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Back-Seat Gaming


“We basically want to turn every vehicle into a moving theme park,” says Nils Wollny, co-founder of virtual-reality startup holoride. The company, an Audi spin-off, has developed a virtual-reality app that reads vehicle data like acceleration and turning and incorporates it into a VR experience. If you’re flying a virtual spaceship in your headset and the car turns left, the spaceship veers left as well. The founders say the feedback reduces motion sickness, while allowing passengers to do anything from reading the news to saving the galaxy from the back seat. They plan to roll out holoride to ride-share services next year and have their software in car models starting in 2021. For now, holoride is committed to the theme-park image: in October, the company launched a Halloween experience at Universal Studios. —Alejandro de la Garza

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