dissolves into these different characters, you can’t help but be blown away by his talent. There’s something really captivating about his presence, and the choices he makes as an actor.

We’re very similar in a lot of ways. We bonded during the time we spent together during the production of Creed III. We created a brotherhood during that film: you sweat together, you bleed together, you cry together, laugh together. It’s a whole process.

There’s a strong empathy to Jonathan and to his work. He allows people to go on the character’s journey. That’s a really great quality for an actor to have because it invites you into the film’s world. He’s an incredible talent and leading man—one I’m glad to have worked with. I’m just so impressed by how he’s handling the whirlwind he’s in, and where he’s getting ready to go.

Jordan is an actor, director, and Emmy-nominated producer

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