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Kohl's Charge Card Review

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updated: April 3, 2024

If you’ve ever shopped at a retail clothing store, chances are an employee has encouraged you to sign up for the store credit card or charge card. While these cards usually have several benefits, they sometimes have high fees or other limitations.

The Kohl’s Charge Card is offered to Kohl’s customers, and it includes cash back, monthly free shipping, and other discounts. In this Kohl’s Charge Card review, we’ll see how this card stacks up and whether it’s worth adding to your wallet.

TIME's Take

The Kohl’s Charge Card earns 7.5% cash back on every purchase, plus 35% back on your first purchase. While that is enticing, you can earn 5% cash back by simply signing up for Kohl’s Rewards. The Kohl’s Charge Card offers some extra benefits, but its high APR makes it tough to recommend for all but the most intensely loyal Kohl’s customers.

Who is the card for?

The Kohl’s Card is perfect for frequent Kohl’s shoppers. It includes exclusive discounts, special offers, and promotions.

The Kohl’s Charge Card is also most suitable for those who pay off their balances every month. It has a variable 30.74% APR, which means that carrying a balance on this card is costly.

In some instances, this card could also be good for building credit. Because you can only use the card at Kohl’s stores, running up a balance is more difficult. If you spend small amounts on the card and pay it off every month, it can give your credit score a boost.

Whether this card is right for you depends on your finances, spending habits, and goals. In general, it’s best for those who can take full advantage of the card’s benefits.

Kohl’s Charge Card review summary: pros & cons


  • High cash back rate on in-store purchases
  • Possible to stack Kohl’s Card discounts with Kohl’s Cash®
  • No membership fees


  • Can’t use outside Kohl’s stores
  • Regular APR is high
  • Can only redeem during redemption dates

Rewards structure

For the most part, the Kohl’s Charge Card has a simple rewards structure. Here’s what you can earn as a cardmember:

  • 7.5% cash back on every purchase.
  • 35% off on your first purchase within 14 days of card approval.
  • $10 for every $50 spent during Kohl’s Cash earn periods.
  • Extra savings coupons
  • Receipt-free returns on purchases
  • Monthly free shipping opportunities

You can also combine Kohl’s Card benefits with Kohl’s Cash. This means you can still earn Kohl’s Cash in addition to your other card benefits during earning periods. In other words, you can potentially get big savings by using your Kohl’s Card during special offers and promotions.

Additional hidden perks

There can also be hidden perks that come with the Kohl’s Charge Card. These are typically part of limited-time promotions and might include:

  • Exclusive discounts, including percentage discounts on purchases or flat dollar-amount discounts on certain items or categories.
  • Special anniversary offers or discounts for cardmembers.
  • Bonus rewards or incentives for specific spending categories or items. These might include additional discounts, extra Kohl’s Cash, or other rewards.

As mentioned, these hidden perks are often limited-time offers. Watch for mailers that include information about exclusive discounts and promotions.

What could be improved

The most obvious area of improvement for this card is its limited usefulness—it can be used only in Kohl’s stores. While this is typical for a store credit card, it means you can’t use the card or earn cash back anywhere outside of Kohl’s stores or on Kohl’ Redeeming Kohl’s Cash is even more limited, as you can only do so during redemption periods noted on the Kohl’s Cash Coupon or in the email you receive after shopping online or at the kiosk. Because of this, you may only be able to redeem Kohl’s Cash for a brief period.

This also means that the Kohl’s Charge Card doesn’t deliver the benefits of many other credit cards, such as the ability to transfer to travel partners. While it does include a welcome offer of 35% off your first purchase, that won’t be as lucrative as other welcome offers unless you spend a substantial amount. For example, to match the value of the $200 welcome offer on the card_name, you would have to spend about $571 or more.

Lastly, the regular APR on this card is high at 30.74%. Carrying a balance on this card is costly. It would be nice to see an APR more in line with the alternatives listed in the next section.

Comparing alternatives to Kohl’s Charge Card

CardBest forRegular APRAnnual feeMinimum Credit Score
Kohl’s Charge Card
Kohl’s customers
30.74% (variable)
Flexible cash back

Bottom line

The Kohl’s Charge Card offers 7.5% cash back on every purchase, a 35% discount on your first purchase, and other promotions and discounts. However, it has a high APR and can’t be used outside Kohl’s stores. It also lacks other benefits, such as free shipping.

This card may be a good choice for regular Kohl’s customers. However, for the majority of other people, one of the more well-rounded alternatives listed above probably makes more sense.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I apply for the Kohl's Credit Card?

You can apply for a Kohl’s Credit Card by visiting the Kohl’s website. You can also use the website to see if you pre-qualify for the card.

What credit score do you need for the Kohl's Credit Card?

Credit card issuers use a variety of factors to determine creditworthiness, so Kohl’s doesn’t say you need a certain score to apply. However, some reports suggest you should have at least fair credit to increase your approval odds.

How can I qualify for Kohl's Credit Card pre-approval?

Kohl’s allows anyone interested to pre-qualify on its website. Pre-qualifying won’t impact your credit score.

Where can I check my Kohl's Credit Card application status?

Kohl’s does not provide an online tool to check your application status. However, you can check by calling (800) 564-5740.

How do I make a Kohl's Credit Card payment?

You can make a payment on the Kohl’s website or app or by phone, mail, or in-store.

What is the customer service phone number for Kohl's Credit Card?

The customer service number for Kohl’s Credit Card is (800) 564-5740.

How much is the starting Kohl's Credit Card credit limit?

Kohl’s does not say how much the minimum credit limit is. However, reports suggest the starting credit limit is about $300.

How do I check my Kohl's Credit Card balance?

You can check your balance by logging in to My Kohl’s Card. Once you have access to your account, you can view your transactions, payments, and more.

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