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Michelle Lodge, Writer

Michelle Lodge

Michelle is a journalist, who has written extensively about finance, personal finance, topics of critical importance to business owners, iconic and everyday Americans, book reviewing, travel and health. For TIME, she profiled Jimmy Carter, Toni Morrison, and Francis Ford Coppola about turning points in their lives. For the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, she covered gender discrimination in the financial services industry. For Investopedia, she reviewed the best finance books of the year, and for the British Medical Journal, she traveled to South Sudan to cover Guinea-worm eradication efforts spearheaded by the Carter Center.

Articles by Michelle Lodge

Buy Now Pay Late

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL): How It Works, Benefits, How to Get It

"Buy now, pay later (BNPL)” can be appealing if you want the item or service right away, but you don’t want to wait until you can afford it. A number of apps facilitate the BNPL way of purchasing. Some charge fees; others don’t.

What Are Tradelines and How Do They Work

What Are Tradelines and How Do They Work?

Credit-reporting agencies, such as Experian, use so-called “tradelines.” These are lines on your credit report that spell out each revolving and installment credit account you have and also include your name and the business or organization to which you owe money.

Money Market vs. Savings

Money Market Account vs Savings Account: Similarities, Differences, & Which Option Is Best for You

Both money market accounts and savings accounts pay interest on balances, but they differ in the interest rates offered, withdrawal regulations, and minimum deposits needed to open an account.

 609 Dispute Letter

What Is a 609 Dispute Letter?

A 609 dispute letter is a method of requesting that a credit bureau remove erroneous information from your credit report.

save for retirement

Best Ways to Save for Retirement

Retirement looms large over most Americans, but fear not. You can start saving for retirement anytime, including today. Learn more.

medical bills overdue

What Happens When Medical Bills Go to Collection?

When an unpaid medical bill goes to a collection agency, it could cause your credit score to drop. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to bring it back up and consumer-friendly laws to help you return to firmer fiscal ground.