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TIME is a global media brand built on 100 years of unparalleled trust and authority, with an audience of more than 100 million people worldwide across our platforms. Created in 1923, TIME began as the first weekly news magazine: a digest of world events, for busy people to read. Today, TIME includes a website; a magazine; a social media footprint of over 51 million; TIME Studios, an award-winning film and television division; live events; Red Border, an award-winning in-house branded content studio; TIME CO2, a climate action platform; TIME Stamped, a recommendations and e-commerce platform created in partnership with Taboola; and TIME Sites, a customer-experience platform.

TIME’s mission is to provide trusted guidance about the ideas and people who shape and improve the world. This promise lives at the center of our award-winning editorial work, fast-growing new divisions, innovative new products, and partner solutions.

Ethics Policy

TIME seeks to be the most trusted media company in the world. We are committed to producing journalism that meets the highest standards. No matter the subject or the intended audience, TIME’s journalism should reflect our commitment to quality and to integrity. The reputation of the company and the respect accorded to our journalism depend on upholding these shared values.


TIME’s Masthead can be found here.


When an error in published work is brought to our attention, TIME takes the matter seriously and, if confirmed, will run a correction promptly in the medium in which the error occurred (print, digital, video, social). For stories on TIME.com, a note is appended to the story indicating that the text has been corrected.


TIME sells subscriptions to our products as part of our revenue model. TIME’s revenue-generating businesses do not interfere with our editorial standards.

You can find more information about subscriptions here.

Franchises, Affiliate Links, and Coupons

TIME publishes several lists and franchises throughout the year, including TIME100, TIME100 Next, World’s Greatest Places, Best Inventions, and TIME 100 Companies. Each list offers a look at the stories that have shaped our world in the past year, and is the product of significant vetting, research, and reporting by TIME’s journalists across the globe.

Some of these lists—including Best Inventions and TIME 100 Companies—have a paid application process through which companies may submit their products and organizations for editorial consideration. Submitting an application for consideration does not guarantee inclusion. All decisions throughout the editorial process—from selecting candidates to finalizing the pieces on their achievements—are made by TIME’s journalists based on relevancy and core editorial principles.

For our stories that contain affiliate links, TIME receives a commission when purchases are made through those links, at no additional cost to the purchaser. TIME is never paid to give a product a positive review or include it in a gift guide. These are always independent reviews of the products mentioned.

TIME Stamped, a personal finance and e-commerce platform, is operated independently from TIME’s newsroom. The platform includes affiliate links, and TIME receives a commission when products are purchased through those links, at no additional cost to the purchaser. Find out more about TIME Stamped.

Through a partnership with Savings United, TIME also aims to complement its existing service journalism by providing readers with high-quality discount codes and coupons. Experts from Savings United negotiate deals with brands. They then work with TIME editors to share those discounts with readers. If a reader makes a purchase using a coupon, TIME may receive a commission via affiliate programs. Find out more about our coupons strategy.

Advertising and Branded Content

TIME makes money through advertisements and branded content. Advertisements and branded content are created and sold independently of TIME’s newsroom. All branded content is clearly labeled. Advertisements do not reflect the views of TIME’s editorial staff.

Occasionally, packages, stories, and newsletters created independently by the editorial team may be sponsored by an advertiser and thus contain a “sponsored by” label. Editorial content that is sponsored is created in the same manner as other editorial content and adheres to the same editorial standards.


TIMEPieces collaborates with artists to sell non-fungible tokens. TIMEPieces operates independently of TIME’s newsroom and does not influence the newsroom’s coverage.

Learn more about TIMEPieces here.


TIME CO2, a climate-action platform backed by TIME, enables businesses to maximize climate impact with a simple, easy way to drive real, measurable, and transparent change. In 2022, TIME launched CO2.com, where customers can access climate-action portfolios—created by experts, backed by science, and verified by multiple, independent third parties to ensure the highest level of quality. TIME CO2 plans to be a content and insights engine that will deliver clear, direct, action-oriented information and analysis around sustainability and climate change, targeted for the professional and engaged audience.

TIME’s newsroom staff may contribute editorial content to TIME CO2 that follows TIME’s editorial guidelines and standards.

TIME Studios

TIME Studios’ mission is to develop, produce, and distribute truth-based premium unscripted and scripted storytelling in television, film, immersive experiences, and audio. In collaboration with TIME’s award-winning journalists, and in partnership with best-in-class filmmakers and creatives, TIME Studios expands upon TIME’s 100 years of trust, unparalleled access, and influence to create content that moves the world.

TIME’s newsroom collaborates with TIME Studios on a variety of its projects. In all of these cases, the work follows and upholds TIME’s values.

Contact Us

Letters to the Editor should include the writer’s full name, address, and home telephone and, if published, may be edited for purposes of clarity and space. Please do not send attachments. To contact us, please email letters@time.com