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As overburdened health systems cope with staffing shortages, Xandar Kardian offers some radar-based relief: 24/7 remote monitoring of vital signs. By analyzing the body’s nano vibrations, the company’s new XK300 device keeps tabs on patients entirely contact-free, and then transmits data in real-time to staff. XK300, which can be mounted on a wall or headboard and calibrated to only monitor the closest patient, helps hospitals minimize exposure to contagious patients, allow patients to move around without wired monitors, and improve care. “[We can] collect about 6,000 to 10,000 measurements a day per person,” says Xandar Kardian CEO Sam Yang. Compared to spot checks by nurses, “that’s a huge difference in terms of finding early deterioration.” The XK300 is FDA-cleared for use in U.S. hospitals, nursing homes and residential homes.

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