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Kano PC

Kano made a name for itself with a DIY computer kit that utilized a custom OS to teach kids (and, let’s be honest, parents) how computers work. Now, Kano PC moves that conversation forward by helping users put together the hardware aspects of a PC while simultaneously teaching them all about the bits and bytes that make a computer run. In the end, the user has “the power, the security, the safety ... of Windows 10 in S Mode,” says Chris Mann, Kano’s senior communications manager. Although the kit is designed for education, it could also be a great first computer for a young teen. —Jason Cipriani

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Correction, Nov. 21:

The original version of this story misstated the Kano PC’s capacity to perform a variety of tasks due to S Mode. The computer can be easily taken out of S Mode and operate with the full capacity of Windows 10. S Mode does not mean the computer can only be used for limited tasks.

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