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This Grandma Has a Resourceful Life Hack to Protect Herself While Cooking With Hot Oil

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A resourceful grandmother has gone viral for her interesting life hack for the ultimate protection while cooking with hot oil.

The senior citizen rose to Internet fame after her grandchild posted a photo of her arming herself with a halved liter soda bottle and a dishtowel to cook with hot oil to Reddit along with the caption: “My grandma’s technique for cooking with hot oil.”

In the image, the grandma puts the handle of the utensil through the neck of the halved soda bottle, then holds the handle through the body, thus protecting her hand and arm from any rogue oil splashes or pops, with a dish towel covering the rest of her arm for extra coverage.

The post, which received over 70k upvotes, started some major dialogue on the thread, with over 1.6k comments, with many people weighing in on the grandma’s unorthodox method for protecting herself from oil splashes. While some wondered why the grandma preferred a soda bottle to the more conventional oven mitt, others praised her using household objects to solve a common problem.

See the original post below.

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