Artist Statement

Title: Emotion cycle


ArinaBB is an artist who is widely recognized for her unique artistic process and the leadership that she has shown in various artistic communities. Arina creates paintings, performances, installations and mixed media artworks, but she is also a pioneer in the metaverse, the realm of digital art and NFTs. She has been working to build bridges between the traditional and the digital with NFT collections that are linked to physical paintings.

Arina’s inspiration comes from the time she spends in deep meditation before working on each piece. This was a large part of how she discovered her own style. Arina found that after a period of intense reflection the blank canvas would come alive, even before laying a single brushstroke on the surface. Not unlike a sculptor, the time spent in meditation leads to a heightened space of spiritual awareness that allows the blank canvas to come alive before her. When working in acrylics, Arina will first outline the various details of the painting, lending a ‘stained glass’ quality to the overall image. Besides the use of vibrant, bright colors, one of the signature elements of her paintings are geometric motifs placed on the forehead, signifying the presence of the soul’s inner world. The colors and shape of this motif changes depending on the movement of her intuition after time spent in meditation.

Arina’s journey in art began when she was trained in classical music in her early years. After becoming comfortable with music she began to explore other artistic outlets. Arina began traveling internationally for modeling work, which brought her to Shanghai, China, where she had the opportunity to immerse herself in the study of meditation, new languages, and crucially, painting. Soon she began to paint portraits of herself and found her own story, her own voice, her own soul floating on the surface of the canvas in each self-portrait. Since then, Arina has made it her mission to share this gift of bringing souls to artistic life with others. Now she lives in New York City, where she continues to work on her visual art.


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