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As filmmakers, Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan have a unique ability to take the biggest ideas—the most serious problems of being human—and find ways into them that acknowledge that being alive can be simultaneously exciting and awful and ridiculous. Everything Everywhere All at Once is such an extraordinarily funny film, and also I haven’t cried like that in a movie for so long. You have to be so smart to earn as many jokes as they did, to go to an insane place then also go to the most profound places imaginable. When I saw that movie, I just thought, “Yeah, I don’t need to see another film for a while. This has given me everything I need.” The ­Daniels are also so well rounded. They’re amazing writers with serious technical knowledge and incredible hearts. There’s a deep earnestness to a lot of their work, in addition to the insanity. When I worked with them on 2016’s Swiss Army Man, I learned a lot from them about how I would like to run a set if I get the chance to direct one day. Everyone on set felt they could contribute ideas, and they were being heard and listened to. It was intensely collaborative. It’s weird now to have one of my favorite films be made by people I know. It’s also very cool. I just hope that they keep getting to make exactly the films that they want to make.

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