Artist Statement


Timbaland has been an inspiration to me since before I even made music. I was a dancer growing up and used to listen to his tracks and dance/make art to them all the time. It is such a full circle moment for me to make art in collaboration with someone that has inspired me for most of my life. I wanted to make something that represents my synesthesia and how I see music when I close my eyes. I used a handful of techniques to bring the beat to life and make it easy to visualize. Big thanks to Time and Timbaland for letting me be a part of this amazing moment!


REO is a dynamic futurist poised to change the way the world views digital art. His perspectives and unique eye for art, design, fashion, music, and intuitive ability to work with technology allow him to be a world builder. REO’s sophisticated, sensual style incorporates repetition to draw viewers in. Derived from his talent as a music producer and his ability to see color when he hears music due to synesthesia, REO is capable of creating art that shows what a song looks like using today’s leading-edge technology.


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