Farmer's Fridge
Joe Lingeman for TIME

Vending Veggies

Farmer's Fridge
Farmer's Fridge Joe Lingeman for TIME 

There’s a panic that sometimes creeps in around lunchtime, when hunger meets indecision and, suddenly, the only thing immediately available is unhealthy fast food. Farmer’s Fridge is attempting to solve that problem by putting freshly made, produce-­filled meals into vending machines. Gone are the chips and candies you might have bought in a hunger-fueled frenzy; instead, the machines distribute salads, wraps, sandwiches and more—all made from scratch in a kitchen in Chicago and shipped or delivered to the machines daily, Monday through Friday. The average lunch: $7. To address the issue of waste, the company delivers food that’s perhaps a bit wilted but still good to eat to community food services for those in need. With more than 400 vending machines throughout the U.S.—including in Chicago, New York City and Philadelphia—Farmer’s Fridge is aiming to be near urban offices, gyms and homes soon. —Mahita Gajanan

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