How Sources Its Coupons

TIME Partners with Savings United to provide coupons to our readers. The partnership between TIME and Savings United started in 2023 with the goal of assisting shoppers in saving money on their online purchases—a key complement to TIME’s existing service journalism, which includes the TIME Stamped site for consumer reviews. From the beginning of the collaboration between TIME and Savings United, our mission has been to provide high-quality discount codes and coupons. Throughout our partnership, TIME and Savings United have both contributed to developing our strategy to better serve shoppers.

How we curate our coupons

Savings United is a global leader in the couponing industry with over 10 years of experience working with well-known and respected media publishers. Partnership managers from Savings United continually negotiate exclusive discounts and limited-time offers from top brands. Savings United manages relationships with CJ, Rakuten, Impact, as well as other large online retailers like Walmart, Expedia, Samsung, and Doordash.

Every day, Savings United’s dedicated team of 25+ experts searches through its portfolio from over 2,000 stores to bring TIME shoppers the best deals and newest trends in promotions. Couponing experts carefully select coupons and deals, curate them, and verify they work properly before sending them to TIME for review.

TIME and Savings United work together to ensure that the offers and deals are relevant to our readers’ interests. Once Savings United has submitted new coupons and discounts, TIME staff accepts or declines the proposed offers and runs a second round of quality control to ensure TIME’s readers will benefit from these verified coupons. A coupon or discount may be removed if it’s not used by readers.

TIME editors decide how the coupons are shared with readers and work to make sure our partnership upholds TIME’s high standards for quality.

What types of discount codes and coupons can you find on

  • Coupons: These are unique discount codes that must be entered by the customer at checkout when purchasing at an online retailer.
  • Offers: These may include percentage discounts or other custom benefits available in online stores.
  • Shipping: These codes may offer free delivery or a discount on shipping services.

Understanding Exclusive Offers

Savings United negotiates exclusive deals and offers with brands in its portfolio. This means that we are able to offer deals and discounts that are not found on most other coupon sites. The term “exclusive” can refer to special deals that you will only find on or refer to deals that are unique to Savings United. In both scenarios, this terminology pays reference to the fact that we offer our visitors unique deals tailored to the audience of that visitors may not be able to find elsewhere.

Our commitment to quality

As with all of the content we produce at TIME, we are committed to offering high-quality information and ensuring that our services are reputable. This means that editors, content producers, and dedicated commerce staff at are responsible for the content you find in the TIME coupons section. In tandem with Savings United, TIME works to review and confirm the legitimacy of the shops and coupons hosted on our website to ensure all of the deals shown work as promised.

Coupon quality control

Quality control is at the heart of our partnership. Coupon experts from Savings United work with TIME staffers to ensure users always get reliable information. This means we only host deals selected and vetted by humans, for humans.

Team members from TIME and Savings United rigorously review each discount at various stages of the coupon selection process. This dual-team review process ensures we maintain the highest quality of offers for our readers. We also make sure that the coupon selection aligns with TIME content and the core interests of our readers.

If you find a deal that doesn’t function properly, please review the troubleshooting guidelines found on our Codes Guarantee page. If you still need assistance our team is available to assist you via email.

How can we generate income through online discount codes?

Our coupon site operates by partnering with affiliate programs. When you make a purchase using our site’s codes, coupons, and offers, we may receive a commission from the brand based on the terms established with our shop partners. These links are free to use and have no influence on the final price you pay as a consumer. This type of collaboration allows us to continue to negotiate the best codes and coupons online with thousands of online retailers and bring discounts to our users.

How do you contact our team?

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TIME is responsible for managing all content found in the Coupons section and is happy to answer questions or concerns about our discount codes. If you would like to make inquiries about this, our operations, or other aspects, please contact us at