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Artist Statement

Title: CONN3CT3D

Symbolizes the freedom of creation, the visions of web 3 and the future of collaboration between music and digital art.

The work is an introspection between freedom of creation and connection through audio-visual language, utilizing this incredible historical technological movement to create a narrative that invites the viewers to meditate on more profound and deeper meaning and to create a positive impact. The story plays around the next evolution of human consciousness and empathy, where our dreams can become the portal that transcends time and space through storytelling on a long format NFT.


Born and raised in Cd. Juarez Chih. Mexico, a wild and history-rich border town, Carlos later moved to Guadalajara, to pursue a degree in Design. In 2007, right after graduating from college moved to Los Angeles, Ca. to follow his dream.

Being an immigrant in the US and coming from a country where the original culture was wiped out by colonization, Carlos’s imaginary travelers take a different path, shared culture and knowledge between civilizations creates an elevated alternate future for his multiverse.

Inspired by sci-fi, fantasy, culture and technology, his works explores cultural diversity and subsequent hybridization as a fertile soil for cultivating positive human emotions, such as kindness and empathy, and sees the ability to migrate whether in reality or in the metaverse as an opportunity to explore visions of utopian worlds. His mission is to promote empathy, love and happiness through his work.

Carlos seamlessly combines digital, projection and physical art to create the perfect bridge between physical art and digital. Incorporating sculpture, digital screens, projectors, video mapping, laser cutting, and 3D printing in his creative process.

As a designer has worked with companies such as FOX, Universal, Disney, DreamWorks, Paramount, Sony, Relativity, TNT, and TBS among others.

His phygital installations have been hits at major Art Fairs and gallery shows across the US, including the prestigious auction house at Sotheby’s London UK.


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