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It’s about time we throw the history books out and let these hilarious tweets do all the storytelling about our past.

People are having a blast tweeting tweets about their plans to lead their future children to believe that some of the most significant figures in history are actually random pop icons with the gonna tell my kids meme.

Lana Del Rey, the nostalgia-soaked pop singer is definitely not Jacqueline Kennedy and the now defunct animatronic Chuck-E Cheese band is definitely not Brockhampton. But that doesn’t stop the internet from firmly establishing the intention to say otherwise.

Some of the most popular iterations sees a person reinterpreting history with some very deep cuts. As far as the spawn of the future are concerned, who’s to say that Gil Faizon (Nick Kroll and George St. Geegland (John Mulaney) from the Oh Hello Show aren’t Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden? This meme imagines a future without fact checking, and the results are hilarious.

The meme sprang up on Twitter and the comical misinformation commenced from there. This one’s easy to duplicate. Just pick your favorite household name who made history and pair it with a pop icon or random person with vaguely the same energy. To finish, top it off with the “gonna tell my kids this was…” caption.

The pairings are pretty funny. Just look at alternative rock hero Kurt Corbain screaming his heart out.

Panicked that the youths are attached to their phones? It’s fine. This meme expertly encapsulates a world where some fear the future generations won’t inevitably know life as their parents did.

But why mourn for your future when you can laugh in the face of the persistent punk rock march of time. The meme works for many uses as long as you know how to find the right doppelgänger.

Scroll on for some delightfully inaccurate history lessons. Here, the best gonna tell my kids memes misleading the way below.

And of course, a star Game of Thrones pairing was invoked.

But this might take the cake.

And that wasn’t forward thinking enough. There is also the gonna tell my grandkids memes.

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