Boosted Rev
Joe Lingeman for TIME

A Serious Scooter

Boosted Rev
Boosted Rev Joe Lingeman for TIME 

The proliferation of shared electric scooters is undeniable; Limes, Birds and Spins litter the country, from the suburbs of California to the streets of New York. There’s a clear demand for a way to get around that’s easier than biking, greener than driving and cheaper than using larger electric vehicles like mopeds. So electric-­skateboard maker Boosted decided to make a scooter for the more dedicated eco-commuter. The $1,600 Rev is a beefier, more powerful version of the scooters you’d pay a few bucks to ride to your next location, with a top speed of 24 m.p.h. and a range of 22 miles on a full three-hour charge. The Rev weaves through city terrain and conquers hills with aplomb. That’s thanks to its pair of electric motors, wider base for improved stability and air-filled tires for increased shock ­absorption—but all those features do make it a hefty 45 lb. The integrated odometer lets you see your speed and swap among three driving modes, and the companion app lets you track your miles. Its aluminum frame makes it bike-lock-friendly, so you won’t have to roll it into class or the office, and its three different braking options ensure you’ve got control when you need it. —Patrick Lucas Austin

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Correction, Nov. 21

The original version of this story misstated the material used in the Boosted Rev’s frame. It has an aluminum frame, not a steel frame.

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