2022 is the year of Sydney Sweeney and I’ve had a front-row seat. I play Sydney’s sister Lexi on Euphoria and have gotten to watch her acting up close, literally two inches away from her face. In one of her many memorable moments from this season, Sydney’s character Cassie is in a hot tub watching her best friend Maddy having a passionate fight with her boyfriend Nate, who is having an affair with Cassie. Stressed-out from guilt, jealousy, horniness, rage, and from being hammered, Cassie finally throws up in the middle of the hot tub. Sydney juggles all of those emotions in a fierce, comic ballet that only she could pull off. I’ve never met anyone who works harder or who is more inventive. One moment she will make you cry tears of laughter and the next she will break your heart. Sydney is an unstoppable force. She created a completely different character on the remarkable series The White Lotus and was nominated for the Emmy for both performances. In addition to her acting work she can produce a movie, fix a car, fight you MMA-style, and dazzle on the red carpet all in the same day. I am so excited to see what my friend will do next. Whatever it is, I will be watching no matter where my seats are.

Apatow is an actor

Photograph by Kelia Anne for TIME

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Styled by Molly Dickson; Hair by Glen Coco; Make-up by Melissa Hernandez; Nails by Zola Ganzorigt

Set Design by Allison Freeman and Brian Riedel

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