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T-Rex ‘Dinosaurs’ Race Down on a Horse Track As Fast as Their Inflatable Costume Legs Can Carry Them

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Horse racing can be thrilling to watch. But dinosaur racing? That’s a different story.

Thankfully, despite the fact that our prehistoric friends went extinct 65 million years ago, one horse racing track has brought back the ever-popular (and generally terrifying) Tyrannosaurus rex in its own way for a bit of racing fun.

The Emerald Downs track in Auburn, Washington shared a now-viral video over the weekend of a new type of competition on its property, featuring a crowded field of about two dozen T-rex characters. (Don’t worry, this isn’t a Jurassic Park incident; it’s simply a group of runners dressed up in giant blow-up T-rex costumes, stumbling as fast as they can over the track towards a finish line.)

Inflatable T-rex costumes are nothing new, but you probably haven’t seen this many of them congregated in one spot, attempting as best they can to go as speedily as they can. Why are they doing it? Who is behind the costumes? What does the winner receive? All questions that spectators may have, and answers we have not yet procured.

But it looks like it was a pretty good day to be in the Emerald Downs crowd even beyond the T-rex race: the other events listed on the track’s calendar were “wiener and wiener wannabe” races, featuring adorable dachsunds.

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