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A Robot That Rolls

Temi Joe Lingeman for TIME 

Will personal robots be the next home-­technology revolution? The makers of Temi think so. Its robot includes a touchscreen, voice controls and 16 different sensors that allow it to autonomously navigate around objects and people, as well as AI that enables it to learn the layout of your house and travel to any room you tell it to—as long as it doesn’t need to open doors or get up any stairs. While Temi (which costs $1,999) can also play music, take photos, play games and answer questions, the robot’s engineers say its most important mission is to help people stay connected. “I knew that the telecom value would bring happiness and reduce loneliness,” says Yossi Wolf, Temi’s founder and CEO. Employing voice and facial recognition, the robot can follow you with a video call even if there are other people around, and knows that “Call Dad” means your dad, not your partner’s. Launched in June, Temi has already shipped hundreds of its robots across the U.S. —Alejandro de la Garza

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